He Said – She Said ~ Rock Desu Yo ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S. Mr P ! ! !  I don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

I have my trumpet Ms S.
Mr P ! ! ! I don’t give a damn about any trumpet playing band it aint what I call rock and roll ! ! !

faye 80

She Says:

Welcome to the Rock and Roll party ! ! !  This week Mr P and I are sharing some of our favourite Japanese rock tracks.  There is quite a variety, from tracks released this year to golden oldies from the 1990’s ! ! !  We think you will enjoy the selection, I think there will be something for everyone to like this week ! ! !

spike 80

He Says:

This time we are looking at “rock” but in two rather different ways. My choices focus on the seedy, “dark” side of things whilst Sakura’s , still rockin’, of course, are more user friendly. It’s quite a noisy selection and should be played LOUD !
We hope you enjoy them.

Sakura  – N’shukugawa boys – Monogatari wa chito?  Fuantei

faye 1

She Says:

Something cheerful to start ! ! !  Maybe you know N’shukugawa boys as they have played several times in the UK and in last month they played again in London.  They are a band that likes to have fun on stage and with their music.  They are known for jumping into the crowd during concerts and the singer makes jokes with his false teeth while singing ! ! !  The band is really a fun project for all the members.  The two guys in the band also form the rather more serious indie band King Brothers and the girl is a successful model.

spike 1He Says:

A jolly noise to begin with, colourful, cheery and somewhat silly ( not that there’s anything wrong with that), not taking themselves too seriously here with a rather “90s” sound I think.

Mr P –  Anadorei –Lucky Hole Off

spike 2He Says:

Rude girls ( and not in the Jamaican sense !), as Sakura says they played half naked at times ( which half we will leave to the imagination !) and were associated with all sorts of debauchery. Most of their songs are noisy, rude and often less than 1 minute long though they do a full length cover of Sister Ray on one album. A short lived and somewhat scary band.

faye 2She Says:

Anadorei means “hole slave” in Japanese and is taken from the name of a book by Nagarjuna Matsudaira who is a pornographic novelist.  Anadorie were only active for a short time but they were quite controversial in some aspects, particularly for appearing on stage  partially naked and wearing artificial penises, and appearing in photos which displayed them sodomising a man with a sex toy.  However, the music was great and in this track you can really hear the energy that made them such a cult group during their short active time.

Sakura  – The Collectors  – Senshu On The Road

faye 3She Says:

The most famous band in the mod revival scene.  I love this band for their retro sound and great songs.  In this track they are joined by the totally fabulous Melon Kinenbi singing the vocals, who really add a lot to the track I think and also look great ! ! !  I really like the nostalgic feel to this track about looking for a direction in life.  It is ambiguous a little as you do not know if it is looking back or looking forward.  I think it is very intelligent pop rock track from a great band.

spike 3He Says:

The combination here ( Melons Akimbo and the Collectors) is equivalent to Steps and Oasis ( roughly) but it works really well here. Very “retro” but what’s up with that ? Nice

Mr P – Yapoos – Kiss Wo

spike 4He Says

Oh Jun ! Like the mountains I’m blue, like a pine I’m lonesome for yapoo ! Quirky. Ero-guro is rather odd to our western eyes, the nearest mainstream comparison I can think of is some of the late 19th C French novels and poems ( Lautremont etc) a mixture of sex, gore and the supernatural. There’s nothing especially “gothic” here, just a lovely “Madame Butterfly” lilt to a lovely little song.

faye 4She Says:

Mr P is being very literary this week ! ! ! The Yapoos also took their name from a book – Yapoo the Manimal by Numa Shozo.  It is maybe the most important book about masochism in  Japanese literature since the war and classic of the ero-guro genre.  The Yapoos are maybe the most famous ero guru band and of course feature the fabulous Togawa Jun. I really like this track which is beautifully balanced between light and dark.

