New Year Earworms 30 December 2013

I was going to do a “guess who” this week, but it’s too easy. So I thought I’d spell out “PEACE x” with the first letter of the song titles but that failed too; instead they spell “SNWBBB”, which is “ALI”en for “Have a wonderful New Year and keep the worms coming to”. Hope these get you dancing!

Aretha Franklin – Spanish Harlem – Fintan: I’ve always felt Aretha Franklin doesn’t so much cover a song as much as she just inhabits it to the point it has no choice but to be an Aretha song. Case in point – on her version of Ben. E. King’s gem she chases the rhythm, it chases her and Lord doesn’t everyone have fun.

Sidney Bechet – Nobody Knows the Way I Feel – goneforeign: This is the sort of music that in the 1940’s grabbed me by the throat and dragged me into a lifetime of jazz appreciation. Bechet is one of the founders of New Orleans jazz, by 1920 he was touring Europe playing professionally. In London he found a straight soprano sax, unknown in jazz but used in classical music. He became a master of it and influenced every jazz saxophonist since then, his two key students were Johnny Hodges and John Coltrane and they were followed by every jazz saxophone player since. Be cautious listening to this, you could wind up like me.

Gary Walker & The Boogie Kings – Who Needs You So Bad – AlBahooky: Two episodes into the final series of ‘Treme’ and this fabulous tune was playing in the background. I haven’t a scooby about the band and due to the location of the series would think they were from Louisiana if not New Orleans but who cares when a tune is as good as this …

Snarky Puppy – Bent Nails – Nilpferd: A youthful Texas jazz-funk collective with some amazing chops. Bent Nails never misses a beat and ends with a classic funk “build”.

LaBrassBanda – Bierzelt – debbyM: A choice inspired by an Earworms pic back in the day (September? October?) These lads never fail to cheer me up, which is a bloody good reason for playing them, let me tell you 😉 A heartfelt Prosit! to the ‘Spill Collective!

Yo Yo Ma – Brasileirinho – beltway: An uber catchy one that just induces the biggest grin on my face every time I hear it, this is from an album made by noted cellist Yo Yo Ma called Obrigado Brasil, where he worked with the cream of Bossa Nova and Samba, blending the sensibilities of those musical styles with the classical world – the Brazilian sound world is winning out in this one though, with a furiously virtuoso performance that may leave you breathless…

10 thoughts on “New Year Earworms 30 December 2013

    • Listened all through now and a very fine set indeed. I remember hearing Spanish Harlem (this version) on Top of the Pops many years ago and mis-hearing it as Spanish Island. I still hear it that way to be honest.
      A great listen for a new years day.

  1. I am particularly enjoying Sidney Bechet, Snarky Puppy and LaBrassBanda despite not usually being overly a fan of horns, jazz or funky stuff, very cheering stuff, happy new year to all Spillers!

  2. These were just the thing with the breakfast washing up and making morning coffee.

    Although I’m reminded of a puzzle that’s been with me since my first Aretha “Best Of…”probably more than 30 years ago. I’ve never managed to enjoy her version of Spanish Harlem, although she and her considerable band are on fine form. I think it’s because there’s a story in the lyrics that we get glimpses of but then it disappears again. Your take on it, Fintan, that there’s a game of chase going on, is a good way of putting it, so I shall try lightening up and listening again.

    Sidney Bechet is a very fine thing, and I need to listen again whilst not washing up, there’s a lot going on.

    Poor Gary Walker, head over heels with a woman who likes fine cars and expensive bars. Not sure why he thinks the scales will fall from her eyes any time soon, so she will realise what shallow pleasures she has been indulging in, but he’s clearly prepared to wait. It’s beautiful music, but any young person who listens to this kind of thing and gets romaticised into waiting rather than finding someone more suitable, needs their ears stopping against those siren horn arrangements.

    Snarky Puppy had me grooving around the kitchen, and LaBrassBanda had my little boy joining in and forming a two-person conga. The Yo-Yo Ma is delightful and he seems to have caught that sensibility of which you speak, Beltway. A musical cousin to the Sidney Bechet.

    • I meant to conclude, thank you everyone and nicely playlisted Ali, even if the acrostic needed a new language to be invented. Happy New Year to all !

  3. Ali; I was a bit concerned that my Bechet wouldn’t fit in with whatever other cuts you’d chose when I sent it. Needn’t have worried, you assembled a perfect playlist, somehow every cut seems to be thematically related to it’s neighbors. I enjoyed every cut here and was happy to finally hear Nilp’s ‘Nails’, perfect way to see the year out.

  4. Starting my ‘Spill New Year out with a new computer. Been working since Xmas transferring everything & this was a good way to check back in (RR being on hiatus) Great playlist and it made my morning very pleasant indeed.

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