Something Strange Is Coming…

That’s right: the Annual Spill Awards will be taking place from some time around 8 pm GMT on Saturday 11th January. In these depressing, belt-tightening times I can’t promise quite as much glitz and glitter as in previous years, but at least – many of you will be delighted to hear – it won’t be on Twitter. Much. Hope to see you there. The lady on the weird percussion instrument, incidentally, is Mrs Abahachi’s Hackbrett teacher in Munich…

10 thoughts on “Something Strange Is Coming…

  1. Ah, The ‘Spill Awards. They make the Oscars, Baftas and Golden Globes look like a tawdry affair in a community centre in in a run-down post-industrial village.

  2. the one night of the year I have to be out (the Ms’s birthday) – hope it’s all fun – but I can’t join in live this year.

    • At the risk of being even more pedantic than normal, these aren’t quite the same thing, though they’re played in a similar way with little hammers. Hammered dulcimer is diatonic, i.e. it doesn’t have all the notes in the scale so really limited to certain keys; Hackbrett is fully chromatic (which is in fact why Mrs Abahachi made the switch to it last year).

  3. Damn.

    As much as I love my wife and children, I was delighted that they were all going to be away overnight, taking DsGran back home today, returning tomorrow. Because I’m working this afternoon, I couldn’t go, thus allowing me a full pass for the Awards ceremony in an empty house. An evening of takeout pizza, beer and you lot was warmly anticipated.

    But DsSis has woken up this morning with a sore throat and fever, meaning she’s missing her band practice & flute lesson now, and thus housebinding the others. In a double whammy, that also means my Sunday will be spent on a long daytrip taxi service to get DsGran back home.

    Keep me a place at the table this evening, but don’t order me a drink until you see the straining buttons of my tux emerge through the celebrity throng!

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