Everyone Else is Doing It!

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Not a bad year for rock despite the Guardian’s aversion to this genre in its list of the Top gazzillion albums of the year.

There have been some great ROCK albums that have been released this year; started early on with Biffy Clyro and Opposites. I saw them at the Bournemouth International Centre on their ‘arena’ tour with my son. Fantastic concert, great company and it’s a fairly small venue so how it came to be picked for an ‘arena’ tour I don’t know but an awesome performance covering nearly 30 songs and a fair smattering from the new album.

My choice at Number 5 and here’s Spanish Radio  to share with you.

Can’t nominate albums of the year without a slight nod to Frank Turner, Tape Deck Heart was released this year and is a mighty fine collection of typical Frank Turner songs and reaches number 4.

I’ve chosen Plain Sailing Weather for your delectation.

Number 3 – Kings of Leon returned to their earlier style with Mechanical Bull, which has one of my favourite songs of the year but that will be nominated for Shoegazer’s Festive Spill countdown so instead I’ve chosen My Family Tree.

There was quite a wait for the new release from Pearl Jam in October with Lightning Bolt but that’s number six in my list so at number two is the the fourth Alter Bridge studio album Fortress. Saw them at Wembley and quite frankly Myles Kennedy has one of the best voices in music.

As an album Fortress has it’s share of ‘end of the world’ type songs but I’ve chosen one of the softer numbers in All Ends Well.  

<drum roll>
So the album of the year is from a group introduced to me by Blimpy on this blog right here:
Frightened Rabbit – Blimpy posted The Woodpile earlier this year and I was hooked, the album Pedestrian Verse came out shortly afterwards and is totally awesome: many notable tracks but one of the best is State Hospital, which has that totally brilliant line Her heart beats like a breeze block thrown down the stairs.
Frabbit have some similarities to Biffy, slightly lighter but they can be heavy when needed. Hasn’t featured in any music critics charts, their loss and sadly overlooked except for here and in Blimpy’s Vinyl list but for me it’s epic and merits *****
Here’s the playlist. Turn it up to 11 and enjoy 🙂