60 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2013 – Ones

  1. Oh I am SO behind … do I listen to Ones, Twos, the last few Threes, or the Christmas Earworms?

    As I’m about to wrap the last few prezzies, Earworms, I think. Back here later …

    Oh, and to ALL of you, not just Herr Hippo: if you’re not drawn in by the first couple of minutes of mine, feel free to skip it. Life’s too short, etc., etc.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    • We don’t deserve 6 points – with the style of play we deserve 0-0 draws constantly… and a new minus 3 point rule for negativity.

      As someone who watches football for sporting reasons – the management team needs to be put down for it’s own good, it would be the decent thing for every fan who has to witness teams going out not to loose… or indeed teams who go out and do the managers/clubs bidding (for financial reasons – pay within your means, but don’t play within your means, just for safeties sake) … ignore tedium tactics and go out with desire and a spirit to try and succeed… you are sportsmen.

      sorry wrong thread.

  2. I am working my way through these playlists, simultaneously sucking in the music, trying to noodle with them, marvelling at the breadth of everybody else’s taste and dedication, being thankful to shoey for curating them and painting my eyeballs with shane’s wondrous artworks.

    Thank you everybody for continually showing me other musical rooms to explore. I may not often comment but I do like an awful lot of the stuff you come up with. Some of it is almost as good as the Gee Dees…. (ho ho ho!)

    I’ll wish you all great cheer and fun for the holidays, and give thanks that all the shite Christmas songs will be back in the attic very soon.

    May 2014 be a wonderful year for one and all ! ! !

    • it’s this time of year the exclamation:
      Bar, Hamburg?
      springs to mind.

      this only worked** when I spent my Decembers in Germany.

      you have fun now – and if you can’t have fun, grump in the corner with a large glass/roll up of your favourite pleasures …


      **good beer, tasteful Christmas lights, I couldn’t understand a word of what anyone was on about – what’s not to like.

  3. it’s just about to turn midnight over here and the Ones are GO!

    Great start – loving Shane’s pick!

    Oh…Merry Christmas to all and thanks to Shoey for his monumental effort with these.

  4. About two-thirds of the way through the two’s.

    First class production shoegazer complimented by some unique and superb artwork from saneshane encompassing some truly eclectic tunes. Thank you everyone for an embarrassment of riches to feast upon this festive season.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and remember ‘the Christmas we get, we deserve‘ and I’m sure we will all have a fabulous day tomorrow.

    • Shoey,

      Just seen from the spreadsheet what your #1 pick is. BLOODY BRILLIANT! Now I don’t feel guilty for picking Gustavo instead. I owe you a pint.

  5. Amazing tunes all round! Quite the showing for Ms Marling, I must say it’s odd that after all these years of banging on about her, I never bought her album this year. Super choice from Fuel – I listened to their album once through in one go earlier in the year, and it fair blew my head off.

  6. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without my annual apology for not having had time to engage with this monster…(although I’ve perversely made a start on the 2s before the 3s, influenced by everybody’s overwhelming enthusiasm for ’em). So much music, more than any brain can absorb in a few hours. Thanks to Shoey and Shane for the hours of work this must involve, and bests to all of you for creating this mad carnival. Be seeing you.

  7. Interesting list – my least favourite selection of the three.
    I even had to skip two tracks** and that’s very unlike me. I do like to give things a fair listen all the way through – at least once.
    Conversely it was the most individualistic and interesting selection; because it felt so much more personal.

    Some songs included here that just needed a hug and others that needed ear plugs – heehee.

    Out of everything in the 1’s, I only own the Trwbador (got to help Abahachi’s family continue to make music, haven’t we?) and the Mazzy Star – such a wonderful track with it’s references and all.
    Lots of familiar names that I didn’t feel the need to listen to (as they were released) and some new ones (to me) too.

    what was it – 90 odd tunes selected? – a wonderfully idiosyncratic collection it was too – great fun everyone and thanks to those saying pleasant things about my designs – cheers and have a merry old Christmas.

    Beer time – me thinks.

    **no NOT DsDs mammoth undertaking – I quite enjoyed my listen to that.

      • after the amount I’ve plugged Over the Rhine throughout the years? – it’s really good to see them so appreciated.

        About what didn’t connect with me; as Carole pointed out during the twos – it isn’t the place for dissing tracks – these are personal and I imagine we could all write essays (or at least 147 characters) about why we love our choices … no one is going to swoon at all 30 tracks in each section and that’s a healthy state of affairs.

        I was reading the ‘Why I hate Get Lucky, everyone’s favourite song of 2013’ that Tim Jonze put up on the G’s website – but it lost me on the ‘everyone’s favourite song of 2013’ – because that’s a generalisation that is blatantly wrong (as proved here). If you are going to title your article that – then you really should have some idea of the facts to back it up… I could go off on one there before even getting to the article or the quality (good or bad) of the track involved.

        ‘Why I hate Get Lucky, the most ubiquitous/omnipresent/overplayed/talked about/okay song of 2013’ whatever, but it just isn’t everyone’s favourite.
        But I do have a life so I will shut up now.

        Merry celebrations sir, you have many half full gasses.

  8. Looking forward to this lot – already know a good few – the Mazzy Star album is triffic, and I went to see British Sea Power play live to accompany the movie From the Sea to the Land Beyond…epic…

  9. Didn’t get electricity back here till 4pm, so a bit behind… Will try to catch up with 2s and 1s on Boxing Day, but Merry Christmas to one and all in the meantime.

    • Me too – and I’ve got the twos to listen to too. (I wonder if I could’ve fitted any more ‘to-two-toos’ in that sentence.) Happy Christmas, all.

