Wyngate’s Recommendations for your Listening Pleasure 2013 – Part 1


A record shop with taste!*

It’s been a long year, often not in a good way, and I’ve not been around here that much. I’m hoping that’s going to change in 2014, but first here’s a round up of some stuff I’ve been listening to in 2013.


2013 turned out to be quite a good year for albums to my jaded ears. The Restarts started out in Hackney in the mid-90s and have gone on to become pretty popular around the world. They’ve steadily (not necessarily prolifically) released consistently good stuff and I think this album is their best – no mean feat. They are still playing angry, political hardcore punk, with some rough and ready ska  chucked in, although the rough edges have been smoothed just a tad. Subject matter on this album includes the US’s drone bombing campaigns, anti-gay violence in Uganda, Basque independence, and school bullying, so not your typical subjects. There’s also more personal (but just as loud) stuff such as this , MIA


Another great hardcore punk album, this time from Newport based “supergroup” Bad Sam featuring ex-members of Cowoy Killers and Dub War. The music veers a bit close to US style punk/metal crossover for me but ulimately it doesn’t matter due to the distinctive “Welsh Jello Biafra” vocals of Beddis. Memorable song titles include sensitive Thatcher tribute Snake With Tits , Dogs With Dicks, and Bastard Son Of A Teddy Boy, but this is my favourite track Black John Wayne. Playing a venue near you soon (as long as you live in Newport)


My favourite new discovery of the year, not punk with a capital “P”, although they still use the p-word. An unlikely looking bunch – 3 middle aged men and a bassist who looks young enough to be the guitarist’s son – possibly because he is the guitarist’s son. I would shove them in a post-punk pigeonhole, although it’s hard to pin down who they sound like. They occasionally sound a bit like The Fall doing rockabilly, probably because drummer Mike Leigh was Fall drummer a very long time ago (Fiery Jack,etc) and a certain Craig Scanlon makes guest appearances. Sometimes they go in for pop punk, sometimes it’s ominous sounding droning. They have new material on the way in 2014 – who knows what it will sound like. Here’s the irritatingly catchy single Rob A Bank and (non-album) b-side Raining Blood.


The Kill Pretty stuff was released by All The Madmen,  the Mob’s label, and funnily enough so was this. A lot of punk bands have reformed recently. No matter whether they only ever released one track on their mate’s compilation tape; no matter whether only the original bassist is in the “reformed” line up; no matter whether they’ve completely forgotten what they actually sounded like in the first place. The Mob’s comeback is much more convincing, their first record in 3o years somehow picking up where they left off in 83. Rise Up has the same distinctive sound and restrained power that their best old stuff had, although a promo-vid is a new departure for a band that never even used to have their photo taken.

Back very soon with more toe-tapping tunes.

(*Helps if your lead singer owns a record shop of course!)

5 thoughts on “Wyngate’s Recommendations for your Listening Pleasure 2013 – Part 1

  1. Unrelated to the guff above, a response to Maki should he happen to drop in, as I can’t leave a comment on his post. As I say I’ve not been around as much as I was last year so I’ve missed the trolling, but is it possible that the lack of response from others is due to people applying a policy of not feeding the trolls? That’s usually my tactic. I’m sure most people here would prefer you stay.

  2. Best wishes for a better 2014. & for the ‘Spill too – way too much fucking drama lately.

    Killing Joke singles for comp of the year.

  3. Probably not a good idea to play these after listening to Shoey’s leftovers but … Oh my! John Wayne is black! “I shot nobody I didn’t have to!” Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s fun and rantandsing-a-long. But maybe I like The Restarts better, thrilling stuff. Very sharp. Have to go back to get the lyrics.

    The Mob: This is great. Seriously, it’s up there with Dan le Sac for political song of the year. There are a lot of very angry old men out there.

    Kill Pretty: I was about to dismiss it but now I’m singing along. In fact, I’m imagining a couple who’ve seen better days trying not to aggravate their bad backs as they run to the waiting white van with their haul. I might like Raining Blood better. Love the “clubbing seals” line.

    • Cheers Fuel,glad you liked it.
      “I’m imagining a couple who’ve seen better days trying not to aggravate their bad backs as they run to the waiting white van with their haul.”
      You ought to see the band members! I don’t think they’ll be jumping into any speeding getaway vans. Rob A Bank is the catchiest song in the album but not typical, there’s a few other tracks I would have posted as well but they’re not on youtube. There’s plenty of live tracks though, worth checking.

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