87 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2013 – The Threes

      • As far as I can tell, it is. It’s a song unfinished from the original Above sessions. Lanegan has added lyrics and vocal, but I don’t know when that happened. The song is on the 2013 Deluxe CD rerelease of the album. I don’t think it’s been available before, so I decided it fit.

    • I’ve just emptied out all my old MP3’s from the wordpress audio – so hopefully there’s enough space for the 2’s and 1’s to fit.

      It does mean my round up of 2013 tunes will have to wait for another day – I’ll do it before the new year and hope all the great bands haven’t been revealed by then.

  1. History Eraser by Courtney Barnett is effin brill. I see they have a Drone in the band The Drones’ Why Write a Letter that You’ll Never Send didn’t get picked for the threes cos it was too long and I wanted something shorter, poppier and more hopeful*.

    *I may not understand those concepts in the way others do.

    Really enjoyed listening from 1 to 10. I probably won’t get a chance to listen to the rest until after boxing day but thanks to everyone who took part.

    Hyvää Joulua.

    Cheers, Shoey.

    • The Drones’ Why Write a Letter that You’ll Never Send didn’t get picked for the threes cos it was too long and I wanted something shorter, poppier and more hopeful

      That would be any other song released this year, then… Was blown away when you posted it in the summer, long, un-poppy and desperate as it is,

      • I bought the album on CD about a month ago. Had to import it but it’s worth the wait. Many songs I really liked this year were very long. Death Hawks, BSP, Äänipää, Deafheaven, Husky Rescue, Hexvessel, so I just decided to go for easy-listening trad alt-rock, trad pop and only one long song. I apologise in advance.

      • Hmmm …

        Hey Fuel, you wanna little side bet?
        Longest FS13 nomination loses, and owes the other a Spill p[o]int?

        My #1 pick is gonna test the patience of many, though I’m hoping for two, maybe three, surprised thumbs-ups.

      • DsD- bear in mind that the FS12 benchmark was 21 long minutes, as I recall you found them somewhat wearisome; not that I’m posting up any long tracks this year of course, as ever my two remaining ones are 3-minute pop songs, but even so if you are finding either of them heavy going I suggest you don’t listen right through to the end.. 😉

      • Hi, nilpferd.

        Oh yeah, you’re right.
        Well let me offer back to you the GetOutOfJailFree card you gave me last year:
        when the #1s are posted, I can tell you with mine that

        if you don’t like the first minute it probably won’t get any better for you

        Merry Christmas to you and yours, Herr Hippo.

  2. Been out on the pre-Christmas razz. Celebrating a new contract that is going to keep fifty or more teachers in work for the next twelve months. Probably not the best time for objective listening. But we’ll live blog it anyway!

  3. Gosh! Is it time for the 3s already! Headphones on, let’s go (I’ve been out, and was under strict instruction not to blether through Mrs McF’s Borgen viewing when I came home, so this is perfect) !

  4. barbryn – Dorian missed this and ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ Dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip feat. Itch in his round up of protest songs of the year.

    toffeeboy and GHE’s choices: *swoon*
    bishbosh and vanwolf – so that’s what those bands sound like (haven’t got around to them yet) – cool.

    nilpferd – good choice (I’ll hazard a guess there’s more to come).

    Bowie and Marr went well together, didn’t they?

    what an eclectic collection.

    cheers shoey – and cheers everyone for picking entertaining tunes.

  5. A beautiful start from Shiv, then any cobwebs or comfortable notions I had were duly blown away by Mr Panther. This is like listening to Peel back in the good old days.

  6. Shiv: with you Cate and enjoying it (both of us)
    Panther: Maki is loving it. Mrs Maki’s off looking for wrapping paper…
    Makinavaja: Not Mrs Maki’s cup of tea. She’s asked me to skip…She has just seen the artwork and wants to say “Hi Shane. I love the stuff you do for all of us”. I say donds to that!
    Bethnoir: Mrs Maki needs another listen. First time with Blixa. Her laptop just died.
    Tincanman: Mrs Maki loves this and is trying to persuade me to waltz around the bedroom. Thanks tin 😦
    Albahooky: David Bowie can do no wrong. Both love this.
    Carole: Hooked from the start. Who needs Morrissey!

