saneshane’s best of 2013


Best of 2013 by ME:

10 dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip – I’m contracted to add Pip every year.. this is one of the best protest tracks of the year – again missed by Dorian.
Stiff Upper Lip dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip feat. Itch Repent Replenish Repeat

9 Orties – French elctro making you dance like a robot from 1984 – here you go – accented songs about orgasms and goths – sold.
Ghetto Goth Orties Sextape

8 The Indelicates – Arcade Fire’s extremely intense love of their own dangly bits getting on your nerves? – then try this – yet another brilliant story telling album played with passion and anger but without the egoistic self love of the brilliant ideas involved – they ARE brilliant ideas and wonderfully imaginative musically and lyrically too.
Bitterness Is the Appropriate Response The Indelicates Diseases of England

7 Zola Jesus – with strings, lush and cool reedits of her ‘famous hits’.
Collapse Zola Jesus Versions

6 Manix – the Daft Punk album retro theft left you cold with it stealing from all the crap eras (when they used to at least try and be pioneers) and only having one track of any merit – yep – skip that and play this; it recreats 1992 with all the fun of a prodigy album off their tits with spiral tribe… no pretense at originality – no media hype – this it 24 hour rave and it’s boz.
Your Love Is Over Manix Living In The Past

5 The Lovely Bad Things – the pixie aping nuggets loving bad things.
Darth Lauren The Lovely Bad Things The Late Great Whatever

4 Savages – there’s is no better indie this year – full stop.
No Face Savages Silence Yourself

3 Tricot – jagged jittery brilliance from Japan – a masterpiece of alternative buzz rock playing and performance. ACE.
Artsick Tricot The

2 Sleaford Mods – ranting, swearing infested, bile, spewed forth with aggressive venom and stream of consciousness – brilliant – is number one album of the year when I’m not in polite company – (**this track from Jobseeker 3 track single not austerity dogs album).
Black Monday Sleaford Mods Jobseeker album is Austerity Dogs

1 Juana Molina – crazy mixed up groovetastic joy.
Eras Juana Molina Wed 21

two interesting indie rock releases and three brilliant rap mix tapes/triple EP releases.

1 Plough Speedy Ortiz Major Arcana
2 What’s Wrong? Squarehead RESPECT
3 Freefalling Young Fathers Tape Two
4 Drugs Great White Insignifican’t
5 FOOTBALL SEASON IS OVER Jean Grae Gotham Down Deluxe

best various albums of the year:

1 Season Change Doucoura, Ghostpoet Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes
2 Soubour Songhoy Blues Africa Express Presents: Maison Des Jeunes
3 The Hearse Wampire The Mayans Were Wrong (Polyvinyl 2013 Sampler)
4 Me & Mr Wolf (DR Cat Rmx) The Real Tuesday Weld Buonasera Signorina (Selected By Pony Montana)

odds and sods, new track from old fave and a career overview

2 Older/Wiser Kittyhawk Kittyhawk EP
4 Harry Bauhaus 5 Albums Box Set for £15

28 thoughts on “saneshane’s best of 2013

  1. that looks like an ace alternative list Shane – looking forward to giving it a proper listen just as soon as I finish those Threes – and good to see the Mods get a mention. They’ve been making me cower behind my Youtube screen for the past few months!

    • They are bloody great – but it’s not so good now my boys are old enough to mimic any language heard on my records – I have to instantly cut the sound before they start picking up a tirade of swearing.

  2. I’ll get here eventually – i still have a lot of catch up to do. But i do feel the need to register the unpopular opinion that i think the Savages are another Arcade Fire for me*. I think they’re fine. Really. But i feel like it’s nothing i haven’t really heard before**, nothing that particularly grabs me and says, yes, this! and this particular track sounds like a sorta lowish rent Siouxie.***

    *but we all know my taste sucks balls anyway, so you all can ignore this.

    **i haven’t really had a chance to deal with or pay attention to lyrics. this could possibly change my mind. or not.

    ***Which isn’t the worst thing in the world at all.

    As you were, as usual.

    • baby, i think i’m too old for most of this. The Zola Jesus was kind of lovely. The Lovely Bad Things was kind of ace, you thought Pixies, for some reason Adam Ant kept showing up in my brain. Tricot is really nice too. Sundays-ish? Actually, i’m really liking this one.

      Mods – ok, this is awesome. totally up my alley. ACE.

      Will get to the others sometime, thanks!

      • The Lovely Bad Things is a Smörgåsbord of influences too – can see the ant references which is bloody ace in my book.

