Spill Awards 2013: Vote Vote Vote!!!

The nominations have been collected, scrutinised, tabulated, analysed and stared at with a blank expression for half an hour; my, aren’t we an eclectic, not to say completely random, group of people? Considering that we all read the same paper and visit the same music blog, there’s an astonishing lack of unanimity on more or less every topic under the sun except for the ghastliness of the current UK government – and even there we can’t agree on which individuals deserve the greatest degree of loathing. Over fifty different albums were suggested for Record of the Year, and the five shortlisted are the only ones that received support from more than one person.

So, time for the voting. We’re keeping things simple: one vote in each category. even if you haven’t heard any of the records or seen any of the films, feel free to vote according to any other criteria you like, as it’s only a bit of fun and the more the merrier. Polls will remain open until the end of the month, and the award ceremony will take place some time in early January once I get my act together – in response to overwhelming public opposition to the idea, not on Twitter…

57 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2013: Vote Vote Vote!!!

  1. Great work Aba! Once the awards are done, would we be able to see the list of the fifty LPs of the year, please? Or now. Or at any time, really. Cheers!

    • Hi Blmpy, I’m surprised that you didn’t nominate the album that I had suggested a certain F. Rabbit :0 hey ho never mind. I’ll have to go to Spotify because I’ve not got any of the five albums suggested!

      Echo your recognition of a damn fine job from Abahachi – brilliant; I can’t even get a Youtube link to embed properly so to put in the voting systems is amazing; your technically illiterate Leavey.

  2. Hmmm, I have NO knowledge of any of the Album, Film or TV finalists! I’ll write off the last two categories, and from that list of five LPs, it looks like I’ll have to find time to listen before the end of the year.

    @ Mnemonic – Boards Of Canada vs Fuck Buttons – where shall I start?

    • Already taken ! By me ! A pseudenonymous name I chose when my ( imaginary) band was active on MySpace.
      I still have loads of badges for the “Dave Sprout sheep as in tremendous owl flatulence band featuring scruffy the wonder dog” !
      They will be collectors items one day.

  3. No Savages in the album list? (not that it’s my album of the year – but I thought it might get more than 1 vote) – yep, I want to see the 50 list too, that would be fun – been too busy to join in – but it’s always enjoyable to watch from the sidelines.

    • Yes – and on top of that, many people didn’t mention heroes at all – maybe it’s been one of those years – and in a number of cases put forward names that were clearly very personal, which might make a great post but doesn’t really work as the basis for a poll. Ditto quite a lot of the suggestions for Event of the Year.

  4. Danger of splitting the Cameron vote with two entries.

    Album of the year candidates seem even stranger than usual. Suspect Toffee B & Mnemonic have been ballot rigging.

    Not a good year for film, but am dumbfounded as to how The Hobbit got in

    • Also dumbfounded by The Hobbit. I liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy but those books have an epic sweep that was matched by the films’ style. The Hobbit is a much more low-key children’s book and the screen treatment just seemed so over the top. I do actually prefer it as a book to The Lord of the Rings. It has a wholeness and compactness to its structure that the trilogy lacks. Also it’s a lot less portentous.

  5. And here’s the list of all the albums that were nominated (okay, I can’t count: it’s exactly 50 rather than more than 50…)