Sakura  – The Blue Hearts – Train Train

faye 6She Says:

What can I say about this classic track  by such an iconic band ? ? ?  I think this maybe one of the most popular rock tracks in Japan.  It has been covered by hundreds of acts and it has a special place in the hearts of almost all Japanese people of all ages.  It is an anthem of freedom from conformity but rather than being a negative song about rebelionit is a really positive one, which is why maybe it is popular with everyone from school kids to salary men.  It really is a special and somehow magical song ! ! !

spike 5He Says:

I love the Blue Hearts but have to say that this is not my favourite song of theirs. Obviously I don’t “get” the lyrics so maybe that’s why it doesn’t really “do it” for me, too “normal” for my tastes. The video was filmed on a little “Sugar Train” in Maui, Hawaii, which is nice, at least they got a holiday out of it.

Mr P – YBO2 – Boys Of Bedlam

spike 6He Says:

Japan seems to have really taken “post punk” to heart in the 80s and 90s and there are lots of records with pounding drums, throbbing bass and spiky guitars.  I chose this one because it’s a bit odd. Reminds me a bit of the Doors “My wild love” ! Until the noise starts, of course.

faye 5She Says:

YBO2 is how this band seem to be known in the West, however the name is actually YBO ² (Wai Bee Otsu Iboibo)  This track is typical of them.  They like to create a feeling of anxiety in their tracks and achieve this by using complicated and unusual time signatures and stained vocals.  They also used a variety of homemade and eccentric electronic instruments particularly the mellatron.  I think this is a great track from one of the best experimental rock bands in Japan.  They were active from 1984 to 1990, but reformed in 2000 and were active again until 2006 when the sadly the death of Kitamura Masatake the main vocalist and bass player forced them to stop definitively.

~ ♥  ~ ♪ ~  ♫ ~  ♪ ~  ♥ ~

spike_fay2She Says:

We hope you enjoyed the mix of mainstream and eccentric rock this week ! ! !  I think it was a nice mix of styles and Mr P shared some classic tracks from the top shelf of his record collection which is always nice ! ! !  Mr P and I are developing and exciting new project for the He Said  – She Said theme, so stay tuned to find out what we have coming for you in the new year ! ! !

Faye_and_Spike_by_AlchemistOfArtHe Says:

So there you go, something a bit more “meaty” than last time. Some scary sounds , some rocking beats but all with that delightful twist you get from having the music filtered through Oriental perspectives. Which, of course, is what I like about it all.

~ ♥  ~ ♪ ~  ♫ ~  ♪ ~  ♥ ~

faye and spike 1

Mr P ! ! ! If we tell them about the new project we will have to shoot them ! ! !

17 thoughts on “He Said – She Said ~ Rock Desu Yo ! ! !

  1. Morning! Great to see you again!! Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this series. I’ve had a very quick read through but have to work now so I’ll listen and comment later.
    lr x

    • Hi LR ! ! !

      It was fun making the post and when you have time to listen I hope you find something to like ! ! !


      Sakura x x

  2. Hi. A rare check-in on this series from me, I admit, but I wasn’t going to miss ‘rock’ week, was I?


    N’shukugawa Boys – Yeah, they’re obviously having fun in the zero-budget video, and now that I know I don’t have to watch that, the song itself makes a good desktop listen.

    Anadorei – Wha…? Is that it?!? It was over in the time it took me to type their name!!
    L7 meets X-Ray Spex, and mighty fine for it, I say.

    Melons Akimbo and the Collectors” …Oasis & Steps…”, you reckon? I’d have said “Debbie Harry guest-fronting The Lambrettas on Top Of The Pops circa 1979/80”. I think I’ll play this one to my kids later.

    Yapoos – Ooer, missus. I can feel myself being drawn-in, as if by Sirens! I feel like I should go and take a cold shower after that: it was really quite sensuous to my thick ears. Hope they weren’t singing about … creosoting the fence, or something. Actually, given what you’ve said about their genre, I figure I’m better off not knowing what they WERE singing about, so don’t tell me!

    The Blue Hearts – Hmm, yes it is a bit TOO simple ‘rebellion-song-for-kids-too-young-to-know-what-rebellion-is’. Oddly reminds me of a Clash song that I can’t quite place. Not for me, that one.