        That Tricot track is one of the less harsh ones – others have a very math rock approach, but not losing an accessible alt-pop/rock sensibility.

        cheers for listening so far – we certainly don’t have to agree.

        as my taste is often female dominated and yours a very masculine one, we will come at bands from different angles anyway – but it’s good to agree on a swear fest from the Sleaford geezers.

    • I don’t really mind Arcade fire really Amy (well their first album and suburbs anyway, others have had bad production that stopped me listening – the extravagant concept hype over any quality control of the last album failed for me – one standout track – the rest forgettable.
      So in comparison to Savages; no not for me – it IS retro – very new wave/goth musicianship… but the overall standard throughout the album has kept it on repeat. Something I’ve never really managed with Siouxie albums – personal taste obviously – but I find them easier to take in mixes that I make. Not that all the tracks on Silence Yourself sound Siouxie like anyway – but it’s the overall album quality that got it high up my list.
      I think they have taken their influences and perfected it.

      • i don’t mind Arcade Fire either, which is the problem. They’re just kind of a meh for me. So if i’m looking for something to listen to, that is never what i’d grab.

        i heard some other Savages and there was one i liked a lot – but same thing. I like them fine and wouldn’t touch the dial. It’s actually pretty good considering what else is out there, and especially for rockish stuff. But nothing that really grabbed me either, or would say, oh that’s what i feel like listening to. My mind can be changed over time – sometimes i might get them later, or the next album might hit the spot. It’s certainly all just me anyway.

        As to any synths elsewhere – there isn’t a lot i can do about that. Just not wired right for those.

  3. Really enjoying these, brilliant bile from Pip, and Orties has those irrepressible blip lines Daft Punk used to monopolise.
    ZJ, like Juana Molina, makes sui generis albums, so refreshing these days. Having said that I have nothing against explicit references to the past…
    Manix is one of the 4Hero guys I think- what a great slice of nostalgia that is, right from the start that beat takes me back 15 years. I was listening to another track off that album recently, sounds like one I need to get.
    That descending Lovely Bad things riff could be ripped off the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service OST. But it probably isn’t.
    I found Indelicates and Savages a little ponderous/overly portentious in parts, though undeniably innovative, but Tricot is really lovely, in fact it just gets better and better the more it goes on, wonderful guitar work and stellar vocals.
    More deadpan bile from S. Mods, that’s another great lyric…
    “needles protect the neon logo from pigeon shit and the blue sky is wasted, it’s fuckin’ sick isn’t it”
    Eras was very nearly my JM festive spill pick, but it could have been any track off the album, an incredibly strong set of songs.
    (Very interesting round-up of the rest- particularly good to hear some Jean Grae, I was wondering what had become of her.)
    cheers shane!

    • Pip track is ace – the album a little patchy but more to my taste (with dan le sac back) – than either of their solo efforts. His vocal on warren peace was worth adding I thought.

      thought zola would loose something without the machine music coldness – but live strings have worked perfectly – making it a really worthwhile album.

      I have nothing against explicit references to the past – except the ones I don’t like – I’m going to slate ‘soft rock’ use – because I detested it then, and I detest it ‘ironically’ or even NOT ironically now… I blame Daft Punk and Air (or just the French*** in general – it’s quicker).

      Manix hasn’t used this tag since his 91-95 original days – I picked this up soon after me, you and fuel jokingly instigated the Italo house revival – when the piano first came in on the album I put my arms in the air and did a passing impression of a cheesy quaver grin.

      Gotham was released on 3 Eps by Jean Grae – another interesting story based concept – she’s been acting and directed I think – Eps have been collected into a deluxe album – powerful as ever.

  4. Can’t wait to listen to these but the in-laws have remembered that this Spotify thing and youtube can play every Finnish Xmas song ever. Also the children can now find their way round the Internet (and there’s no snow outside to play in) and so I really have lost control of my laptop. Bah! Humbug!

    • hey ya,
      couldn’t find a comment box on yours – i think I must have lost the ability down the back of the sofa (probably the same place I’ve hidden the presents).
      Really liked your round up of your years anniversary on RR. Been good to have you around and felt our differences of opinion were handled well. I find some people get ultra defensive if I don’t have the same taste and remark about it.
      Do you live near Bournemouth by the way? – you mentioned seeing Biffy there.

      you might like Squarehead (there’s a name your price link on band camp) –

      but there’s at least 50% of these not up your alley – heehee

  5. your description of the Mods had me listening straight away and then I found Jolly Fucker on you tube which I just listened to 5 times on a row. fantastic. Love the savages album, my favourite is strife but it’s all good. I need to find time to listen to the rest. I did nominate Wampire’s the hearse on RR – funeral week, I guess. it got nowhere!

