They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Jan 1)

spill score.05Happy New Year everyone! Be serious, thoughtful, insightful, shoe-horny, impish or as silly as you please – we need songs/music that shoulda/coulda been used in this film:

THE BIG YEAR: Three men struggle to count the most species of birds during a year-long contest.

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17 thoughts on “They score!: ‘Spillers suggest songs for movie soundtracks (Jan 1)

  1. Sure, it’s about one particular (non-avian) bird rather than flocks of ’em, but the Dead’s Bird Song fills the air with aural images of swooping, soaring and gliding, created by five men co-operating, rather than competing. I’m sure there’s a (montage?) scene in the film that this could underpin.
    And, on a particularly dull, drab, chilly day, the Veneta version pours sunshine into your brain from one of the hottest days of 1972.
    Happy New Year to one and all!

  2. One of the guys gets off to a bad start having fogging in his binoculars and then the weather turns shit and he’s seriously depressed, wondering whether the game is worth the candle. Moody, outdoor shots in silhouette, scudding clouds.

    And the segue that remained on the cutting room floor, finally resurrected in the director’s cut where the whole scene is now acclaimed as Bergmanesque.

  3. Another film I haven’t seen! In fact, this time, it’s one I hadn’t heard of.
    I had to go to IMdb to look at the synopsis and comments there. And still all I keep thinking is “why do birds suddenly appear?”
    Back later after a think.

    • As Madonna sang in the chorus of her famous tune “Erotica” – “Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, Put your hands all over my body”….!

  4. weather report ( its just stopped chucking it down) Birdland
    extra points scored for The Day of the Eagle ( trower)
    Camel’s Snow Goose might score too … but they crap all over our greens making putting a bit crazy golf at times
    there was a proggie band called Mallard but think they were train related ..
    post-prog PiL had an album with swan lake and a song called ‘no birds’ ..

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