Aw F***!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xmas canx

Oh joy … not. Just found out that the customer who owe me my entire December takehome pay (& who were most of the work I had lined up in January) have gone bust.

Will now be spending this evening trying to giftwrap naught-but-smoke-&-mirrors, and juggle zeros with a calculator without the lights on.

Tell me something to cheer me up, folks, ’cause I soddin’ need it.

52 thoughts on “Aw F***!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh they’ve already got enough we’ve bought and wrapped for them not to notice. But too many for my liking (now) were bought via online accounts or credit card that’ll come due for payment in early Jan.

      • There but for fortune – I’m sure most of us have done the same over the years, and I certainly have! I sincerely hope that a period of minimum payments on the cards will see soon you back on track.

    • Administrator says too early to tell, but it’ll be a while and almost certainly won’t be any better than 20p in the pound owed.

  1. Gosh, that’s super shitty. As a freelancer, I feel your pain. Not much to say to cheer you up, only that I have found with big jobs I’ve pitched for & not got, something else has always come along to fill the gap, and has been better in the long run overall. One door shuts and another opens and all that.

    In the meantime, here’s my pals St Kilda Mailboat – who are always cheery to watch (I hope!)

  2. A terrible situation. But you’re a good bloke with a good family, so you’ll get through it and find new work. It’s what I tell myself and so far it’s worked. Let’s see. A tune for you… A forget about your troubles in the real world rock tune. Maybe this:

  3. grrr – Bummer.

    Luckily getting a huge bear hug from you on Christmas morning is all that anyone really needs in life isn’t it?
    (and Liverpool keep spanking other teams – like mine – so you stay happy too).

    Hope it all works out somehow… I can print out a couple of t-shirts for the girls if you need any material*** things… (a thank you for putting us up in the summer).

    ***see what I did there? – classy play on words, snigger-some enough to cheer up an Eeyore.

    NO – please yourself.

    Hope it works out for the best somehow.

    • Thank you hugely for the offer, Shane. The girls are sorted; funnily enough it’s me & Ju that aren’t, and we can live without!

      Agreed that LFC are doing their best to keep my spirits up, though discussions of Suarez’ potential new salary are making me:
      (a) cringe;
      (b) cry;
      (c) angry; or
      (d) all of the above?
      [Note there is no (e) envious. I do not covet such a salary as my moral code cannot conceive of ANY job meriting that much.

  4. Oh how monumentally shitty. I’m so sorry, Rich. Not sure I’ve anything much to say to cheer you up. But fingers crossed the good reputation I know you’ll have built up over the years will mean that something bigger and better (or at least more lucrative) will turn up very, very soon…

  5. What a bummer! Yet you’re a white bloke living in a technologically-advanced, secular, liberal democracy that values human rights*, with a gorgeous family, many great friends, a music collection to lose yourself in for days on end and even some faceless people on t’internet who think you’re OK!
    Blessing 1, blessing 2, etc…..

    (*there may some tiny quibbles about this assertion but just compare us to most countries.)

    • “… technologically-advanced…”

      . Given the current rate of fails amongst electrical items/systems at DsD Towers, not sure I can agree with that bit, Chris, but I take your point and do need to keep this in perspective. (see my response to DebbyM)

  6. What a lousy thing to happen. I do hope you get work in the new year to replace what was cancelled. In the meantime enjoy your family Christmas time. I know you won’t let anything spoil that.

  7. that does indeed suck.

    we are having a low-key (i.e. low-budget) Christmas this year too, but am sure it will be just as fun!

  8. Rich, I’m so sorry to hear this, must be a real worry for you. If I win the lottery over Christmas, I’d be pleased to share with you, though (if not, all bets are off I’m afraid, I’ve just been made redundant)

    Here’s a bit of positive energy for you in the form of the celebratory song when our little FC St Pauli got promoted to the Big Bad Bundeliga a couple of seasons back – it’s Little’Uns favourite tune at the mo (hope I can remember how to post a vid):

    • … just been made redundant

      Aw, now that REALLY sucks, and has brought me out of my funk. Yes I’m sulking (big-time), but they were just one customer. I need to realise that there are well over a hundred families in Bradford who’ve lost ALL their income stream by this company going tits-up.

      Re St Pauli – Would I be right in thinking that they’re the German equivalent of Millwall-without-the-violence (“Nobody loves us, we don’t care”), or the Oakland Raiders (mock-bad boys in a pirate style)?

      • Not sure about the Millwall thing (I’ve been away too long; I was thinking more Leyton Orient). The core following is into punk, very left-wing, and the footballers themselves support causes like *Viva con Agua*, providing clean drinking water around the world. They do have some affiliation thing going with Celtic, the reasons for which I’ve never really understood…

        Thanks, everyone, for the commiserations re: the job! To be honest, it was time for a change, but I’d never have gone voluntarily (I have kids to feed and the pay was good). Also, there are worse things in life than being made redundant, but we won’t go there until after Christmas, eh?!

