Hail and Farewell

Don’t have time for more than a minimalist post at the moment, but wanted to mark the occasion…

HAIL to Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky on his 80th birthday; doyen of the East German free jazz scene, not least because of his role in the wonderful and subversive quartets Synopsis and Zentralquartett. He was looking very frail when I saw them in the summer, but reports of a recent celebration of Frei Jazz Ost suggest that he’s still going strong.


FAREWELL to the amazing Stan Tracey, one of Britain’s finest jazz musicians of the 60s and 70s. Obituary here.


3 thoughts on “Hail and Farewell

  1. I didn’t stay for the entire piece by the Germans and I’m rather at a loss as what to say except that the quality of the video was totally appropriate for the sound.

  2. I assume that you posted this to get a response, why else would you? And since you included ‘Jazz’ in your description, of course I would be interested.
    Why do you think I was annoyed? I wasn’t annoyed, I was curious, but not curious enough to experience the entire 6 minutes but I think I got the gist. I didn’t say anything critical, I admitted my confusion and made a comment only on the relationship of the quality of the video and the audio. I wondered what it was all about and why a seemingly intelligent person would take the time to present it to this audience and I wondered what response did/do you anticipate from us? As always, I’d love to hear your justification.
    I’m genuinely perplexed; what do you think about when you sit there listening to this?

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