Best non 2013 music of 2013

Hi Violet

“High Violet” by The National may have come out in 2010, but 2013 was the year that I obsessively listened to it. Yeah I had “Boxer” when that came out but things didn’t really click with The National until now. There are a huge amount of amazing songs on it, with “Blood Buzz Ohio” being my point of entry, and happily for Christmas the lovely Mrs McFlah got me the double violet vinyl edition. Very happy!

Here’s the song mentioned;

What’s been your favourite non-2013 album of 2013? 


What was the best thing you got for Christmas this year? 



12 thoughts on “Best non 2013 music of 2013

  1. I think for me that there are two non-2013 albums that I have played a lot this year. The first is Can‘s Soon Over Babaluma, which came out in 1974 and probably represents the peak of their experimental art-rock output.

    The second is Innerspeaker, Tame Impala‘s 2010 neo-psychedelic first album.

    I think that, musically speaking my best Christmas present has been the 30th anniversary re-issue of Peter Gabriel‘s So album, remastered and served up as a box set with a two CD live performance recorded in Athens in1987.

    • Innerspeaker is a good record indeed, and I dug out my copy of Tago Mago this year cos of all the Can in the book Morvern Callar.

  2. Best present this Christmas was 6 different blank books of different sizes, and a seven-year pen, because it’s makes me feel inspired like a little kid, but also shows that David takes me seriously as a writing adult, if that makes sense. My favorite present anybody gave anybody is a ball of twine Malcolm found on the sidewalk and wrapped up for David, with a note that said, “I hope you can use this present in your work.” We’re going to use it to mark our veg garden in the springtime.

    Most meaningful albums this year were Time Out of Mind by Bob Dylan. I’ve had it for a while, and lord knows it’s been around for a while, but I was completely addicted to it this year. Also a NIna Simone album we found at the flea market that has My Baby Just Cares for Me, I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free and Ain’t Got No…I Got Life, and I could listen to those three songs on endless repeat. Plus the rest of the album is very good too.

  3. The one that got the most listens was probably The Hoax – And So It Went 1979 – 1981,compilation of an obscure Manchester punk band featuring a certain Johnny Marr on drums. Quite varied really as a lot of the late 70s stuff was , I can’t find my favourite (Rats In My Cellar) on youtube but here’s a couple of others

    Favourite present this year probably Bad Sam – Working Class Holocaust LP (see my post further up). I’m very difficult to buy presents for, so I ordered it and gave it to my wife to give to me. It’s the practical approach!

  4. Very rarely listen to whole albums these days; I just dip in and out. But my favourite present has to be a home-brew kit which my friend posted all the way from Gloucestershire; it probably cost more in postage than the price of the kit. She sent a book of instructions too, with “just add water and buckets” on the label.

  5. I really got into the National this year too, but Trouble will Find Me more than High Violet. Not sure what clicked, but something did.

    My album of the year that isn’t from this year is Anthony Reynolds’ Life’s Too Long a collection of his songs from Jack onwards which includes all my favourites, a fan’s dream compilation, doesn’t happen often does it? All those T Rex collections have some really rubbish tracks at the expense of great album tracks. Anyway, of limited appeal, I realise, but I love it.

    Best present, I think was a the rainbow coloured jumper my Mum knitted for me, it’s very me, as hubby exclaimed (although he was slightly worried that we’d pinched it from sadly deceased Mick Aston) and is delightful.

  6. I got a copy of a 3 cd comp of The Rolling Stones – London Years singles. I’ve played the first cd (1963-65, ending at Get Off my Cloud) over and over again. Great songs and great production. Off to see the Stones in February – 40 years or so since I last saw them.

    Best pressy will arrive in January – a bottle of Zuta Osa from Belgrade.

  7. Hmm, probably Bark Psychosis’ Hex was the most revisited:

    Having the girls home for a few weeks was the best part of Christmas. Best gift was a new painting by our youngest – finished last night.

  8. Currently reading ‘Totally Wired’ by Simon Reynolds and one of the first interviews in the book is with Jah Wobble, who comes across as an all-round nice geezer, talking about PiL,his extra-curricular activities and his work with Czukay & Liebezeit on the brilliant Full Circle

  9. Interesting. I think High Violet is probably my least favourite of the last 4 National albums (although “England” is one of their very best) – have you listened to Trouble Will Find Me? Less hyped, but better songs I reckon.

    My non-2013 album of the year was probably Renmin Park by Cowboy Junkies. I’ve always loved them, but had been getting diminishing returns from them for a while so didn’t buy this when it came out. But got really into it during RR strange sounds/instruments week – there’s an amazing fusion of field recordings from China and covers of contemporary Chinese rock songs with more familiar Cowboy Junkies alt-country. Michael Timmins has written a fascinating blog about the album, and the personal and musical background.

    More randomly, La Trimouille by Peter and Kerry is a lovely piece of English indie-pop from 2012:

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