  10. I hate to be a party pooper here, but I’m getting ‘Under The Radar’ again for Abahachi’s choice (or is ‘Safe’ a Trwbadour cover and I’m missing vital information?)

    This has been quite possibly the most enjoyable part of my Christmas this year, even though several voices were missing this time around. Much love to everyone for taking part!

    A zillion thanks to Shoey for curating this – may you and ShoeTeen (ShoeTwen?) both enjoy wonderful birthdays before the year is through!

  11. Haven’t listened to threes twos or ones yet, been drowning in a vat of acapella. An embarrassment of riches. I’m rather hoping everyone hated the Kanye West tune though.

    • ” … it has glamrock meets electro-punk hip hop spitting fire and brimstone. It’s effin’ awesome.”

      And that’s why I don’t see why people would be upset by it or find it truly annoying because it’s a top tune that hasn’t moved too far out of the mainstream. [As if you have any clue of what’s mainstream. – Ed] I mean he might get in a couple of Tetsuo, White Dog references in his video but it’s glossy and… [Get back to the point – Ed] I mean the tune is memorable, sing-a-long and cuddly compared to Death Grips or even tUnE-yArDs. Suddenly have a fantasy of Kanye West and tUnE-yArDs redoing Gangsta. Oh that’d be really good…

      Here’s the uncuddleable Death Grips http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzeOVCuKDM8

  12. A veritable cultural cornucopia ! You’ve all done very well.
    I don’t like them all, of course, but they are all, at least “interesting”.
    Our task now is to convince the new Gurii that there’s more to music than the “greats”.
    Onward to victory.

      • Bishbosh, concur:

        The breadth of our respective top 3 choices is quite amazing and really pleased that the majority didn’t figure in the ‘commercial’ end of year best of charts and no offense to magicman but no I didn’t really enjoy the Kanye track 😦

      • LIAB – re Kanye – no offence taken – I really know how much pain it causes some people’s ears, but I love it – rather like I loved Anarchy In The UK, Bring The Noise, and other irritating tunes – part of the enjoyment is how irritating it is. I’m not growing old gracefully, and yes Fuel it has glamrock meets electro-punk hip hop spitting fire and brimstone. It’s effin’ awesome.

  13. Well, I find the Kanye track really thrilling. Anger is an energy an’ that. Really like Debby’s Chloe Charles choice, barbyn’s track from The National (a band I’ve always felt I should investigate but never have), Alfiehisself’s gorgeous instrumental, Blimpy’s choon, Severin’s driving number, Shoey’s lovely song, Mnemonic’s Phosphorescent of course (I knew someone would beat me to Song For Zula – good version too!), Toffeeboy’s quality pop (if it ain’t broke, Paddy…), Leavey’s Frightened Rabbit… Another ace set!

  14. What amazing to me is that I have over 50 albums from 2013, and tons more tracks from different artists – and still I haven’t heard half of these : the depth of listening required to really “cover” a calendar year is quite astounding. I look forward very much to three CDs of excellence ! Thanks to Shoey and Shane for their efforts.

  15. Finally listened through all these and another eclectic set of tunes it was. Loved Deafheaven (naturally), DsD’s epic number, Juana Molina (I am now officially a convert!), and most others too. I think Kanye West is a dick, but this is an amazing track and there are even better ones on the album too – love the extremity of it and the fact that music still has the power to shock, especially from such a successful and supposedly mainstream artist .

  16. I am late (having been in the wilds of Wales with no internet), but enjoying what I’ve listened to so far, only 3 I have had to abandon and some new bands to investigate. I found one of the Chvrches songs good and the other really annoying, weird!

  17. I’ve listened down as far as Beltway’s Nick Cave track (which, incidentally, I think is great) and the Laura Marling one after that (which I like, despite being a huge non-fan of Ms Marling previously), both of which have had a lot of airtime on 6Music, so I knew them pretty well. It is a far more varied selection than either the threes or twos, and probably does express our differences in taste more than the things we have in common.

    The big surprise to me was DsD’s stoner sludge rock epic. It didn’t sound like a typical DsD kind of thing at all.

    I’ll carry on tomorrow, I think.

  18. So, for me the real stand out track in the second half was Nilpferd’s Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory, which reminded me of The Portico Quartet and was truly excellent. I liked the Laura Marling, except it went on for far too long. I liked Beth’s QOTSA too, but I already knew it from hearing in on 6Music and it was good to hear Prefab Sprout again after so long away.

  19. I’ve been way too interfered with by “real life” to write any sort of considered response to the entire project this year. I did copy all three folders onto an SD card to listen to during my 90mins-each-way Boxing Day commute, but at 70+mph, the weather, the M6 traffic, and some phone calls all took a lot of my attention away from the music. The Ones were also my favourite set; I admit I was a little concerned at how few of the Threes made much of an impact on me.

    Random selection – but by NO means a full list – of the DsD highlights: The National, Phosphorescent, Mazzy Star, Gary Clark Jr, Over The Rhine and Philip Owusu (yes, really!).
    We did pick a lot of long songs this year, didn’t we?
    I agree with Carole: I also liked the Laura Marling, but thought she outstayed her welcome.
    King Creosote, on the other hand, did not.
    And as for Deafheaven, I much preferred the second part of that. After its half-time interval, I thought it was much less relentless, and more interesting in a Mogwai-styleee.

    Thanks to those who got through the whole 20mins of Alan Sparhawk‘s alter-ego guitar wig-out. I really want a pub conversation with Carole as to why she thinks that isn’t typical of me.

    But regardless, I love you all for the continued education and companionship – long may we continue!

    Off to watch MotD, then we’re off on our travels until next weekend (I’ll be back home just in time for a certain blog-friend’s 50th birthday party * tee-hee *)


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