Earworms 20 January 2014

Another fine selection this week. Strong black sheep in possession of silver threads and golden needles? No wonder they’re left outside alone – but don’t think twice, it’s alright. Thanks to all and keep sending your worms to earworm@tincanland.com, we could do with a top-up.

Alela Diane – Black Sheep – DebbyM: Was very surprised that no-one else (barbryn?) chose a track by Alela Diane for the Festive Spill – and that’s the main reason she didn’t make my list!

London Grammar – Strong – AliM: No idea what it’s about. Don’t care. Love the voice (Hannah Reid) – the overall sound reminds me of Renaissance.

Sarah McLachlan – Possession – DsD: I was reminded of the TV show Due South recently. That set off a few trains of thought. One of them ended up Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, and my favourite McLachlan tune. I love her voice, and there’s a cracking little guitar solo sandwiched in the middle of this song.

J C Lodge – Don’t think twice, it’s alright – goneforeign: In the early 80’s I met J.C.Lodge in Kingston, she was a young and struggling singer plus she was an artist with several gallery shows to her name, we became friends. I would shoot pictures for her records and she’d give me her singles plus one of her paintings, which is now hanging at the top of the stairs. She went on to have a big international hit with Telephone Love in 1988 and since then she tours regularly in the US and Europe. Here’s her reggae version cover of Dylan’s ‘Don’t think twice, it’s alright’ .

Honey Ltd. – Silver Threads And Golden Needles – bishbosh: The Light In The Attic label have been digging out and reissuing (or issuing for the first time in some cases) music from Lee Hazlewood Industries. I’ve currently got my eye on the “There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving” boxset but it’s SOOO expensive… In the meantime, the Honey Ltd. album is ace, with this song in particular getting me a-groovin’.

Anastasia – Left Outside Alone – tincanman: No one does hard rock vulnerability like Anastasia. She doesn’t feel safe, it is not ok, and we’re head butting.

19 thoughts on “Earworms 20 January 2014

  1. Enjoyed all of these, which is a pleasure to type, butbutbut ….

    I am going to HAVE TO investigate that London Grammar album!
    Winner for me by a very long way this week.

    And it’s good to go back to hearing Anastasia without wincing – the last time I listened to her was her collection of heavy rock covers, which were unremittingly awful.

    • …haven’t heard of… would be pushing it, Ali. I saw them on some daytime TV show doing a song, and remember thinking I liked it and must remember the name, but then I didn’t, so big thanks ARE in order.

      Truth be told, it’s been non-stop (and I really mean literally non-stop) London Grammar since this morning – the album is not on Spotty, but is on GrooveShark:


      • Glad you’re enjoying – I like the Sarah McLachlan and Alela Diane too. Well, I like them all, but those 2 in particular.

  2. Yeah, some really good female voices there (apart from the rock-wailer at the end – not my cuppa) and sweet arrangements. Not sure I approve of taking out the ‘awkward’ chords from Don’t Think Twice…

    (And Honey Ltd doesn’t play for me. I wonder why this sometimes happens with this player?)

      • Nope, you’re the first, bish. Thanks.
        I’d question the writer’s assertion that fanatical Deadheads don’t witter on about the song lyrics though……
        It’s always interesting to read others Top 10 Deadsongs, and the alternative opinions. (Mine might be ‘Yes, Althea is lovely but not as good a song as Jack Straw, Wharf Rat, etc etc’).

  3. Yes a lovely set, everyone a winner with me. With all the hype, I’d been avoiding London Grammar, but this has converted me. Alela can do no wrong in my book – Wild Divine was, er, divine! Especially – given this week’s RR theme – “White Horse”.

  4. Like several others I’m intrigued by this ‘London’ band, who are they? US or UK? I missed the hype. Their video looks like it was shot in LA, Google isn’t forthcoming. more manana.

  5. I must agree, ‘another fine selection this week’, only one there that didn’t quite click for me.
    But there’s a recurring comment here that slightly irks me, it’s ‘No idea what it’s about. Don’t care. Love the voice’, I somehow think we should know what it’s about but when I think about that I realize that I enjoy a lot of Mahler, Wagner, Puccini, Verdi etc plus lots of African and Brazilian music and generally I have no idea what it’s about except for the liner notes, so it doesn’t matter that the lyrics are in English, it’s a goose and gander situation, I also don’t care, love the voices!
    I thought that each cut related to its neighbor and that the transitions were very smooth, a nice playlist with some interesting new music for me.

  6. Liked the Alela Diane very much, but really taken by London Grammar. They are completely new to me, and the track is a genuine Earworm as I listen for the third time on the trot. Does the singer remind anyone else of Florence (of the Machine fame)? Strong and vulnerable at the same time. Top notch!!


  7. Alela Diane: Yeah, nice. I’m always slightly underwhelmed by her. Not quite sure why. Maybe a little generic? Or too understated for my tastes? That’s probably closer to the mark. I do like to be hit round the head by a melody.

    London Grammar: She sounds a bit like she’s singing below her natural register at points (eg, the start), which grates on me slightly. But a very striking voice. And a great song. It sounds quite late 80s to me, like a female Colin Vearncombe or something. (I can certainly hear why DsD would like it!)

    Sarah McLachlan: Follows on very nicely from – but, for me, kind of pales in comparison to – London Grammar. Nice though.

    JC Lodge: I’m always on the listen-out for Dylan covers, preferring his songwriting to his singing (most of the time). This is a lovely, lilting thing – although in this case I may actually prefer the original.

    Anastacia: Well, I know this of course. She’s one of those artists whom I probably couldn’t name any tracks by – and whom I have a vague feeling I dislike – but now that I listen ‘properly’, this is quite a compelling tune. Not sure about that lip-curling “lurrrve” way of singing she has adopted, but the song pumps along nicely.

  8. I also can’t get the Honey Ltd one to play.
    Loved that Alela Diane track. London Grammar was even better and sounds familiar for some reason. I’m sure I’ve not heard them before. The Sarah McLachlan song was good too.
    Never understood why people don’t rate Dylan’s voice (the young Dylan anyway – ok it’s pretty cracked now) so I generally prefer his own versions of his songs to covers. This was enjoyable but lost some of the light and shade I think.
    Anastacia was a nice one to end on although not my favourite of the set. Like most others I enjoyed London Grammar enough to want to hear more.

    • I don’t know why we are having trouble with the playlists. I tried an Adobe update but that didn’t help. They play on my son’s lap-top but i can’t work out why his is OK and mine isn’t, except that his doesn’t run on steam and slices of cucumber. Anyway, the tracks are boxed, if it’s any help.

  9. A belated and once-through listen with Thursday’s washing up. How did it get to Thursday, not that I’m complaining….? I’ve started going to an indoor cricket net on a Monday, which I’m ridiculously excited about, so I’m generally late when I get to Earworms.

    Good list as always. It was a close-run thing for favourite this week, but Fraser Bear is next to me on the sofa, eyeing up the bottle of wine breathing nearby, and he gives the casting vote to Honey Ltd.

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