    • thank you both – it’s brilliant fun
      Got my last t-shirt stall tomorrow – it’s really too late for any sales….
      but, it is a showcase where I ‘might’ get commissioned to design some micro brewery beer labels.
      Possible only 2nd in the jobs shane really enjoys doing – after record sleeves and just before those T-shirts designs.

  7. Vanwolf: Totally new to both of us. Must investigate.
    Blimpy: New to both and blowing Maki away. Mrs M is unperturbed.
    Severin: Mrs Maki just went “ooh, lovely voice, lovely intonation.” I can only agree. CD’ will be sought out and bought. (This festive spill thing is expensive..)

  8. Not thru yet, but loved Maki, Severin and Mnemonic’s choices so far…and didn’t recognise any of them til I looked at the list! Boards kinda reminiscent of Penguin Cafe…

  9. So many pleasant surprises – like Nilp’s choice; a name I’ve heard a lot these last few months but never actually heard the music.

  10. final thoughts as my eyes are closers – magic from Magicman, great harmonies & change of pace for the chorus. A beautiful version of a classic from Pairubu. And Gareth, your pick was proper ravey and stirred deep feelings/memories. Bish, nearly song of the year from me had I not used it on a piece of work I did a wee while ago, getting epic flack in the process.

  11. Oh bum, not gonna be able to listen till Monday at the earliest as BT have kindly informed me they will deliver broadband equipment “between 7am and 6pm” that day. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THEN!

  12. Ach, only just discovered these were up – been wasting the evening have an epiphany with choral music from 1600. Looking forward to listening.

    • Cheers Maki.
      Funny you should mention the 70s, as yet another of my =4th tunes was
      Black Sabbath – Loner
      which really does make me wanna party like it’s 1979!!!

  13. “Threes” now updated with some added Ejay & will start the box dump.

    All being well, “Twos” should go up @ 6:00pm (UK) on Sunday.

  14. Very enjoyable mix, thanks people.
    Particularly liked Ejay’s synth madness, Carole’s lushly textured Marr guitars, Mnemonic’s dreamy soundscape, Garethi’s pulsing dub shuffle, Barbryn’s witty counterculture hectoring.

  15. Another great list – well done and thanks to Shoey.

    I always like to listen to music as I’m going to sleep and chose to give these a first listen last night. Thanks panthersan i I was just drifting off….

  16. Thanks to magicman for alerting me to the existence of a new Electric Soft Parade album – I had no idea they still existed…

  17. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
    Especially liked Cate leBon, Dessa, BoC, Juana Molina (love that slow burn) and Yamantaka, although I’m not sure what it was.
    Stromae was hovering around my top 10, a very good song.

  18. Wow! Finally found time to fight Little’Un for the headphones and listen to these the whole way through (OK, there were a couple I skipped after a few bars; not too good on LOUD this evening) and I think there were only 3 tracks here I’d ever heard before. I, too, had Stromae on my shortlist, I’d heard the Bowie album (but actually not been too bothered by it) and Einaudi has of course been all over the place this year (even on earworms?). The tunes here I enjoyed most were Courtney Bartnett and Olivia Chaney and I surprised myself by quite liking Yamantaka/Sonic Titan and (gasp!) Keela Kimura. What surprises do the Twos hold in store?

    Thanks a million, Shoey, for curating this Festive Madness!

  19. great stuff everyone! Way too many highlights to mention – now I need to go back and match the names to the tunes to find out what everything was!

  20. Oh, I do love this time of year… On a first listen, particularly taken by picks from ejay (I’ve now heard 3 Daft Punk tracks this year, and they’re not my musical comfort zone, they’ve all been brilliant), vanwolf (not heard of this – I’m hearing elements of The Go-Betweens and The House of Love, both very good things), Blimpy (remind me to follow this one up), bishbosh (they’ve been slowly appearing on my radar, but hadn’t listened properly before), Magicman (another band I know by name but have never investigated), debbym (new name to me, very much in my comfort zone) and GHE (just gorgeous). Shiv and ToffeeBoy’s picks were already familiar – love both. Oh, and that cover of “Sunday Morning” was an unexpected treat.

