Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – Rina Katahira and Goose House

Goose House with Rina Katahira

Goose House with Rina Katahira

Rina Katahira

Rina Katahira is a singer songwriter from  Fukushima.  I have been meaning to talk about her for a while now but somehow the opportunity did not really happen, so I decided to make it happen ! ! !

rk small

Rina Katahira

She began her career when she won the pop singing competition “Shinsain Tokubetsu Sho” which is a national competiton for teenagers,  and then she became the he first young artist  selected by Sony for their song writer development and support program Play You which basically pays young song writers a basic salary and accommodation for one year to enable them to live and develop their talent.

This is of course the same program that later Goose House were awarded and which also started their career and because of this she met and became friends with the Goose House bunch.

She is one of those artists that  was better known locally in her own home area and also in Sendai which is where first saw her.  The first time she was  playing in the street before she became a professional and  I saw her later in a concert there after she became professional.  However, it is only in the last year or so she has gained popularity and become better know.  She always recieved a lot of attention from within the music industry and actually  her records are produced by Takahiro Yamada from Asian Kung Fu Generation who heard her live and was so impressed he asked to produce her music ! ! !

She has released one full album and two mini albums so far, and later this year she will release her second full album.

The track I want to share with you is Come Back Home.  It is a song about the feelings she has when she returns to her home in Fukushima.  Of course with the thousands of people from Fukushima that can not go home the easy thing would be to write a sad song about being away form home, but she decided to she wanted to be positive about her home and how much she loves it and so she wrote this beautiful and positive song.  The video is filmed in Fukushima and somehow it is quite sad to think about this beautiful province suffering so much now.

Rina Katahira – Come Back Home

Goose House

Of course the workers collective that is Goose House continue to make wonderful music and their videos have now reached 166 MILLION views on Youtube ! ! !  They must be the best kept secret in the world of music.  How can a group be so popular and so unknown at the same time ? ? ?

GH 1

Goose House

In March this year Kei Takebuchi will release her first solo project but it will be a joint Sony Records and Goose House release so it seems Goose House have formed their own record label now also.   I am looking  forward very much to hearing the album when it is released and will write a review for you here when it comes out.

Kei Takebuchiis the cute girl in this duet and the cute guy is Shuhei Kudo.   I choose this song as it the theme song to the drama Ama chan which is Mr P’s favorite drama.  It is called Shiosai no Memori which means Memory of the Sound of the Surf.

Shiosai no Memori – Goose House

Finally here is a rare video of both girls together singing Rina Katahira ‘s song Onnanoko wa nakanai  ( Girls Do Not Cry )

Rina Katahira and Kei Takebuchi –  Onnanoko wa nakanai

I hope you enjoyed the post ! ! !

( Sorry Mr P – I know I should have been working on our new project for He Said – She Said, but I became distracted ! ! ! )

6 thoughts on “Sakura’s J-Pop Corner – Rina Katahira and Goose House

  1. Lovely stuff !
    I really like the “home made” aspect to their music, it reminds me somewhat of what Jonathan Richman has been trying to achieve these past 40 years or so.
    You don’t need fancy production, twerking dancers and huge amounts of equipment , what you need is “heart and soul” and a sense of fun and Goose House and Rina clearly have these in spades.
    Rock on , Tommy !

    • Hi Mr P ! ! !

      I do love Goose House for all the reasons you say ! ! ! For me they are really having fun and they transmit that to the audience or listener.

      Thank you for commenting ! ! !

  2. Hi Sakura! Thanks for this post. It’s a lovely way to start 2014. Rina strikes me as a serious singer who hasn’t bought into the pressure of the make up/provocative clothing so many young women in the music industry seem to get caught up in. She reminds me a little of Yui in this respect, fresh, natural and interested in the music and not the noise that can surround it. To be honest I prefer Yui’s voice, but I’m interested to see how Rina evolves. Keep us posted.
    Goose House! Well, as you know I adore them and the buckets of joy and fun they bring to their work. Kei Takebuchi has a wonderful relationship with the instruments she plays. I love the way she creates a magically spaced moment for each of them in the duet with Shuhei Kudo (I want his hat!!). I wish them continued enjoyment and success. Thanks again, and oh Flipper’s Guitar has become a firm favourite of mine too. lr x

  3. HI Lr ! ! !

    They have an online store where you can Goose House things, but I just looked and they do not have Shuhei’s hat ! ! ! They do have the wool hat that Kei is wearing in the duet with RIna which is really cute, but you can buy then anywhere I think.

    I agree with you about Rina and YUI, but of course YUI was really such a unique talent, she wrote Tokyo for example when she was only 17 ! ! ! I think Rina will definitely have wider success and recognition as she write really great songs, but maybe her songwriting is stronger than her singing . . . . .ummmm ? ? ? ? Maybe . . . .


    Sakura x x x

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