Earworms 2 December 2013


A fine set of ballads for you this week, none of which have any connection to each other but I guess it doesn’t matter any more … Thanks to all for your contributions; don’t forget those Christmas worms and keep them coming to earworm@tincanland.com.

Linda Ronstadt – You Won’t Matter Any More – goneforeign: Those recent comments about Linda Ronstadt sent me off on the the vinyl and I chose this one from long ago. ‘It doesn’t matter anymore’  from her 1974 album “Heart like a Wheel”. It was written by Paul Anka in 1958, the year that I left the UK, and recorded that same year by Buddy Holly.

Jepp – Parson’s Green – Barbryn: If you know this, you probably have the same late-90s Big Issue compilation CD as me. I don’t remember anything else on it, but I’ve never forgotten this song. Despite that voice, Jepp’s career apparently never took off, but she seems to have uploaded her album onto YouTube. It’s well worth a listen.

Lorde – Bravado – Abahachi: So, just how annoying is it going to be for me to claim that I much prefer the songs on the original EP rather than the good but slightly-disappointing-in-comparison-to-the-hype album? A teenager old before her time, with tunes to kill for…

Rachel Zeffira – Star – Shoegazer: Here’s a bit of chamber pop (as opposed to chamber pot, which probably wouldn’t be very nice at all).

Clean – Dunes – Nilpferd: The kiwi post-punkers started out in the late seventies. This is from their wonderful debut album, Vehicle, which has just been re-released by Captured Tracks records.

Ben Folds – Still Fighting It – Toffeeboy: We were doing a bit about bullying at school recently and the teacher I was working with had chosen a video to accompany the session.  The video was a film showing how an ordinary, relatively popular boy, can become the target of bullies and how devastating the effects can be.  One of the most powerful aspects of what turned out to be an exceptionally moving short film was the use of this track as the soundtrack – lyrically, it isn’t particularly relevant to the theme but somehow it struck a chord and led me to revisit the song.

11 thoughts on “Earworms 2 December 2013

  1. On a first run through very enjoyable all.
    Toffeeboy was the film mostly about cyber bullying? A young lad deleting Facebook messages before his mum sees them and other kids creating a website saying “Joe Bloggs is a loser” or somesuch? I saw a film on these lines as part of a training programme on using IT in libraries. It left everyone a bit stunned.

    • Hi Severin

      Yes – that’s the one. Made quite an impact on our class of 10 and 11 year-olds, Not sure if this link will work but if not, try googling ‘Childnet International – Cyber Bullying’.

  2. Really enjoyed that – I thought the first four female vocalists in particular worked really well as a playlist.

    Linda Ronstadt – knew the song, obviously, but not her version, which was lovely.
    Jepp was mine – I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, and haven’t got bored of it yet
    Lordes – Royals is one of the few chart hits I’ve heard this year, and it’s fantastic – this (and the other stuff I’ve heard by her) didn’t grab me quite as much at a first listen, but good stuff all the same.
    Rachel Zeffira – dreamy female vocals, strings… nah, not my sort of thing at all. Kidding! Absolutely loved this, off to investigate more.
    Clean – this had a touch of the Go-Betweens, a touch of the Chills – or maybe I’m just making lazy antipodean associations. Liked it, anyway.
    Ben Folds – one of those artists who I like but have never got particularly into, for no good reason (one exception being “Carrying Cathy”) – probably need to listen again to dig beneath the easy listening surface.

  3. Hello from Connecticut! Glad to get least one positive response – now, can someone tell me if it’s pronounced “Lord” or “Lordie” – or is it deliberately ambiguous?

  4. Linda Ronstadt: I know the Buddy Holly version fairly well as he was a favourite of my dad’s. Think I may prefer that to this, but I do love her voice. And the laidback vibe.

    Jepp: That voice is a bit reminiscent of someone else. Edie Brickell maybe? Not quite… It’s putting me off the song a bit, I’m afraid. Sorry.

    Lorde: I’m already rather bored of Royals, so haven’t investigated her any further. But she’s rather good in a Lana Del Rey way, isn’t she? And obviously there is something extraordinary about the maturity of the songwriting. I like that this is warmer-sounding than Royals, which is a bit austere for my tastes.

    Rachel Zeffira: Like very much. Lovely vocal restraint.

    Clean: I guess this sounds both kind of dated and kind of ‘placed’ (ie, Antipodean), but it’s rather lovely in a Split Enz meets Go Betweens sort of way.

    Ben Folds: He’s just one of those names to me. I always fear he’ll be a bit wacky. Although I do love Bill Shatner’s That’s Me Trying, which I believe he was more or less responsible for. And this isn’t wacky at all. So I dunno where I got that idea from. Lovely song. I don’t know if I can face the video just now but I shall steel myself later in the week…

  5. Absolutely loved the Rachel Zeffira track. LIked the others very much despite being the last person on Earth to hear anything by Lorde. Also preferring L Ronstadt in small doses – couldn’t be doing with a whole album but this track was great.

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