They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 4)

spill score.01A new weekly game: Be thoughtful, shoe-horny, impish or silly as you please – we need songs/music that shoulda/coulda been used in this film:

1 HOUR PHOTO: The local drug store’s one hour photo developer harbors a dangerous attraction for a family he has created a mock relationship with via their snapshots.

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Tips for this series:

🙂 LITERAL WORKS: Use it as a RRSA…___ topic or make a pun. Wait, BACKSPACE on that

🙂 I FEEL YOU…even when no one else does: Visualize a scene. What do you hear?

🙂 I FEED OFF EACH OTHER:  There’s a slightly-exclusive red-carpet  invite to *BLIMPY’S SPILL-IN-THE -POOL HOLLYWOOD PARTY* if you can bring us the right song at the right price. [@williamsbach shall be our cost-benefit adjucator if need be and all decisions are final}

* There is no such thing

47 thoughts on “They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 4)

  1. Hmmmm, interesting concept. I am thinking that the guy in the photo shop has constructed a kind of family shrine in his basement, with a mock up of the house, plastered with interior photographs, where he acts out the family interactions. The soundtrack to this scene?


  2. Hmm. This could be a tough thinker. Songs about stalkers? Songs about spying on people? Songs about people with relationship problems?………………..Or just songs about photos?

    My first thoughts go with this.

    Joe Brown and The Bruvvers……………………”A Picture of You”.

      • He never had a number one but charted 3 times (? top ten) in the early 60’s. He’s been around since the late 50’s and up until a few years ago was still touring. I saw him in 2003 or 4 at the Fairfield hall doing a gig with Marty Wilde, another 50’s/60’s act who had a bit more sucess. Both Brown and Wilde have daughters who have also had hit singles. Kim Wilde is perhaps better known than Sam Brown though. Brown was originally signed by Larry Parnes and is, I think, credited with first calling him “Parnes, Shillings and Pence” in reference to his dealings with acts and promoters. Although Brown has allways been thought of as a bit of a Cockney lad he was actually born in Linconshire.

  3. Ah, now this is where Matt Berninger’s creepy faux-baritone comes into its own!

    The National – Watching You Well and / or Lucky You

  4. as no-one sends holiday snaps off for developing these days .. we need to go back to 70’s or 80’s, so music should be of a time & not jazz as that’s just for new york and 80’s was more ‘street’ than 70’s prog or disco

    to set in in 80’s and hint it’s funny but a bit disturbing .. start with PiL Swan Lake
    the Bunnies Pictures on my Wall Police don’t stand so close

      • Trying to think of a scene and then music to suit & with holiday snaps on my mind
        So the lady goes to pick up her holiday piccies, at some point flicks through and thinks that’s a bit saucy, can’t remember taking that, then ten minutes later is stood in the queue at Aldi and notices the person next to them is from the photo shop .. Had they seen ?
        And back in the real world a few years back now, my good lady & I had a holiday in Portugal. First day on the beach she noticed the locals didn’t wear much .. I had noticed even quicker .. So she whips her top off and goes for a swim. Stepping out the water someone walking by stopped, said hello, fancy meeting you here and then introduced her husband Jim
        We spent the rest of the holiday peeking into restaurants to check they weren’t in – didn’t dare face them again
        So the only tune that came to mind was

        The Smiths some girl’s mothers are bigger than other girl’s mothers

  5. And you need one of these to take a picture.(Not any more you don’t – Ed)

    Look at us through the lens of a camera,
    does it remove all of our pain.”


  6. Probably written more as an observation on Universality and Interconnectedness (or some such hippie bollox), only a slight adjustment of perspective is required to introduce a sinister element to these lines, to match that in One Hour Photo:

    Sometimes we live no particular way but our own
    And sometimes we visit your country and live in your home
    Sometimes we ride on your horses, sometimes we walk alone
    Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own

    The Grateful DeadEyes Of The World. This is a 1974 performance, from the GD Movie. Don’t miss the unsettling, almost panicky, 7/4 bits near the end…

  7. Perhaps this is all the guy in the photo booth wanted……………………….

    Watching and waiting
    for someone to understand me”.

    The Moody Blues………………….”Watching and Waiting”.

    And a video with some great pictures.

  8. Beastmilk – Strange Attractors

    “Strange attractors
    lost in the opium
    of desire… desire… desire…
    desire… desire
    Holding hands full of fire

    The stillness of now
    charged atoms collide …
    sleeping with frictions …
    a fatal distraction

  9. Pretty keen – yes, my hobby keeps me busy
    and if I talk to myself, what’s the crime?
    In the darkroom I am a dealer in space and time….
    When all memory is mellowed,
    when the photograph is yellowed,
    still it never lies.

  10. There you are, your eyes laced with secret pleasure,
    saying that you’re on the way to change,
    devouring in inordinate measure
    every diversion that’s arranged.
    For every appetite, a cruel attraction,
    but there’s a panic in your actions…
    oh, I never saw you look so strange.

  11. Fixing memory chemically,
    holding time on the stop-clock,
    hanging back from that last frame
    just in case it didn’t show you
    in the way I used to know you…
    I thought you’d always stay the same.
    (But you won’t.)

  12. Oh, the red light, the silver, the black and the bromide;
    the silence, the waiting for overview….
    The past seems under-exposed, low tide,
    but still the images ghost through.
    And you’re there in the bath,
    which is all this has led to,
    and I can’t say your path
    is a right one to choose….

    But then I only have a negative of you.

  13. Creepy. As I scrolled down, the song above came to mind. and here it is appearing on my screen as the last drains of ‘you’ flitered across my mind.

    And now, the prize for the most photo/camera references in a pop song goes to . . .


    I could see it was a rough-cut Tuesday
    Slow-motion weekdays stare me down
    Her lipstick reflex got me wound
    There were no defects to be found
    Snapshot image froze without a sound

    Thursday mornin’ was a hot flash-factor
    Her face still focused in my mind
    Test-strip proof-sheet love is hard to find
    Friday night, we’ll dance the spotlight grind
    Stop-time heart for me if she’s not mine

    Freeze-frame, freeze-frame, freeze-frame
    Freeze-frame, now freeze

    Now I’m lookin’ at a flashback Sunday
    [ From: ]
    Zoom lens feelings just won’t disappear
    Close-up darkroom sweet-talk in my ear
    Her hot-spot love for me is strong
    This freeze-frame moment can’t be wrong


  14. The obsessive creep finally introduces himself to the family, who rebuff him on their doorstep, he barges into their house and starts offing them, in a bloody slow motion, the screams fade out as this ironically perky tune fades up

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