‘Spill A-Z: This week, the letter Z

zuluWhat is your favourite song that begins with (or kinda if you get stuck) ….. the letter Z.

Next Wednesday, a new game begins. Here’s either a hint or a red herring:

Dr. Seuss“You ll be sort of surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond Z and start poking around ” – Dr Seuss

75 thoughts on “‘Spill A-Z: This week, the letter Z

      • If I hadn’t had my own selection nailed, I’d have been the Bauhaus nominator. I love the extra robustness of the guitar in Murphy’s Mob’s version.

      • Seu Jorge would be my choice – if any.

        At the time the bauhaus track felt like an unnecessary commercial enterprise – not adding a lot to the original or their unique back catalogue (I did a hipster shrug like any self respecting 12 year old would and *sighed* – I have an imported album with an unplayed 12″ of ziggy that shipped with it)…

        Bowie has never done anything for me – this story has been told before but for those new here: Mr. Jones played at my dad’s ‘best mans’ 21st birthday party in an old barn. My dad told him he might make an okay guitarist but should give up on the god awful singing – this story followed me throughout my childhood. Mr Bowie could be ‘orange monsters man of the minute’ and he would still NOT get a listen from me because his NAME bored the cockles of my soul… and he’s another of those genius people that the generation before me (i.e. MY DAD) went on about. We got ‘let’s dance’ and ‘dancing in the street’; genius: my arse***.

        *** yes, I do know there’s a back catalogue – but only the velvet underground, lenny cohen and the monkees have ever made me want to listen to stuff from before I was born****.

        ****this may be exaggerated lies for comic effect*****

        ***** but it might not be.

      • it is kind different when you were there, Shane. I’m a decade or so older than you, Hunky Dory an Ziggy were with me as a pre-adolescent. I couldn’t get rid of them if i tried, and wouldn’t ever want to. With you on Let’s Dance, and you can toss in Golden Years and Young Americans and more too. I will keep Station to Station and Stay though.

      • agreed amy – I’d imagine his outpourings at the time were perfect .. and there are other people (with different personalities than mine) that love retro finding bands – I just never really have – most stuff I like is of the ‘here and now’. or was current while I grew up (and got old).

        my dad had excellent taste in music (mostly) as well – so we got to listen to a whole era of 60’s and 70’s stuff non stop – I’d probably had enough by the time I was 10 and wanted my own thing. Strangely, I never got bored of retro blues stuff or dust bowl protest stuff that he always played – it was the 60’s icons that lost their lustre quickest.
        I wanted music to be NOW and burn bright then move on – I didn’t want it to last forever.

      • Well, considering the music that’s older than me is for the most part mom and dad’s show tunes and Sinatra, i don’t feel i’m missing a whole lot.

        Except for the old blues, that all of the artists i listened to listened to – Stones, Hendrix, Zep, etc – built on that, it took me a long time until i cottoned on there. I still love old blues.

        I still think there’s something to the pram in the hallway too, but on scrutiny it doesn’t really hold up, but getting older does. I like to pin it on getting clean too, Bowie cleaned up and then sucked, but he sucked for awhile beforehand too, but with the odd flash. Same with the Stones. Zep quit while ahead, and maybe it’s best Jimi didn’t have to suffer that indignity. For those who peaked young – pretty much everyone from my era, they lost something as time went on.

      • amy my lovely – try some Bowie:

        Don’t set me free, I’m as helpless as can be
        My libido’s split on me
        Gimme some good ‘ole lobotomy

        ‘Cause I’d rather stay here
        With all the madmen
        Than perish with the sad men
        Roaming free
        And I’d rather play here
        With all the madmen
        For I’m quite content
        They’re all as sane as me

        Zane, Zane, Zane
        Ouvre le Chien
        Zane, Zane, Zane
        Ouvre le Chien
        Zane, Zane, Zane (ah ah ah)

      • I’ll be damned Shane, there you go. Never heard that one before, love the lyrics. He really doesn’t suck, does he. That’s not where you got the name from, was it? He’s got you both in the same song.