    Alter Bridge: Fortress
    Any Trouble: The Complete Stiff Recordings 1980-81
    Atoms For Peace: Amok
    Biffy Clyro: Opposites
    The Black Angels: Indigo Meadow
    Boards of Canada: Tomorrow’s Harvest
    David Bowie: The Next Day
    Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal
    Bill Callahan: Dream River.
    Anna Calvi: One Breath
    Chvrches: The Bones Of What You Believe
    Conquering Animal Sound: On Floating Bodies
    Daft Punk: Random Access Memories
    Dub Mafia: Sirens
    Bob Dylan: Another Self Portrait
    Engravings: Forest Swords
    Fall Out Boy: Save Rock’n’Roll
    Frightened Rabbit: Pedestrian Verse
    Fuck Buttons: Slow Focus
    Robert Glasper Experiment: Black Radio II
    Goldfrapp: Tales of Us
    Grateful Dead: Creamery Benefit Concert in Veneta, Oregon, 27/8/72
    Ed Harcourt: Back Into The Woods
    The Haxan Cloak: The Haxan Cloak
    Julia Hülsmann Quartet: In Full View
    IAMX: The Unified Field
    Jason Isbell: Southeastern
    Diana Jones: The Museum Of Appalachia Recordings
    Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull
    letlive: The Blackest Beautiful
    Lorde: Pure Heroine
    Johnny Marr: The Messenger
    Steve Mason: Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time
    Mazzy Star: Seasons Of Your Day
    Megson: Live Megson
    Muchacho: Phosphorescent
    My Bloody Valentine: m b v
    Pale Green Ghosts: John Grant
    Pearl Jam: Lightning Bolt
    Prefab Sprout: Crimson Red
    Tomasz Stanko: Wislawa
    Suede: Bloodsports
    Teho Teardo and Blixa Bargeld: Still Smiling
    The Temperance Movement: The Temperance Movement
    Trwbador: Trwbador
    Frank Turner: Tape Deck Heart
    Vampire Weekend: Modern Vampires of the City
    Wild Angels: The Wild Angels Ride Again
    Steven Wilson: The Raven That Refused To Sing
    Wolf People: Fain

    • Hi Aba, I’m guessing the Hülsmann and Stanko recordings were your choices.. there were a few good ECM and ACT releases this year but I have to admit I’ve gone off the Hülsmann a bit since it came out. Possibly the new Abercrombie will turn out to be my fav. ECM release of the year, too soon to say. On ACT for me the radio.string.quartet.vienna Weather Report album Posting Joe was the outstanding release of the year.

      The other albums I’d rate most highly this year – some might appeal to you- would be:

      Blue Touch Paper- Drawing breath.
      Colin Towns led fusion/world band, a very eclectic album but consistently brilliant.

      Dawn of Midi- Dysnomia. Acoustic jazz instruments used to create a suite of techno-like, algorithmic, ever changing riffs. Brandt Brauer Frick stripped back, or Necks lite depending upon where you start.

      Arve Henriksen- Places of worship. Contentious, but for my tastes the Norwegian tops Stanko this year on the horn. An incredibly sensitive set of contemplative recordings based around sacral buildings and ruins.

      Tigran Hamasyan- Shadow Theater. As per my Spill post a couple of weeks ago, ebullient and driving folk jazz.

      Juana Molina- Wed 21. Idiosyncratic electronic folk, very intimate and irreverent.

  6. That’s an interesting list, and one which bears comparison to all of the magazine EoY Top50s I’ve been reading.

    The Temperance Movement is my sole nomination in there –
    (@TFD : “one of mine“? I could’ve had more than one choice??)
    – and is a BlackCrowes/CryOfLove style return from perennial DsD fave Phil Campbell.
    I already felt guilty for not nominating Alter Bridge, and now knowing that just two votes would’ve made it a finalist, and I could’ve HAD more than one go, has made that guilt worse.
    Had I been multi-nomming, Jason Isbell would also now be a finalist.
    I wasn’t impressed enough with the Pearl Jam to consider it, although the song Sirens was a ‘joint-fourth’ placing in my Festive Top 3.
    But other than that, all I can say is that there are a good dozen I instantly WANT for Christmas (or at least to hear asap), and note with interest that neither Low’s The Invisible Way, nor ANY Lanegan are on the list. Amythyst and Mescalito respectively were also DsD =4th Festive Spill choices.

    • “You can make as many suggestions as you want at this stage, as it increases the chances of putting together a shortlist with at least some level of support” – Abahachi

      Read it and weep, DsD!

      • Yeah, you’re right (of course). As I owned up to somewhere else this week, I rarely read rules properly when I’m “off-duty”, as I get so fed up of poring over them in my day-jobs.

      • Particularly at the moment, as the job related to my RR avatar has just issued so many updates to the manual (coming into force on 1/1/14), that it probably would have been easier to just re-issue the whole thing.

        Bringing a whole new level to the phrase “taking the piss” …

  7. Aba, I am disappointed that there isn’t an option in the event of the year category for meeting me in Edinburgh. I was much too modest to nominate it myself.

