21 thoughts on “Noel Gallagher – Legend

  1. “Fuckin’ dreadful”.
    “Somebody should’ve stopped me.”
    “I fuckin’ hate this tune”.
    “Bag of shite.”

    Exactly what I thought. I own the first Oasis album, but nothing else by them. Great commentary.

    God knows what he’d say about my playlist below. Probably, “What fuckin’ pretentious shite!”

  2. “Who makes videos these days?”
    “You wouldn’t get away with that now” (all the ‘birds’ in the video)
    Finger on the pulse, as you’d expect…..

    Sorry, amy, he’s a bell-end, not a leg-end (I’m a Manc, so am allowed to say that.)
    If you want to listen to an idiot spouting rubbish (with an occasional insight and some inadvertent humour), listen to Karl Pilkington.

    • “They all think they’re making fucking Apocalypse Now”

      Yeah, he’s a bellend. But it’s still funny. I still have a soft spot for Liam, granted, maybe it’s because he’s prettier. (Wouldn’t want to fall in love with him though). I don’t take trash talk about yanks from Brits on tour here from just anybody, but he’s hilarious.

    • and as to your quote there – you’re not willing to give him credit for a pitch black Manc sense of humor? (kinda like Mozza, another Manc i think you consider a bell-end)

      • I don’t feel that antagonistic towards Noel, tbh: I mainly wanted to do the bell/leg joke.

        There is a lot of dry/sarky/cynical humour around this part of the world and so I possibly don’t always notice it. The vital difference between Noel’s and Mozza’s humour is that Noel can laugh at himself and doesn’t give a toss if you laugh at him too….. And, as a human being, I don’t think he’d equate meat-eaters with paedophiles.

        Karl Pilkington was dragged into the limelight and made to perform stupid by Ricky Gervais. These days, I much prefer Karl to the giggling, self-satisfied starsucker.

    • i just watched that again, i actually think he said he wouldn’t get away with a video like that now because of his wife. Hey, at least, unlike Liam, he seems to give a shit.

      • Not sure what to make of him myself. I have this outsider perspective on stuff that I wouldn’t have questioned before, so I laugh away but then Ms Fuel looks at me as if to say, “What was funny about that sad conversation?” Or, “He talks just like that ‘mate’ of yours I hate”.

    • I have taken against him, simply on the basis that I’m sick of being told I look like him. But he is quite funny. If you assume it’s all a character he’s created. Which it probably isn’t. Most of the humour comes from Gervais’s cackle anyway.

  3. “Is that a man with legs made of sausages? That’s not real, someone’s ‘avin a fuckin’ laugh – I know for a fact that’s got nothing to do with this song!” – fabulous stuff

  4. that was brilliant, comedy genius!

    Don’t think I could offer up an “In defence of..” beyond the first two albums…Noel is dead right in his critique of the later tunes!

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