        All through this topic i keep thinking of that French dude, the football player. Zidane? Think he’s a double Z name.

      • Zinedine Zidane.

        In 2005 filmmakers Philippe Parreno and Douglas Gordon filmed a documentary Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, which follows Zidane during an entire match, filmed with 17 cameras. Scottish post-rock band Mogwai provided the soundtrack.

        My boy was named because I talked to the Ms. about my granddad – he didn’t read much – just pulp cowboy books – the writer I remembered was Zane Grey – my granddad needed to escape … the cowboy was escape to a blue collar worker in post war England – even though I always routed for the Indians** – (Tonto got played with not the Lone Ranger) … but I was called Shane after the Jack Schaefer story ‘Rider from Nowhere/Shane’ who was cool and and outsider – so the theme continued.
        When the boy was born, the Ms. said he’s called Zane, because I said Zanesville had to be a Dr. Seuss place not real – and the author was a lion tamer too, how mad?… it was a post birth flash of “that’s it; I’ve decided and I just pushed out this baby SO NOBODY BLOODY ARGUE with ME” moment, her dad tried to talk her out of it and nearly didn’t live to see his first grandchild.

        **native americans – I know… 1970’s version above.

      • People always asked my dad if he was named after Zane Grey, but no, him mom just liked the name.

        I’m kind of Naive American’d out right now currently having the annual Thanksgiving spat with the British on CiF. I wish sometimes i was the type to walk away from fights.

      • I share a birthday (as in born on the same day of the very same year) with Zinedine Zidane. I have no interest whatsoever in footy but have always been pleased about that.

    • And really Shane, is there a better song about having a kid than Kooks? (ok, maybe Tupelo Honey comes close.)

      This version from the bbc, recorded a few days after the birth of his son, is the best i’ve heard. Almost makes it sound appealing. (Except that his wife said that he fell in love with his son at first sight, but the she didn’t feel the same, apparently. The son doesn’t have any contact with the wife.)


  1. My choice is Zero Over Two by Ulterior

    is it experimental techno? Is it drug music? I don’t know but I like it, it has meaning to me.

  2. A cover of a song by dutch punkband de Heideroosjes by a belgian comedian, the result is, to sey the least, a bit weird… (the title translates as “They’re melting the easter bunny”)

    Urbanus – Ze smelten de paashaas

  3. I know that chris and DsD among others are expecting me to post a certain television theme tune from the 60’s that is still played at least once a fortnight at a certain reveered venue in Liverpool.
    However, there is another instrumental tune that I picked up in South Africa. Again it is not available on the tube (or anywhere else that I’ve looked), but if tinny has got the ‘box updated I’ll drop it in there.


  4. Welsh hard rock trio I’m sure they did Zoom Club from in for the kill on Whistle Test – about 40 years ago
    Steve Hillage Unzipping the Zype
    has a reference to one of the characters from the Flying teapot trilogy, when he calls out ‘i don’t want to be a guitar hero, i want to be a guitar zero’ just before launching into a solo
    Zero the Hero .. is a song I’ve never heard .. but is on some Gong album

    Who knitted hillside’s hat … I think Gabriel’s mum did his costumes because she had an electric sower – knit or crochet whats the technical term

    • dond. That was on my list. It’s not even my favorite Pumpkins tune, but i seem to nom it more than any other, just because it fits so many topics.

      • I figured that might be your choice for such a difficult letter. Corgan has one of those voices that I can only take in limited doses (see also Hodgson, Roger; Lee, Geddy; Anderson, Jon) but I’ve always loved that meat grinder of a riff.

        Here’s one more Z-lister I just can’t pass up:
        (C’mon, ya know it makes ya wanna dance!)
        Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Zorba The Greek

      • my voices i can take in limited doses, except that otherwise the tunes rock – White, Jack; Homme, Josh…(with you on Geddy Lee and Supertramp though. Also Carrabba, Chris; Martin, Chris…also the dude that sings with Coheed and Cambria.) Perry Farrell took awhile to get used to as well. Oh, fucking Adele. World class hammerworthy. Beyonce (look away Magic). Katy Perry wins though.