      • St.Pauli are my German team (from my time there).

        There is no equivalent – nearly 50% of the fans at the matches when I went were female, the pirate flag is on the fans merchandise rather than the club shirt – how cool is that? (from the jolly roger bar I think) – the whole idea is to be the Anarchist club in comparison to SV Hamburg. It thrives on a punk left wing attitude – just love the place.

        First match there – someone shouted out that an Englishman was standing in the crowd (yep still standing stadium) – in English – so I knew and started shaking nervously – ‘who do you support?’ when a St.Pauli fan shouted out that J.Goss had knocked Bayern Munich out of Europe in our one and only adventure – pints and pints of beer were passed up above the crowd and handed to me – I do not remember having so much fun at any football ground ever as I did that first day.
        … and they came on the pitch to AC/DC’s “Hells’ Bells” – football was an awfully dull 1-1 draw – but it really didn’t matter – ended up at a squat party until 5 the next morning too with live SKA dub band making the whole building shake.

        I think the Celtic thing was from a time in the 80’s when the fans/representatives of the clubs met at European wide meetings trying to eradicate fascist groups tagging onto their teams fan base… (I might be wrong).

      • The one thing I’d say on the football thing is that most Zweite Bundesliga and Dritte Bundesliga teams are like this (the teams from the old DDR are unfortunately often an exception) – and for goodness’ sake, the Evil Empire (aka Bayern Muenchen) have tickets for stands for a mere £7 or so. Speaking as a supporter of 1860 Munich and Arminia Bielefeld (for different reasons, and it’s actually rathe tricky now they’re playing in the same division), St Pauli look like the team that has managed to turn ‘not being HSV’ into a marketable enterprise and a rebel image, rather than being wholly pure and good, but hey…

      • Abahachi (if you are still about) – I did mean there is no English equivalent – German football is run on a far fairer basis for affordability (and community still) – rather than play-things for the incredibly rich.

        The marketing of their anarchist ideals is still marketing – but they do involve themselves in good causes – and it feels less forced than the good causes ‘photo opportunities’ that UK teams partake in.

        I interviewed bands in clubs around the ground – I ended up being taken to watch them – if it’d been any other city – that would be my team there.

        But I’m glad it’s St.Pauli because Art Brut wrote a song about the place – and Eddie Argos used to serve me my beer (in a little place near Bournemouth) so there’s a great symmetry to the places I’ve stayed.

      • Yes, sorry shane, that was a lot stroppier than I intended; more or less any German football team (even the well-heeled imperialists in Bundesliga I) are heavily community-orientated, which must be connected to the fact that they’re all at least 51% fan-owned. Thought this came across well in recent article by David Conn on Bayern.

  9. I’m so sorry Rich, can’t think of anything to say that might cheer you up. Except that you’ve been in some tight spots over the past couple of years, no? and you’ve seemed to make it through ok so far. Happy Christmas and best wishes, and to you too, Debby.

  10. Oh, that’s just horrible, DsD. And the timing is a disaster. I don’t expect I can do anything to help but I surely wish you and your family all the best.

  11. That’s the pits, Rich. I know how you feel, unfortunately. Fortunes over here are up and down like the proverbial drawers over here as you know and look to be heading back down again. Fingers crossed for you.

  12. the day after Maki & mrs Maki went to Chester to watch the races, i was in Liverpool to see Neil Young .. which was cancelled .. and bumped into Webby busking at Pier Head. He sang me a rousing rendition of me fave tune and that and his big smile were way better than a concert
    I’ll send him round to stand on your lawn and do carols .. hope it works out

    • Thanks, alfie, but unless you know something we don’t [yet], you may struggle to find him. With his house move, I only have an email contact for SOWC, which I suspect may go unchecked for a little while.

  13. Oh, hell. And to cap it all, Hotmail seems to be down, and I have no time to wait as I’m working all day tomorrow and off to Germany on Friday, so I can’t send the messages I was going to send to you and Debby. So, I’m going to be very un-English, and say it on here. I have not had a great year, for all sorts of reasons, but it’s ending on a relatively good point because a publisher that has held onto my royalties for no very good reason for three f****** years – and this is a good, ideologically sound publisher, which does however include little passive-aggressive notes in its royalty statements to thank those authors who’ve decided to donate their royalties to the Cause – has finally coughed up, including the money for the rights for the Korean translation. So, that’s the car service sorted, and the grocery bill, and we can afford to go out for New Year, and I am horribly conscious that this sort of payment is for me a bonus on top of a reliable salary rather than the thing that I’m relying on to pay the electricity bill. So, can I at least buy you (pl.), and anyone else here who’s having a horrible time at the moment, an album or something, since I can’t buy just buy you a drink? ‘Course, you’ll have to let me know by tomorrow evening at the latest; email to abahachi(at), which might be working by then…

    • That’s a lovely idea, but I’d be chuffed if you and Mrs Abahachi would order your favourite Weizenbier or German wine and drink to my health!

