Kick-ass Cajun!

I made this wee promo for the legend that is Sarah Savoy for her new cook book “The Savoy Kitchen, A Family History of Cajun Food”, and I thought I’d share it with you. Sarah also plays traditional Cajun music with her band The Francadians, and is one of the most awesome people I’ve ever had the pleasure of filming. Christmas is coming, and why not have gumbo instead of turkey this year? You can get the book via or amazon, probably, and while you’re cooking up a storm you could listen to her on spotify, if you like?

Sarah Savoy and the Francadians – Cajun Born

4 thoughts on “Kick-ass Cajun!

  1. Nice film, Blimpy. Sarah seems like a really nice woman.

    Unfortunately, I can’t listen to Spotify on Linux unless I get a paid subscription (which is really not going to happen).

  2. I love cajun – both the food and the music, so this was a treat – thank you. Nice vid – how did she end up in the kingdom? Love the way she pronounces her name sav-wah. Now off to make some cajun popcorn (you know cajun popcorn don’t you? Deep fry peeled crayfish or shrimp rolled in savoury flour, yum).

  3. It is such fun, heart-warming music, and so easy to join in with (3-chord chuggalongs). I can see how playing it becomes part of the process of nourishment.

    Find me a kitchen with a competent cook in it….I’ll happily play that for my supper!

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