2013 Leftovers, Part 1: Electronic Stuff


Still Corners – Strange Pleasure
Una – We Are The Lonely
Suuns – Music Won’t Save You
Pinkunoizu – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Teeth Of The Sea – Reaper
Factory Floor – Turn It Up
Clock DVA – Project Paperclip
Jah Wobble & Marconi Union – Terminus
Asphodells – Late Flowering Dub
Sherwood & Pinch – Bring Me Weed

5 thoughts on “2013 Leftovers, Part 1: Electronic Stuff

  1. Still Corners: Ahhhh! Such a gentle entry to the new day and the first new music of the new year. Oh! Vocals! It’s gorgeousness of the late 1990’s kind. Love it. This will never get old for me because it’s so pretty.

    Una: Love that choir in the background. Lovely vocals and trip-hoppiness. Slinky song.

    Suuns: Heh! Heh! Nice sense of himour on this one. Great build and atmosphere. And the instrumental passage after halfway is cheeky and pretty. Love that canned laughter. Very sardonic!

    Pinkunoizu: I liked the drift but was just starting to get all itchy with the sound when it got all krautrock on me. And then the female vocals after the male ( not paying much attention to the lyrics just loving the shifts in sound). Might just be my favourite so far.

    Teeth of the Sea: This picks up perfectly from the last track. Very tense rhythm, inducing a bit of anxiety here. (I should be working.) What’s going to happen next. Definitely Reaper! Now that big drum sound! Makes me think of Magazine, which is a good thing.

    Factory Floor: Ah sounds like the rhythm of the machines at a factory I once worked in. Okay now it’s threatening to get funky it a 1980’s minimal techno style. Like it! Love it! … Could have been a bit shorter in the end.

    Clock DVA: Classic band but DVA now gets me thinking of “DVA” by Emika which is a great electronica album with some sultry female vocals that I’ve yet to buy.

    JW & MU: Lovely late night stuff, just right for listening to after playing Emika’s “She Beats” (again). http://vimeo.com/65288822

    Asphodells: We’re harking back to 1989 and 1990 and wonderfully there’s that piano sound, not much but enough. Acid, Baggy and house and something more, very trippy. Oh it’s Weatherall.

    and now it’s Sherwood and Pinch: Reggae clashing and mixing with modern Burial or King Midas Sound style dubby sounds. Floating. Floating high! Perfect.

    If that’s the leftovers then the main course was pretty fucking astounding.

    • Glad you liked it & you write so well. Emika would have worked in well with this lot – glad to see Ninja Tune still forging ahead.

  2. una – teeth of the sea – Clock DVA were favs
    Pinkunoizu sounded a little like some of daniel ash’s tones on tail stuff – really enjoyed them all – just starting to catch up after xmas (plus sickness bug) and new year.

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