The Spill Awards 2013: Nominations Open!

Popular demand (well, two people and no arguments to the contrary) I shall once again be organising the Spill Awards, in which we get to demonstrate the range and eclectic nature of our taste even more than usual, and then end up giving awards to the same predicatble middle-of-the-road acts as everyone else because they’re the only ones that more than three of us can agree on… Because I’m horrendously busy at the moment, the awards themselves are likely to be in early January, but we need to open the nomination process so that the voting process can start in mid-December; don’t worry, it’ll all make some sort of sense in due course.

Please send an email to abahachi(a), listing your nominations for Album of the Year, Film of the Year, TV Programme or Series of the Year, Hero of the Year, Villain of the Year and Event of the Year. You can make as many suggestions as you want at this stage, as it increases the chances of putting together a shortlist with at least some level of support; you’re also welcome to write comments on any of your nominations, as I can then merrily plagiarise these at a later date. Please DON’T put nominations down in the comments, as that spoils the fun. If you could do this by Friday 13th December, I can sort out the voting process that weekend.

I have been wondering how to organise this year’s ceremony: another live blog would be a possibility, but in the interests of always moving forward and trying something new, are enough of us on Twitter that we could do the whole thing over there? We can discuss this in the comments.

17 thoughts on “The Spill Awards 2013: Nominations Open!

  1. ‘The dumbing down of life into bite sized brain farts has destroyed the ability to communicate with any subtlety or nuance’ or ‘twitter – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ – would be my first vote.

  2. Currently I’m barely capable of stringing 140 characters together, which is part of the appeal… Anyway, if this idea does not win general favour, any alternative suggestions? Maybe we could go the whole hog in the opposite direction from this technology stuff, so I’ll write the thing out on vellum and despatch it to you all by mule, to arrive a few months later…

  3. Actually I’ve always wanted to try the thing that Persian kings did occasionally, according to Herodotus: shave the heads of your messengers and write the message on their bald pates, then send them off. In the course of the journey the hair covers up the message, and when they reach their destination they’re shaved again. “And the winner of Album of the Year is…damn, the clippers need re-charging.”

  4. Nothing against Twitter in principal I’m just too stupid to use it for this kind of thing. I’ve had hash tags explained to me several times but I just smile and nod and think about hash browns.

  5. I don’t get the logic behind this nominations thing at all. Last year over 100 albums were nominated but people were then asked to vote only on those albums that had been nominated more than once. In practice that means that the vast majority of people were saddled with having to choose an Album of the Year that they had not nominated and in all probability had not even heard, which seems bonkers to me. It would make a lot more sense to get people to send in a list of their top 10, or 20, or 50, albums of the year and then to assign a weighted score to each appearance on such a list.

    • Several ‘Spillers often do their own posts on their top albums & tunes to supplement the “official” awards. The more the merrier.

    • It is inevitably a messy compromise, partly driven by how much time I can afford to devote to this and partly by the fact that our tastes are so very diverse. Some years ago we did actually try something like the weighted system you describe, and it didn’t work terribly well (which isn’t a knock-down argument against weighted systems in general, but is the reason why I switched to this approach). The problem was that in practice most people’s preferences had absolutely no impact on the final result because of lack of overlap, and the result could come down to an album which was #3 for one person and ‘sort of all right’ for a couple of others just beating an album which was #4 for one person and ‘sort of all right’ for a couple of others. This way, the shortlist is put together on this admittedly unsatisfactory basis, but then everyone else at least gets to express an opinion on the compromise results – for example, neither James Blake nor Daft Punk would be in my personal top 10, but I would have an opinion of which of them is better, and if a load of you (or at least a couple of you) *did* rate them more highly, at least I get to chuck in my penny’s worth for the final result. Think of it as trying to include everyone as much as possible, even if results tend to undermine our street cred…

  6. I no longer have a Twitter account, so that’s a no from me. Doubtless I’ll do an unofficial albums of the year post at some point. Actually, maybe a year in review post… Anyway, I’ll submit my nominations later! 😀

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