A year is a Long Time …

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in politics and even longer in Readers Recommends

It’s my anniversary of the first post I made for RRSA the Army.

First time post; here goes. A bit of reggae: <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2mKWLf8GAo”>Buffalo Soldier</a> – Bob Marley,

“I’m just a buffalo soldier in the heart of America,
Stolen from Africa, brought to America,
Said he was fighting on arrival, fighting for survival;
Said he was a buffalo soldier win the war for America.

Dond for that. It seems very sad that those african-american soldiers were enlisted to fight the native americans. Great song though

Welcome leaveitallbehind!

@leaveitallbehind – thanks for signing up ! There… that wasn’t too painful, was it ? ! Now hit the deck and give me 50 (donds and/or noms, that is…) !

Welcome !


Well that all happened a year ago. (Actually the 9th December but I’m not around tomorrow).

What a year it’s been; I felt I had a diverse taste in music but was I sadly mistaken; the RR Community has opened mine eyes and there is an abundance of awesome songs and sounds out there. The Spill has also increased my listening pleasure many fold too. (I thank you all for suggestions, boxed selections and sharing your wealth of music.)

As the end of the calendar year draw nears I wanted to take time to reflect on some of the highlights since joining RR and The Spill. It hasn’t been plain sailing and I’ve had to persevere to join in but it was so worth it.

Some facts: 3 avatars, 1,600+ comments, 300+ noms, highest number of recommends 11 (though the Troll song received 10 as did ‘mild mannered janitor’), 4 A-Lists, a smattering of B-lists and two Guru stints. Nothing really to trouble the scorers but each of the A-listed were first time listings for those bands.

Had some early run ins with the RR Law Enforcement Agent over some legitimate Evanescence noms, what does he know; had a few spats with trolls and fellow RRers, but they’re all put behind us now.

First A-List: – BJH – Hymn (RRSA Ascension).

Best Moment: – Guru stint for RRSA Whisk(e)y, so much fun, so many new songs, SO HARD to select 12 songs. So I bent the rules and listed 13!

Posted under an alias for a while got an A and B listed with that. Oooh who was that I hear you ask? – Got to have some secrets 😉

Anyway more good stuff; if it hadn’t been for RR I would never have been introduced to some great new (old) music.

Townes Van Zandt – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rdm8LItAHs”>Lungs</a&gt; (courtesy of exiledMan)

Jonathan Byrd – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA2qfXsq9co”>The Law and the Lonesome</a> (thank you so much suzi, forever in your debt for this intro.)

The Grateful Dead – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PekdeINQco”>Brown-Eyed Women</a> (chance for me to become a deadhead yet chris!)

Otis Gibbs – Twelve Men Dead in Sago (think this was from tinny, apologies if it wasn’t)

Friday night television music programme previews from TFD with obligatory margaritas 🙂

Many others but those are particular highlights.

From my own research and following Youtube video links the biggest discoveries for me were Little Big Town – Vapor and Frank Turner – I Still Believe

From the Spill, Two Cow Garage and Micah Schnabel – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4XsOCU_Z4w”>In Pacific Time</a> thanks tinny and for the Horrible Crowes (Brian Fallon is brilliant but this is becoming the tinny appreciation society!!), Frightened Rabbit – The Woodpile I absolutely love this song blimpy (where have you been?).

The A to Z series has been brilliant (that tincanman gets everywhere); AIP’s miscellany, Maki’s Spanish indie, EOTWQ – so many great posts and new music.

Still don’t like the Stones, sorry amylee and struggle with most of shane’s ‘awesome’ tunes, though really enjoyed some and our lengthy discussion following my Guru stint.

Regrets: hearing ‘on-topic’ songs post the deadline, not having an A-List for Alter Bridge (their day will come), perhaps Creed as well. AIP going AWOL and still not being able to post a link properly 😦 Perhaps someone will get me a Link Tutorial for Dummies Guide for Christmas!

A song to sum up Readers Recommends – <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BFMM_BVviw”>Hard Habit to Break</a>

19 thoughts on “A year is a Long Time …

  1. First year of many, I hope. Thanks for the mention above, sorry the posts petered out- maybe I’ll find the time to revive the series in the new year!

  2. Your linking problem, I think, has something to do with the quotation marks around the web address. If I replace your ” with the ” on my keyboard, your links work. You use a non-UK keyboard, I imagine?
    If you use a Graun comment box to generate the html using its link function, you can simply copy the resultant code elsewhere and it should work.

  3. It’s been only a year? Blimey. Still haven’t received your nominations for the annual Spill Awards, mind you – and that goes for most of the rest of you. Come on, people, it’s no fun if you don’t join in!

  4. well you’ll have to do it all again next year, Stairway to Heaven still isn’t listed
    and the list of great bands that haven’t got any a-lists is so long too, so having got the great BJH ( one day child of the universe will get in surely ) its back to the coal face for all the rest
    happy one year

  5. Congratulations! The flowers and card are belatedly on their way. There have been some big anniversaries this year – The Stones, The Beach Boys, we had Nelson Mandela’s death three days earlier, but none of these piffling events can compare with the significance and lustre of your first anniversary on RR. I have to say old boy that, when you first turned up, it appeared as if you were conversing with the cognoscenti like you had known them for donkey’s years. You weren’t posting under a previous name by any chance? These trolls are a damn nuisance. I take my hat off to your illustrious year, to your noms and your stints as guru. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your first anniversary on RR will not have escaped the guru’s notice and that you will be duly rewarded with 6 A-listers to commermorate this momentus occasion, for surely no-one works harder than your good self in the pursuit of the Holy Grail A-Listers. Congratulations again, we are moved, honoured, flattered, humbled to have had you in our midst these last twelve months.

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