    YBO² – I see what you both mean. Not quite sure what to make of that, which is probably a fitting summation of my overall reaction to the He Said – She Said series.

    I enjoyed myself there.
    Thank you both.

    • Thanks for listening and glad you liked some of them.
      I get “Boomtown Rats” from the Blue Hearts sometimes, not in a good way.

    • Hi DSD ! ! !

      Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. I am pleased you liked some of the tracks ! ! !

      By the way . ..it is Melon Kinenbi not Melons Akimbo – this is Mr P’s idea of being funny . . . .

    • Happy Birthday ! ! !

      I am pleased you liked The Collectors and Melon Kinenbi. MK are an interesting group and I am actually thinking of writing a post dedicated to them. They started as the backing singers to Maki Goto and then had a great career as J-pop idols and ,at their peak, playing to huge stadiums, then they went on a club and live house period where they played only small venues so they could be close to their audience, and then they made a series of collaborations with some of the best indie bands. Finally, they disbanded, the only one to continue in the music business ins Ayumi Shibata (the one I think looks most like DH) and she has a modestly successful solo career, but she is very successful as a producer and songwriter for other acts. The others all married and have happy family lives with their kids and husbands.

  3. N’shukugawa Boys are my sort of thing: Swedish indie rock sounds with some PIxies screaming. Great.

    Anadorei: The sort of thing I put in playlists to make sure people are still listening. Like it.

    Melons Akimbo and the Collectors: The Children of Nuggets – Japan. Ace. Probably only one or two steps away from being an uptempo stomper. Great. And the guitarist has a Fred Perry top. I like.

    Yapoos: Not really in the mood for this today but it’s very good. I can imagine the dark and light.

    The Blue Hearts: How many tunes does this seem to remind me of: Great.

    YBO²: For some reson I’m reminded of Rules and Regulations by Fuzzbox and that is a good thing.

    A very good listen.

  4. If there was a faulty wormhole from the UK/USA rock of past decades that exited through Japanese amplifiers, I’d understand how these songs were formed. However, as they often seem to be played by identikit girls in miniskirts (or less, it seems) and reference ‘important books about masochism’, I’m still at a loss to understand anything at all about the Japanese music scene (or maybe the entirety of Japanese culture). But thank you for persisting. I think.
    I liked the masochism-related band’s track best.

    There’s a Japanese restaurant just opened not far from me called Sakura House. If I mention your name, will I get a discount? (joke)

    • Hi Chris

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment ! ! !

      It always worth trying to get a discount by any means possible, so feel free to try using my name – tell me what happens ! ! !

  5. Hi again ! I had a listen to all your choices while cooking dinner for us this evening and a very enjoyable listen it was too. At full blast and all new music to me. My two standout tracks were ~ N’ shukugawa boys and Yapoos.
    N’shukugawa boys ~ I really liked the boy girl, fresh, playful, sound to this track and was particularly warmed by the mini scream bombs interspersed throughout it. Great fun!
    Yapoos ~ This is fabulous. I loved the frail, breathy, vocals and the mysterious menace that threads itself through the fabric of the song. The ideas remind me of the Belgium duo Bix Medard and I sensed a touch of Depeche Mode lurking in the shadows.
    Thanks to you both.
    Sakura, if you have end of year exams coming up I wish you good luck with them.
    Love lr x

    • Hi LR ! ! !

      Thank you for listening ! ! ! I am really pleased you liked some of the tracks.

      I do not have exams just now but I will have them in February and then graduate in March. Gosh it is passing really quickly ! ! ! Thank you for asking it is very nice of you. I hope you are well.


      Sakura x

  6. Thanks for this post, I always enjoy the stuff you guys do. As you mentioned in your previous one I believe, this is stuff that people like me find quite challenging to listen to at times lol, but that’s a good thing. It definitely broadens my horizons and is always colourful. I hope you continue to contribute to this place for a long time! 🙂

  7. Why thank you, bluetrain. We aim to both please, challenge and educate a little.
    Most of the credit must go to Sakura who writes and designs the pieces, I contribute very little really.

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