They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 11)

spill score.02Be serious, thoughtful, insightful, shoe-horny, impish or as silly as you please – we need songs/music that shoulda/coulda been used in this film:

3:10 TO YUMA: A quiet rancher leads a posse on a dangerous mission to transport an outlaw to a town where a train will take him to prison..

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19 thoughts on “They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 11)

  1. Oh! Bugger! These guys got the time the wrong way round……………………..


    10:03 on a fast train
    a trick of light crossing my eye

  2. Outlaw 1 (Shannon):
    Gotta go to Tulsa, first train we can ride
    Gotta settle one old score, one small point of pride
    Outlaw 2 (Jack):
    There ain’t a place a man can hide, Shannon, will keep him from the sun
    Ain’t a bed can give us rest now, you keep us on the run

    Like the rancher in the film, Jack Straw is trying to get his outlaw companion outta here, although Jack himself is also trying to escape the law. Shannon is so much of a handful that Jack ends up killing him. Is that how the rancher deals with his man?

    Jack Straw – the Grateful Dead.

  3. lotta train songs none on topic ..but ones that spring to mind
    train in vain off get your ya yas. catch a train by free. hear my train a coming and. train time by coltrane .. think cream did a cover

    • word association .. the Coltrane I was thinking of was ‘countdown’ which is nothing to do with trains or
      Madeley .. Bruce wrote Train time off wheels of fire

      • robert johnson’s song may start .. there’s a train at the station .. but its called Love in Vain
        i’ll get me coat .. and scarf & gloves .. nippy tonight .. swim night and the pool is never warm

  4. Might be about to embarrass myself here but not seen the film and according to the OST this wasn’t in it so how about:

    Warren Zevon – My Ride’s Here

    I was staying at the Marriott
    With Jesus and John Wayne
    I was waiting for a chariot
    They were waiting for a train
    The sky was full of carrion
    “I’ll take the mazuma”
    Said Jesus to Marion
    “That’s the 3:10 to Yuma
    My ride’s here…”

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