They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 25)

A sentimental tale for Christmas. Be serious, thoughtful, insightful, shoe-horny, impish or as silly as you please – we need songs/music that shoulda/coulda been used in this film:

spill score.04CHARLOTTE’S WEB: A kindly spider helps a lone pig from being sent to the slaughter by turning him into a celebrity.

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9 thoughts on “They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Dec 25)

  1. A Spill Challenge? On Christmas Day? And I’m sad enough to have read it and posted something? Leaving aside the fact that I initially misread the phrase as “a kinky old spider” I shall suggest that the piggy could sit with the spider by his side and sing this.

  2. Me too Severin.

    Thought of Aerosmith and theme tune from Spider-Man, or Sabbath and War Pigs or perhaps the adult version where Iron Maiden sing Charlotte the Harlot but no, here’s Weezer and Pig

  3. Festive merriment to ‘Spillers everywhere. One of my favourite Xmas hits is Bing and Bowie’s Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth, particularly for the awkward yet charming yet hilarious yet unsettling ‘sketch’ they perform before the singing begins. I love the super-elaborate scenario within which it becomes natural that the two of them should decide on a spontaneous Chrimbo duet, and then that, having done so, Dave proceeds to abandon the chosen carol and instead extemporise with a bit of Marxist-Lennonism while Bing ploughs unblinkingly on with his rup-a-pum-pums. It’s the moment mash-ups were made for and, in the spirit of the Christmas mash-up, my choice would see Charlotte in a Billie Holidayesque torch song of regret for the one who spun away: Spider-Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)

  4. My sleepy Christmas brain can only come up with a Pretty Boy from my childhood (supposed to satisfy the ‘turning him into a celebrity’ criterion)

    Back to the Quality Street: Merry Christmas, everybody!

  5. Establishing Charlotte’s motivation for a porcine prison break: A flashback scene, a country drive with her dad Charlie Webcore, when she could only see out of the windows by hanging off a thread on the sun visor. Charlie could only drive by having a booster seat created from 500 dreamcatchers and keeping 6 legs on the steering wheel.

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