“TV” On The Radio

Transistor Radio

Eagerly Awaiting Friday Night at 10:00 p.m.

As a young boy my formative music years were spent ear pressed against a transistor radio every Friday night when I was supposed to be asleep, listening to the ‘dulcet’ tones of one Tommy ‘the’ Vance and the Friday Rock Show.

I expect most spillers have fond recollections of TV on the Radio!

Perhaps it was the illicit nature of listening under the bed clothes or straining to hear because the volume was so low or later using those single mono white plastic earphones but I was captivated by his voice, every word, song, drum solo and electric guitar chord.

The Friday Rock Show introduced me to and cultivated my interest in ROCK MUSIC; these were great bands: Led Zep, Genesis, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and this underpinned my love of this type of music and got me to explore the genre further. With my pocket money I saved to buy LP’s and of course I bought Kerrang to read about and see pictures of my ‘heroes’, oh to have had the internet then.

Each week about half way through the show there was the Friday Night Connection; three songs that listeners had to identify and if I recall suggest a fitting fourth song (but I might be making that last bit up). Anyway the basis of this challenge is here’s three songs: What’s the connection? And which song / group would you choose to be the fourth? 

Remember that it wasn’t just the title of the song that provided the link it could be but the theme, the group, the singer or even album title could provide the connection; sneaky!

For the first week let’s have a relatively straight-forward one:

Answers on a post card to …

So as not to spoil it for anyone else please don’t post the theme but suggest a fitting fourth song; if you can’t guess the connection or cannot think of a fitting additional tune simply enjoy some Friday Night Rock music.

9 thoughts on ““TV” On The Radio

  1. Oh yes, the Friday Rock Show – although I have to say the ones that really stick in the memory are when Vance went on holiday and Lemmy filled in…

    Fuel’s suggestion fits with my sense of the connection – so maybe we’re both wrong in the same way – but I can’t at the moment think of a suitable fourth song. Not sure whether this is sufficiently Friday Rock Show to count…

  2. In the States we had the radio show “Rock Over London with Graham Dene.” All British music, not all of which was available in the States. Dene was in my pantheon of radio gods with Casey Kasem and Bob Kingsley.

    IIRC, it was on late Sunday nights, so I’d be secretly listening through the earphones on school nights. I think I lived for that show every Sunday. Here’s half of a 1983 episode on some guy’s blog and that’s about all I can find of it on the interwebs.

    In later years (the early 1990s) I also found I could just barely get a listenable signal from the shortwave service of Radio Luxembourg in the dying days of their English language broadcasts to the UK for a few winter hours before sunset.

    Sigh…those were the days. When you’re growing up WAY out in the sticks in the Deep South, this programming was so exotic and incredible to my young ears.

    • Thanks for that SHA; good memories by the sounds of things. For me it was the only way to hear some decent rock music as Top of the Pops was TOO mainstream by that not enough guitar riffs and drums for my young impressionable ears.

      All the best for the forthcoming op – give them ‘stones’ hell when you get them home.

  3. I linked to this post on RR, and from the comments there it looks like Chinny and HarleysandIndians popped over, the former having his TV memories brought to mind and the latter even having an Iron Maiden track to fit the bill.

    No idea myself though.

    • Thanks for posting the link on are RR, I’m taking a “sabbatical” from the mothership for the time being. Trust you enjoyed the tunes despite not having any ideas for a suitable ‘on topic’ fourth track.

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