39 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2013 – Twos

    • Sorry for the very late reply liab9 – as you’ll probably have seen by now, it’s by Lotte Kestner (aka Anna-Lynne Williams of Seattle dream-folk shoegazers Trespassers William). She does beautiful covers, often of indie stuff (Bon Iver, The National, Ride). (I do like Beyonce too).

  1. It has taken 2 hours and 45 minutes (and Little’Un is suffering severe withdrawal symptoms from Ylvis’ What The Fox Say?) but I loved every minute of it! When we reach the Festive Spill it makes me sad that I’ve been around so little the rest of the year. This could only be improved by us all being in the same room at the same time and listening to the tracks go live.
    Where’s that lottery win when you need one?

    Thanks a billion, Shoey, for putting this together!

  2. Shoey: Something’s different this year, so far I haven’t heard any of 3’s or 2’s, when I click on your link all I get is the playlist. names of artists, songs and spillers, no active links to play anything. I could sit at my computer for the entire holiday clicking of the player right under Shane’s illustration but is that the only option, in the past the list has been downloadable from Dropbox, not this year, they’re not in there. Help!

    • gf, the link in shoey’s comment was probably posted before the music loaded. If you go to dropbox and open the RR folder, you should be able to grab everything. I had no problems with it this evening.

  3. Nothing has changed, GF. “Threes” are now available in the RR box (if you subscribe). “Twos” are loading, “Ones” to follow.

    • Shoey: It may be that my RR dropbox is out of date, the last things in it are 1’s, 2’s and 3’s from 2012! What’s the current URL?

      • It’s not a URL. You need your email address & password to log on & refresh. You can reset your password if you need to. If that fails you need to email TCM for further help.

  4. Conquering Animal Sound is beautiful – remember abahachi posting this before – then I forget to buy the album – must sort that out.

    Darkside and IAMX are working well together

    Reflektor finishes off with some great (unlikely spill sponsored revival ©USSR 2013) piano house euphoria – ace.

    Chvrches and Foxygen were not what I was expecting.

    Loads to like – and a lot to delve deeper into.

    • So glad someone liked the IAMX, my children roll their eyes when I play it because it’s been on so much, small son can sing along with the German bit so I reckon it’s educational! Thanks for compiling and organising, shane 🙂

  5. Lots to enjoy on the Festive Twos, I think. Cold Dead Crows were great, psychedelia is really a big thing again, isn’t it. I have also enjoyed Nilp’s jazz (nice!) and Foxygen.

    The Sabs seem to have gone for the “it ain’t broke and doesn’t need fixing” approach, and to good effect, as has Neil Young, he could have recorded this in 1970.

    John Grant is wonderful, the album is on my Must Buy list. He sort of crept up on me and he is hard to ignore. DsD’s retro country rock tale of woe was massively affecting, a great tune, I think.

    Arcade Fire are everywhere this year, aren’t they? I think their disco incarnation might have changed my opinion of them a bit, I like Reflector a lot.

    I was expecting some avant garde free jazz from Abahachi, so his track surprised me a lot, rather interesting, I think. Probably needs more listening. It has something of Bjork about it.

    I already knew Melt Yourself Down – a joyous noise. Chvrches are new to me, apart from the track on the Threes. I’ve seen them them mentioned a lot, but not actually got round to listening to them. They are rather good.

    Sorry that I haven’t mentioned everything, but there wasn’t much that I didn’t like and I won’t spoil anyone’s Christmas by dissing their track.

  6. phew…another amazing set of music! No idea who choose what track but the B Bragg, Foxygen, Darkside and that really long one that wasn’t Neil Young (which was ace too) – King Creosote?? all went down very nicely and that Vampire Weekend track is just the catchiest tune around….and I really do have to get that Bill Callaghan record…

    • Yes, panther, KC indeed (see up thread in reply to blimp for details) – sorry my tags didn’t seem to survive transmission to Shoey HQ

  7. Well, these are lovely too. Particularly taken with DsD’s Mark Kozelek & Jimmy LaValle so far. And Beth’s bilingual thing. And Fuel’s Teenage Fanclub-a-like track. Mrsmaki’s swoony number too. Oh and Ejaydee’s sweet Vampire Weekend song. But really, too many to mention, so I dunno why I’m singling out really!

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