Earworms 9 December 2013

“All I want for Christmas …” Well, half a million quid would be nice, but failing that, send me some Christmas worms to earworm@tincanland.com. In the meantime, here is an aural helter-skelter of plumbouncifulness to keep you going.

Belly – Sad Dress – Chris 7572: “I’m so tipsy I can’t seem to walk” is the opening line, which is probably why it sounds so woozy. It ends with “I’d chew my foot off/To get out of this dress.” I’m not 100% sure why; maybe it’s a female thing. Or a drunk thing?

Dear Eloise – What a day – Pairubu: “China’s answer to the Jesus and Mary Chain, actually a couple who don’t tour but record rather fine little blasts of noise in their home studio. This has a fine bass line, I think.

Benjamin Damage – 010x – Nilpferd: An ex-pat Welshman working in Berlin, creating finely textured electronic dance music. 010x is simple, direct, and irresistable, my favourite dance track of the year to date.

Melt Yourself Down – We Are Enough – Beltway: From one of the most thrilling albums I’ve acquired this year, don’t know how to classify this music, it’s almost a bit of all forms of modern afro/jazz/funk but with a frantic driving dance beat and a sax hook that will bludgeon your brain into submission – I just can’t stop playing it!

Parchman Farm – Mose Allison – goneforeign: The Mississippi State Penitentiary is called Parchman Farm, it ain’t a farm, it’s more like a slave plantation. There’s been quite a few blues recorded about it,  Alan Lomax went there for the Library of Congress. This is Mose Allison’s version, from his first album in 1957.

Darts – Boy From New York City – tincanman: It’s earworms! Dance! Be funky! Come on, lets get jiggly with it.

10 thoughts on “Earworms 9 December 2013

  1. A seriously enjoyable set of ‘worms today.

    I love anything that comes from the ThrowingMuses/Breeders/Belly stable so Sad Dress hit the spot for me.

    Dear Eloise were fun, I love a bit of noise, which also means that Melt Youself Down was welcome.

    Benjamin Damage was a pretty good slab of dancefloor too, which leaves Darts and Mose Allison.

    Parchman Farm is a song I remember from when I was little. My father had a 78 of it and I can remember him playing it when I was about seven or eight and I can remember the record being around later when I was in my early teens. No idea where it went, but I expect he sold it along with all his other 78s when my parents got divorced and he moved away.

    Darts has worn better than I expected. Never really a fan, but this was their best number.

  2. Not so much my cuppa this week, though the sheer energy (not to mention the sax) gets Beltway my vote. I can listen to Mose Allison til the cows come home, but I first heard the John Mayall version of Parchman Farm, and can’t help but like it more…

  3. Belly – Know this one, quite like it but I tend to forget about Belly these days.
    Dear Eloise – Mine, Love it, of course
    Benjamin Damage- Not for me
    Melt Yourself Down- Saxophobia kicks in on this one. A bit too loud and “in yer face” for me
    Mose Allison- Sorry but not a fan of piano based blues. Bukka White’s Parchman’s Farm for me.
    Darts- Enjoyable enough but I prefer the original.

    • Bukka White’s Parchman’s Farm for me.

      Spent some time listening to various versions of the song since @goneforiegn‘s post, and it appears this is a traditional which went one of two ways once recording began. Allison founded the more upbeat, piano-based shift; Bubba White stayed more tradtional to how slaves would have sung it. Every version of the song since can be considered IMHO a cover of one or the other.

  4. Nice set, and very well matched despite the contrasting genres I think… they all seem hung on simple, repeating riffs.

    Belly is a nostalgia kick back to my final student years, my flatmates used to cane that album.

    Dear Eloise reminds me a lot of The Chills’ Look for the good in others.., similar chords, rhythm and drone.

    Like the energy in the Melt yourself down track, (though I would probably have liked it more sans vocals)

    Mose is always great, and the Darts cover is also a fine listen, a worthwhile update which adds a little more urgency to the original.

  5. Excellent morning’s listen here. Loved the Dart’s rendering of the Ad-libs classic & Belly. And I’m really with Carol on Dear Eloise. Love a bit of noise myself & this was fine noise indeed.

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