    • Undoubtedly a great occasion, and certainly one of my personal highlights, but since you didn’t nominate it there was only one vote in favour and that isn’t enough to get it into the shortlist…

  8. Have voted and add my thanks to Abahachi for organisation. I feel a bit guilty now, I nominated loads of albums, but I did forget QOTSA.

  9. just voted! Sorry Aba I’ve been flat out for the last few weeks with about half an hour of internet time a day and didn’t have time to vote!
    The only difference my votes would have made would have been an extra nomination for MBV, which seems to be being criminally overlooked in other polls.

    I’ve got a good 3 weeks off work from today…yay!

  10. In case anyone is interested, here is the complete list of albums I nominated, with comments about each one.

    My nominations for Album Of The Year are;
    Atoms For Peace – Amok
    Johnny Marr – The Messenger
    Steven Wilson – The Raven That Refused To Sing
    Mazzy Star – Seasons Of Your Day
    Steve Mason – Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time
    Wolf People – Fain
    Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
    Boards Of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest

    It is a long list, I know, but there is a lot of decent music there. It could have been even longer, but Mogwai, John Hopkins and Fuck Buttons all just came in below my set of criteria (nothing particularly hummable on the CDs), despite all being very good albums.

    Atoms For Peace managed to be not-quite Radiohead and even made some music you might be able to dance to. There are all kinds of things going on here, it is an album to listen to over and over again to get all the twists and turns.

    Johnny Marr produced an album that was thankfully nothing like The Cribs and which is packed with great tunes and some knockout guitar playing. I wonder what Mozza thinks?

    Daft Punk were ubiquitous throughout the Summer. Fantastic music for driving to and some brilliant dancefloor grooves.

    Steve Mason produced some of the best music he’s ever released with an album that contains some great songs, lots of politics and with real passion and, even better, managed to produce that passion live. If you get the chance, go and see him.

    “Seasons Of Your Day” came out of the blue. A real event and one that I worried might disappoint, but incredibly, Mazzy Star were still Mazzy Star. It is as though time had stood still, taken a look around and decided to head back to 1993. A truly great album by two of music’s great reclusive originals. Hope and David don’t seem to care at all about what other people are putting out. They know what works and they stick with it.

    Steven Wilson showed, once again, that prog is not dead and delivered an album that was full of echoes of Genesis and King Crimson but which was also clever, dramatic and full of great playing.

    Wolf People seem to have a time machine that always goes back to 1970, but when they produce albums as good as “Fain”, I don’t really care. You can almost smell the dope and patchouli when you listen to it. Now, where are my loonpants and cheesecloth smock?

    Boards Of Canada surprised me. Their album was a lot stronger than “The Campfire Headphase” (which is OK but maybe a bit unfocused, and really grew on me. A definite return to form.

  11. This kind of confirms what I said on the other thread. Thanks for the explanation, but I still can’t get my head around choosing one of five albums as Record of the Year when I’ve only heard one of them. Would have liked to take part, but I’m out.

  12. Everyone knowns ‘the stammer on educating Yorkshire’ was the Event of the Year 2013 (I didn’t even watch it – but I know) closely followed by the publication of a new Asterix (whatever it’s quality)… and then the Dr Who 50 anniversary program (I did watch that – lovely bit of televisual fluff) .. sod the dead people or worthy stuff (and Murray’s won enough).

    I know what IS important… but was too busy to canvas any votes (or even send in the suggestions).

    I love the fact that I don’t agree with anything on here (including 106% of the music long list) – makes me proud to be part of such a disparate bunch of misfits.

  13. These were mine:
    Bill Callahan – Dream River
    Muchacho – Phosphorescent
    Tomorrow’s Harvest – Boards of Canada
    Pale Green Ghosts – John Grant
    Slow Focus – Fuck Buttons
    The Haxan Cloak – The Haxan Cloak
    Engravings – Forest Swords

  14. Looks like it’s going to be electronica fisticuffs in the car park out the back of The Black Bull between BOC & Fuck B*****ns – my money’s on the hardy Scots duo. Square go: nae chibs, nae honours.

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