8 thoughts on “Wot no Donk?

  1. Oh, come on. They distinguish between ‘jazz’, ‘Big Band’ and ‘swing’ (failing to indicate any influence on jazz from blues, spirituals etc.), and then ignore not just things like bebop and hard bop (influence on r’n’b) but free jazz and jazz rock (massive influence on late 1960s rock). Excessively Americam, absurdly teleological, As one might expect…

  2. “Hawaiian folk” ( wot dat ?) should be connected to the blues as much as “Surf”, without the boost given to guitar playing in the early 20thC , especially slide ( invented in Hawaii it is claimed) then the blues would have still been being played on banjos.
    There’s a reason those steel bodied guitars are often decorated with Hawaiian themes.

    Many, many omissions, whither “Okinawacore” and all the various “keis” ?
    Pah !

  3. I’m not sure about it being Americam (or even American): the example of Psychedelic Rock is Pink Floyd’s Bike and the example of the related Space Rock is, er, Pink Floyd’s Astronomy Domine. The author has heard Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, then, but skipped over Interstellar Overdrive….

    There seem to be a few of these interactive charty things around at the moment. I wonder why.

  4. have Pete Frame’s Family Tree’s been made into an interactive iPad app yet .. that would be worth exploring
    as an example of symphonic rock, Suppers Ready is a fine tune but a lousy choice – just having the bit at the start reprised at the end is not a symphony .. so many more obvious examples
    they also missed Rush .. who mixed a love of Purple & Yes to make a heavy prog hybrid which has continued to this day with a whole host of bands undet their influence .. dream theatre, mars volta .. but because they had metal on one side & rock on the other it made them to unwieldy to join on a graphic

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