Earworms 16 December 2013

Some beautiful sounds here, in a gentle run up to Christmas. Don’t forget to keep those worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com – still time to send a Christmas worm for next week’s bumper edition, if you feel so inclined. Meanwhile, keep warm!

Creedence Clearwater Revival – Lodi – Pairubu: That little riff ! How great is that ? A simple, choogling number, as you might expect. So very effective when done properly.

Lindi Ortega – Songs About – ghe: It’s hardly an ear worm (yet) as I only got the new album from Canadian songstress Lindi Ortega today (well, a week or two ago – sorry ghe – Ed.).  But a track called ‘Songs About’ seemed so apt for the Readers Recommend crowd. Enjoy.

Dave Von Ronk – Last Call – tincanman: True story: Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Van Ronk went out pubbing one night in NY and Dave scrawled stuff down in a notebook as they went about. He disclaims any ownership, despite it being in his handwriting.

Denez Prigent/Liza Gerrard – Gortoz a Ran (J’attends) – bluepeter:  Not a lover of war films, especially American ones, but this track was used by Hans Zimmer, whose music I do like, for the film  “Black Hawk Down”. Never seen the film – but have listened to this many times.

“One day I will come back over the land, over the seas. So will come back the green wind and bring with it my wounded heart”.

Sun Kil Moon – Ocean Breathes Salty – DsD: I’ve mentioned it often enough over on the mothership, so here it is as a ‘worm. At the risk of inviting ridicule, I think Mark Kozelek’s acoustic version blows Isaac Brock’s out of the water, highlighting the tenderness in the lyrics that the jagged Modest Mouse original buries.

The Grateful Dead –Terrapin Station – Chris7572: Rather than dedicate an entire post to this song, its genesis and the importance of chelonians in supporting the Earth (as I had considered), I’ll just present it here as a collection of delightful melodies supporting Robert Hunter’s meta-lyrics. The studio version is too prettied-up for my taste; this May ’77 live version is imperfect but enchanting. And, despite its length, contains no additives (or a conclusion – that’s the start of the next song).

11 thoughts on “Earworms 16 December 2013

  1. Nice set of ‘worms. Obviously, I knew the Dead, Terrapin is one of my favourite Dead experiences. Credence – Yeah! People often seem to overlook CCR, unjustly, I think.

    I love Liza Gerrard’s voice, so atmospheric.

    I didn’t know the other acts, but they were all good.

  2. Ooh, I love that Lindi Ortega song – never heard of her before, but that hits the sweetspot where GHE’s tastes coincide precisely with mine.

    Hadn’t heard that piece of Mark Kozelek either – I do love his voice. DsD, have you got into his Among The Leaves album from 2012? It took me a while, but I now think it’s possibly the best thing he’s done – right up there with the first couple of Red House Painters albums.

    Liza Gerrard has a wonderful voice too – that track was beautiful.

    • @ Barney – Re Among The Leaves: no I hadn’t. Listening right now (ahead of the ‘Worms – I know, I know, I should be ashamed!), but Spotty’s ads are ruining Mark’s attempts to lull me into a warm fug.

      I have bought the MK & Desertshore album, which is good but not great.
      What most definitely IS great is Perils From The Sea, Kozelek’s collaboration LP with Jimmy LaValle (AKA The Album Leaf, whose In A Safe Place LP is possibly my most favourite electronic/ambient album). However, I’m contractually forbidden from saying more on that subject until next week!

      • If only there were some sort of digital “box”, where one could electronically “drop” things for people… if you know of such a place, you might want to check it…

        It’s very easy to be lulled by the singing and guitar picking, but he’s on fantastic lyrical form – world-weary as you’d expect, but also funny, and with moments of compassion among the razor-sharp bitchiness. I must check out Perils From The Sea.

      • Hmmm, yes, what a place that would be! You must remind me we had this conversation after Father Christmas has been. I’ve told him I’ve been very good and would like a shiny plastic disc version of Perils …

  3. CCR- Mine, love it, absolute classic
    Lindi O – Yes, like this one, quite “christmasy” in feel , I think.
    Ronk,- Sorry, his voice is “marmite” to me.
    Denez Prigent/Liza Gerrard – Nice bit of “world”, liked
    Ban Ki Moon- Nope, sorry, doesn’t do it for me.
    Dead – Not my favourite Dead number ( that would be Alligator or What’s become of the baby ?” but still more to my taste than 99% of household bands.

  4. Lovely set. Love CCR generally and this one is, yup, a classic.
    Never heard of Lindi O but loved it.
    I rather like Van Ronk’s voice. Is the tune Lord Franklin? I’ve never heard that but I gather that Bob Dylan’s Dream used the tune.
    Denez/Lisa was beautiful and atmospheric.
    Can’t compare versions knowing nothing about the song or about Modest Mouse but it sounded damn good to me. Bit Nick Drake-ish.
    I’m afraid I have never really enjoyed anything by the Grateful Dead. Tried with this one but it rolled straight past me. Not unpleasant at all but wasn’t moved by it. Sorry. Good to give these things a go every now and then though.

  5. Player still not working on my PC, but it’s obviously an issue at my end, as the songs will play on my phone.

    CCR just tend to drift by with me. OK, but harmless and no worm threat.
    Really don’t like the Dave Ronk – that’s the folk voice / tone I just cannot abide, I’m afraid.
    On the other hand, Lindi‘s voice is going to take a little getting used to, but I think I’ll get there. First thought was a breathy, VERY-young-sounding version of Loretta Lynn.
    Liked the one from Black Hawk Down. Was blown away by the female voice, and then looked who it was: ah, Lisa Gerrard, should’ve guessed!
    Got a ‘dead head’ on this morning, so Terrapin Station hit the spot.

    Cheers all.

  6. Yes, the Prigent/Gerrard is an absolute standout for me, though enjoyed the others too (bar, I’m afraid, the Van Ronk, which I was expecting to like, as I like most else that came out of the Village)

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