New (old!) Antony, his Johnsons and someone I’d never heard of

While browsing around on youtube last night, I came across this version of “You Are My Sister”, taken from a live album recorded with Italian singer Franco Battiato and released at the end of last year. It’s not strictly essential in the Antony canon, what with the original Boy George duet version from “I Am A Bird Now” and the (gorgeous) solo live version from “Cut The World”, but I think Signor Battiato adds a rather touching, fragile dignity to the track, so I thought I’d share.

And Happy New Year – you’re all my sisters!

5 thoughts on “New (old!) Antony, his Johnsons and someone I’d never heard of

  1. Happy New Year to you, too, bish!

    I’m afraid the phrasing and affectation of Antony’s opening lines prevented me from even getting to the duet…. My bad? No, just a difference of taste.

  2. I know what you both mean re Antony’s phrasing. It sometimes bothers me too. You just want to shake him and tell him to stop quavering around and sing things straight (as it were). His voice and his songwriting are strong enough without the affectation. I thought he’d toned it down a bit here, but perhaps I’ve just become inured to it!

  3. I love Antony’s voice but find it too intense and emotional to listen to more than a couple of songs at a time. Have to stop for a breather. Thought this version was quite wonderful.

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