    Thanks as always to Shoey for putting this together, and hello to those of you who haven’t dropped by for a while. Shane, my girls were very taken with the artwork. They were looking at it while GarethI’s track was playing – they decided “dad’s listening to robot music”.

    Off to my mum’s for Christmas, with limited bandwidth, so may not get to listen to #2s and #1s for a few days. Merry Christmas all.

    • more robots to come – available on greetings cards and organic t-shirts …… great for birthdays, Christmas, weddings or electrical storms.

      hope you have a lovely Christmas.

  21. I’ve still not managed to listen to all of this but so far it has been brilliant. Quite a few I knew already (Bowie, Daft Punk, Boards, Savages, Jon Hopkins, Courtney Barnett) and some I didn’t. The standouts for me so far are Cate Le Bon, Guy Clark, Toy, Alter Bridge and Malu.
    I shall pick this up again with Scott Walker.

    Don’t we all have great taste?

  22. Hey guys, happy Christmas to everyone. Great list which i’ve had a quick listen so looking forward to another go when i get a free moment, as well as the two’s/one’s. i only have two of the tracks – savages and jon hopkins, both off brilliant albums – nearly chose a different savages track myself. Glad a few like the Toy track off their new one. their album from 2012 is great and well worth getting and had at least 3 tracks in consideration for me last year, but couldn’t quite dislodge my top 3.

  23. Sorry, shoey, if I didn’t tag my track properly – it’s Ludovico Einaudi, Waterways, from the album ‘In a time lapse’, for any that want to know!

  24. Anyway, back to the Threes. Mad Season? don’t know them, but is that Mark Lanegan singing or someone who sounds like him? Either way, excellent stuff.

    Nice bit of 60s-sounding flower power from The Electric Soft Parade and Sunday Morning seems to work fine as J-Pop and Chvrches is also sounding good. Cor Aba, proper rock music guitars and hip-hop sort of stuff going on. Where’s the free jazz?

    Nice retro blues-rock from Gary Clark Jr. I could imagine Paul Rogers growling his way through this one and some great guitar work there, too. He reminds me of Robert Cray a bit, but with more bite and a touch of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s swagger. This may well be the standout track overall, having now heard all the threes.

    OK, I haven’t mentioned everything, but I’ve loved spending the time with all your tunes.

    Lots of great music.

    • happy christmas Carole .. someone put up a link on RR just recently for Gary Clarke jr doing his version of Jimi’s Third Rock from the Sun … having clicked onto Youtube to hear that i clicked on the Train track .. so he was discovery for me to this year … not sure about the album title Blak & Blu .. its mis-spelt & a bit un-pc

  25. OK, finished these at last. Wonderful set, and a confirmation of the richness that is the RR massive – sure makes all those other ‘Album of the year’ lists look a bit…mainstream. Bethnoir’s touch of Cabaret was a real earworm. The Bowie was surprisingly good – loved the sax. I liked the roller coaster highs and lows of Alter Bridge. Then soothed by ESP, and the Camera Obscura was also smooth as toffee. The knowing antipodean story from Courtney Barnett has put her on my burgeoning buy list. Lanegan can do no wrong, and proceeds to confirm this with DsDs pick. Hon mentions to Beastmilk and Scott Walker. And the Gary Clark is a stonker. Oh, sod it, they are all great. If this is the threes, my ears will melt with the ones. On to the two’s!

  26. Well, as pretty much everyone has pointed out, an embarrassment of riches: Carole’s Teardrop Explodes-isms, Blimpy’s Stones-referencing Aussies (?), Shane’s latterday X Ray Spex, Fuel’s Echo & the BunnyFinns (why am I mainly hearing early 80s Eric’s bands this year?!), Shoey’s haunted Red Box thing (OK, it’s nothing like Red Box but I was flipping my old 12″s the other day and had a listen to “Chenko” so they’re on my mind – but god, this is good!), Ali’s Stromae (my video of the year – feels almost incomplete to me without those visuals), Beltway’s Scott Walker-visits-a-Strange House in the Snow, magic’s joyous sunny fizzy popness, pairubu for putting (even more of) a smile on my face, debby’s martial chamber pop, Toffee’s Camera Obscura swoony loveliness… And that’s just on a first listen! Now how am I gonna fit in the twos before the ones arrive…

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