Yes; that headslap moment when you realise that you’ve overlooked some fantastic music that was released last year.

It’s the same feeling that you have when that fitting gem comes up on shuffle just after the Readers Recommend deadline has closed.

Anyway, just in case you overlooked some of the fine and ‘alternative’ music that was released in 2013 here is a selection of songs from some albums released this year that never made the critics charts and might not have made your music collections:

When we did the A to Z of songs during the year I compiled a playlist of  the 26 that I selected. Five of them were by one group: Pearl Jam but somehow even in my own selection their new album was overlooked. To start us off I’ve chosen Let the Records Play  from Lightning Bolt.

My excuse is that is came out towards the end of the year and just haven’t listened to the album enough.

I got The Fratellis A-Listed for the first time during RRSA Odd Couples, they’ve had a slight hiatus but produced their third album: We Need Medicine towards the latter end of 2013. Here’s a classic number from them: Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart.

Gary Lightbody first formed Tired Pony an amalgam of various established artists: Peter Buck, Richard Colburn and Iain Archer, among others including guest appearances from Zooey Deschanel and Tom Smith (Editors). 2013 saw the release of their second album The Ghost of The Mountain. Here’s Ravens and Wolves.

Having  mentioned Tom Smith it would be remiss not to mention that Editors had their fourth album released in 2013. A much underrated band (IMHO) and from The Weight of Your Love I’ve chosen Formaldehyde.

Another album you might have missed was from Foals. Holy Fire, their third album was released early in 2013 and hence why I probably overlooked it. My choice for your pleasure is Stepson.

During my stint as Guru for RRSA Whisk(e)y exiledMan suggested two songs by Spin Doctors, well I’d only known this group from Two Princes, but I was so surprised with the nominations that I bought the album: If The River was Whiskey. It is quite brilliant, a very blues oriented collection so here is the aptly named Scotch and Water Blues.

Before I go I’ll take a moment to mention a local band who released an EP (4-songs) and a single (A and B side) in 2013. Lead vocalist of Mama’s Lips is a ‘gravelly’ voiced young man by the name of Jack Birk. Try this one from the self-titled EP: Take it Easy.

I trust you all had a wonderful celebration last night and here’s to a fantastic, prosperous and joyous 2014. Best wishes to you all.

5 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. Holy Fire had some HUGE tunes on it, and yet I managed to overlook it as well. I think I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t one massive grunge album.

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