The past is a different country

Many years ago, way back in the 1980s, I recorded a number of songs with a good friend of mine, Ed Robinson.  I have to confess that Ed was the real musical talent and I was, for most of the time, hanging on to his coat tails, as it were.

Under the name The Socks That Dempsey Wore, we recorded two collections of music: Out Of The Closet and Now That’s What I Call Dempsey.  I wrote and sang on a number of the songs and there was one that I was particularly proud of. It was written at a time when South Africa was still in the thralls of apartheid and Mandela was many years from being released, and with the news of the death of the great man, last week I thought it would be nice to put together a video to accompany the song, and it to share it with you all, as my personal tribute to ‘Madibi’.

WARNING: This song was recorded in the 1980s – and sounds like it was!

2 thoughts on “The past is a different country

  1. Brave post. Quite liked it. Needs some bass & guitar, but think you could have had a minor hit.

    As for Mandela: strength, dignity, forgiveness, restraint…we need a lot more like him.

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