    • Don’t buy for me: you earned it, you spend it! (I like and second Debby’s idea!)
      Though if you wanted to drop something I might like, I could complete the circle when we come out the other side of the tunnel by seeking more from the artist concerned.

    • Oh dear, in the cold light of day that’s rather embarrassing and inappropriate, but thanks to you both for taking it in the (drunken) spirit it was intended…

  14. That’s terrible, you have my utmost sympathy. Never forget that you’re a legend in a small corner of the internet.

    Some Christmas cheer:

    Every Who down in Who-ville, the tall and the small,
    Was singing! Without any presents at all!
    He HADN’T stopped Christmas from coming!
    IT CAME!
    Somehow or other, it came just the same!

    And the Grinch, with his grinch-feet ice-cold in the snow,
    Stood puzzling and puzzling: “How could it be so?
    It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
    “It came without packages, boxes or bags!”
    And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.
    Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
    “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.
    “Maybe Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”

  15. My sympathy, Rich. There ought to be a law against firms going bust just before xmas! But you’ve always survived bumps in the road before, and this will be no different, but it’s tough in the meantime, and we are rooting for you. And I’m sure you’ll have a great Christmas, drawing strength from being in the bosom of a loving family.
    Hardly cheery, but have a bit of Willard Grant

    • Hang on!

      WTF?! I’ve missed a new WGC album? How the hell did THAT happen?

      Cheers, GHE. Listening now … oooh, squally-feedback rock guitar vs. discordant (dare I say) ‘free-jazz’ piano, vying for the attentions of Robert Fisher’s baritone.

      Wow! Me likeee. Start/Programs/Spotify, {new tab}: Start/InternetExplorer/▼/ * reaches for last month’s birthday present voucher code …..

  16. Generally folks, and in particular to those without a specific reply so far, a heartfelt Thank You.

    It was a “lashing-out” post, written whilst my trainees today were doing their written tests. It has, does, and will cause me early 2014 grief – I’ve already cancelled the £1100 course for my own next qualification that I was due to start in January, and we’ve shelved any nascent hopes for a summer family holiday – but the truth is that we ain’t gonna starve. We don’t have a mortgage, and the savings will get us through this, but they’re being depleted at an alarming rate in the precise years when we’re supposed to be building them up.

    Today’s news is just not soddin’ fair, and made worse that my supplier status puts me much further back in the queue for any settlement than either HMR&C or the supermarket bullies.
    I’m thoroughly pissed off, and now halfway pissed-up (which I must stop immediately, as I’m working in the morning.)

    G’night all, and bless you all for your good wishes.

  17. As tfd once said to me – “Come and stay with me!” or words to that effect. Seriously, if you would all like a meal over the Christmas period just let me know and you’re most welcome if you dare face my cooking. Haven’t killed anyone (yet). Debby, I would offer the same to you but it’s a long way; perhaps I could offer a virtual casserole steaming away with a couple of barrels of Adnams. If only. Hugs to both.

  18. Very sorry to hear it DsD. I’ve been in that situation before so I feel your pain! It’s a stressful enough time of year without having to contend with companies going bust. Remember it’s your health and your family that really matter, and it doesn’t take much to enjoy yourself. Just ask Andrew WK!

  19. That’s really rough, Rich. I can only echo the commiserations of others above and say that whenever something similar has happened to me, some other work has come along to fill, even if only partially, the gap.
    Now, on a practical level, I’d suggest speaking to your accountant because you might be able to knock whatever you’re owed off your tax bill for the year as “irrecoverable debt”.
    I don’t know how it works in terms of whether you can claim the whole amount, the whole amount minus whatever the administrators cough up, or anything at all if the administrators pay you however much in the pound, but your accountant could certainly advise.
    In the short term it won’t make any difference, but if you can knock a month’s money clean off your next annual tax bill, it’s not to be sneezed at. It’d certainly help for next Christmas.

    • Thanks, Gareth. Sadly, my accountant is getting used to writing down bad debt in our P&L, but after the way this autumn has panned out, what makes this one sting particularly hard is that it was one of only two customers due to pay in time for Christmas and the January bills. One of those Jan bills is to the taxman, and having received and read my pack today from the administrator of my now ex-customer, it would appear that an unbending HMR&C is one of the main reasons they went under.
      I’ve a good mind to tell them to get my tax out of the lumps they’re ripping off the corpse of the company they helped kill.

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