        Can’t say i have much of a problem with Billy though, or Bowie either (see earlier in thread). Not the greatest voices on the planet, but they don’t send me running for the hammer to smash the radio either.

    • in the every home should have list , alongside Argus, In Deep, the Wombles & too many to type there is Stay Awake .. disney tunes sung by people i’ve heard of
      Zip-a-dee-doo-dah is covered by Harry Nillson which sounds quite jolly – haven’t listened to it since the kids grew taller than their dad .. so will have to investigate

  5. Well, as my 2 preferences have gone ( Ziggy and Zebra ) I will go with an obscure funk/fusion classic, namely Zaius by Eddie Russ

  6. I will have a couple of honourable mentions later, but my choice has to be a song that is about as far from my heavy rock core as it’s possible to be.

    Was (Not Was) – Zaz Turned Blue

  7. Not much on my Itunes and can’t see anything promising after a rummage through the vinyl.
    Much to my surprise then, Bob Marley and Aswad were pipped at the post by a band I rarely listen to and only own one album by (grammar?). Not a representative track by them but I like it.

    Pops up occasional on the Ipod and I’m always glad when it does.

  8. Well, i have the Cranberries’ Zombie which i do love, and Pavement’s Zurich is Stained if i was desperate, but that one’s not a particular fave.

    • not Zvandinetsa (I” have a problem everything I try turns out wrong”) – because that might make my best Z.

      and Ziva Kwawakabva (“don’t forget your roots”) is a philosophy I adore too – choices choices.

      I’m down from 37 nailed on classics (in my head) to just 17 (6 of those are just a zombie subset)

      ….and this is giving up on the John Peel Ukrainian sessions by the Wedding Present completely – they like their Zeds.

  9. The DsD longlist (no links this week, as last week’s Ys never made it out of moderation purgatory apparently) included:

    Pushing W(NW) closest were –
    Zip City – Drive-By Truckers.
    I’m not going to justify it (if I haven’t made DBT fans of you by now I never will), but I do have to defend the lyrics by saying that Cooley is ‘in character’ here as a misogynistic git … “the opinions expressed do not represent the views of the DBT or DsD management!!”

    Zoo By Moonlight – Lunatic Fringe.
    Erstwhile RRer (recently resurfaced on FaceBook) PHud’s glam-rock riff is a staple on my Walkman.

    “They also served” :
    Zero P.M. – The Bellrays
    Zionist Timing – Aereogramme
    Zen Garden – Tangerine Dream
    Zombie Eaters – Faith No More
    Zither Player – Dirty Three
    The Zoo – Scorpions
    Zerthis Was A Shivering Human Image – Eluvium
    Zona Rosa – White Swan Black Swan
    Zeroes – Spacehog
    Zydeco* Shuffle – Sonny Landreth
    Zion Gate – Horace Andy & The Sticks

    (extended mix from Jah Love Rockers ONLY)

    * There’s a whole giant pot of gumbo to be opened there!

  10. i knew i had something else stewing, but it was a false alarm. But given the eventual shoehorns for X, i reckon i could have gone for the Talking Heads’ I Zimbra here if i really had to. Should have gone for X’s Burning House of Love or We’re Desperate for X.

  11. For me, both Fela’s Zombie and Bowie’s Ziggy would be my top contenders, but as they’ve already been mentioned, I’ll go for a East German 60’s mini jazz masterpiece:

    Manfred-Ludwig Sextet – Zweilicht

    No you tube link.

  12. Day-late donds for Bowie, Fela, the Bunnymen and Beefheart. I’m very tempted to go with Fat Larry’s Band and Zoom as the meeting point between Disco and Quiet Storm, or between the lights going up and a donner kebab, but seeing as we’ve got a new beginning next week, I’ll go with this group’s first ever track on their first ever album:

    The Jackson 5 – Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah

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