    • I noticed your nom of Wampire’s ‘the hearse’ inspired choice – think I recommended it.

      it’s available here for free:
      for anyone who likes it (Japandroids, Psychic Twin, STRFKR, of Montreal, Deerhoof, etc also featured) I don’t think you have to buy anything to get it. Great sampler.

      continuing the onslaught of swearing Sleaford mods are on soundcloud for more ranting if you want:

      and austerity dogs and wank albums are on bandcamp:

      austerity dogs is getting another pressing on vinyl I think their record label said on Facebook.

      finest poetry known to man!

  6. Looking forward to a listen once the Festive admin & actual festivities are out of the way.

    There may even be some uncovered corners of 2013 left for another post – maybe next week.

  7. Fantastic list. I think Tricot might just be the best thing (my favourite thing) I’ve heard from all the lists posted. That loud to quiet and introspective to soaring thing they do is amazing. I hear bits of other bands like iLL in there and things that make me think Throwing Muses but this is perfect for me in every respect.

    Love the Manix too. It’s a name somewhere in my head and I’m so pleased to see it’s the same guy. Makes me think that the music from that era had so much more in it but trends moved pretty quickly back then.

    Sort of listening to the lists bit by bit here – a song here and song there – and it’s sort of impossible to listen to lyics but the children are asleep now and I think Sleaford Mods are another I’ll have to buy.Those lyrics will be quoted by pop culture commentators for years to come.

    Savages. are great. I don’t care about the retro stylings they’re accused of as they are quitely clearly borrowing certain things from the past but they’re most definitely not living in it. Been listening to it since it was released, can’t say more than that.

    • Other Tricot tracks remind me of Hot Club de Paris.

      think the imagination in rave/free festival culture was overlooked (while purists hated it – I felt it was perfect in a pop disposable way – but looking back – that freedom – like the 60’s gave huge amount of creative ambition. You look at old style Daft Punk and it’s a perfect ‘one trick pony’ but that one trick is great for a euphoric experience.
      I gave my ex most of the dance 12″ records at the time (and our flat) – but I kept the entirety of the rest of the record collection – a good deal at the time .. but I then realised all that music was so quickly made and consumed I had little or no idea who the DJ’s or Bands were .. I’ve spent the last 13 years finding snippets and scooping up the fragments of what I listened too.

      Sleaford Mods: I expected them to be an Ordinary **** style of band – when I read the name – image over content slapping out a derivative 60’s retro guitar pop. When my expectation started there – the ear bashing the tracks give you is one of immense satisfaction – (plus the music/sounds are quality too) – I need that confused anger to keep me calm(ish) in these days of political corruption.

      • “think the imagination in rave/free festival culture was overlooked (while purists hated it – I felt it was perfect in a pop disposable way – but looking back – that freedom – like the 60′s gave huge amount of creative ambition. You look at old style Daft Punk and it’s a perfect ‘one trick pony’ but that one trick is great for a euphoric experience.”

        Dead on. I also gave away far too many good sounds when I stopped part-time djing, separated, moved or stupidly decided that they were disposable. In retrospect they were only disposable because the next wave of creativity seemed to leave the previous one behind. But hindsight makes me yearn for a lot of what I lost or dismissed as faddish.

        @ Shoey: I have now, cheers.

  8. Finally getting to some seasonal listening. Over-riding impression is that it’s great to see some bite back in music for these austere times -UK, more than here (things are still a little too complacent & comfortable here for any meaningful rage). Many thanks for the Sleaford Mods intro – great stuff.

    New Juana is always an event & she doesn’t disappoint – hope we don’t have to wait several years for more.

    Squarehead provided my fave nostalgia moment. Only downside is that you picked their best tune & their other stuff didn’t quite live up.

    Ace roundup – cheers.

  9. Just got round to listening to these, shane. For the most part I feel like I missed the parties at which we all grooved communally to the choon concerned. Too many put me off by being musically (rather dully) repetitive, unfortunately. And I’m all in favour of people not singing in RP English or Transatlantish, but I’m starting to think exaggerated ‘working class’ accents are worse.

    Zola Jesus was lovely, however. Tricot got my taste buds going, too: ‘jagged jittery brilliance’ is darned close to the truth.
    The Juana Molina track is wot nilp posted recently, and it’s still rather good, despite it being a bit too obsessed with counting to seven.

    But thanks anyway, from your sometimes grumpy, invariably pernickety, cyberchum…

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