Earworms 27 January 2014

Swan day my prince will come … until then, I’ll make do with some more worms – if you haven’t sent any in the last couple of months please replenish supplies by sending them to earworm@tincanland.com. The more the merrier.

Jon and Vangelis – State of Independence – AliM: This floated  into my head the other day, prompted by last week’s London Grammar track, and now I can’t stop listening to it. It’s joyous, so I hope you like it. To prevent further self-indulgence, please send more worms.

Eric Schaefer – Lohengrin – abahachi: Considering that he was a half-crazed revolutionary genius, the celebrations last year of Richard Wagner’s bicentennial have been remarkably sober and conservative. The “Who Is Afraid of Richard W?” project of Berlin-based drummer Eric Schaefer (featuring ex-pat Brit Tom Arthurs on trumpet and flugelhorn) redresses the balance, giving some of Wagner’s greatest themes a dramatic makeover, to bring him “down from the Hill [the location of the Festspielhaus in Bayreuth] and into the club”.

Palle Mikkelborg – Glass Painting – beltway: A favourite track of mine from Danish jazz trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, the elegant simplicity of the main riff gives it an airy elegance with a lovely synthy backing with complex overlapping percussion. Guitar is a touch cheesy, but I find myself whistling that riff for hours after listening to this …

Pauline Paris – X – debbyM: My choice on Tinny’s alphabet game, but I couldn’t find a video to share. Modern French chanson, she’d probably have been the darling of her generation had not Zaz appeared on the scene to overshadow everybody.

Gigi D’Agostino – I’ll Fly With You (Bla Bla Bla Remix) – tincanman: Its nonsense and sounds like an old British Air commerical. But you can dance and flay limbs in the air incongruously so… play it again and flay away. No one’s watching.

The Heptones – Book of Rules – goneforeign: The Heptones,  Leroy Sibbles, Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn, a 1960’s group from Kingston, They had a big hit with “Book of Rules”  in 1973. It was one of the group’s few songs not sung by Sibbles lead. Barry Llewelyn sang lead and co-wrote “Book Of Rules”. In this beautiful song, the Heptones express the conviction that ultimately it is the spirituality of the common people that makes history.

15 thoughts on “Earworms 27 January 2014

  1. Jon and Vangelis – Yes the song is State of Independence and the album was Friends of Mr Cairo. I don’t always like Jon & V but this was great. Still prefer the Donna Summer cover if I’m honest though.
    Eric Schaefer – I don’t know a lot about Wagner. Mostly stock images of large ladies wearing those helmets with horns on, political controversies about alleged antisemitism or Pete Waterman claiming to have based half of his hits on Ride of the Valkyries.
    Putting all that to one side, I loved this interpretation. Very invigorating for a Monday.
    Palle Mikkelborg – In two minds here. I did love the trumpet playing but wasn’t quite so sure about the setting, especially the synths. Grew on me though. I liked it better on a third play.
    Pauline Paris – Great voice. Loved it.
    Gigi D’Agostino – Slightly bonkers but very enjoyable. Could have been a bit shorter maybe.
    Heptones – An old favourite. I’d have to include at least one reggae track if I were ever to be on Desert Island Discs and this would be on the short list. Wonderful stuff.

  2. J&Van; Now that’s what I call a real earworm! Loved it. Though I’m not sure what it’s called since there’s two titles, one in the player and another in the list.
    Mr Schaefer – not an earworm, it definitely didn’t improve on the original.
    Glass- Took so long to get going I almost switched off, but it got better.
    Pauline- very nice, loved the reggae tinged backing plus the changes in vocal mood. Could be another real earworm.
    Gigi- didn’t connect for me.
    Heptones- They did!

    I see that the J&V confusion has been cleared up.

  3. Jon and Vangelis: I think I prefer Donna’s version too. Not that it’s that different. But I do prefer her vocals. Wasn’t Chrissy Hynde involved in a version too? Spiritual High or something? Anyway, great song but the falsetto isn’t quite my thing.

    Eric Schaefer: I have no idea what the ‘original’ sounds like, but this was a fun wig-out.

    Palle Mikkelborg: Not really my thing, I’m afraid. Don’t dislike it; just don’t really get it. Nice ending though!

    Pauline Paris: Ooh this week is all a bit challengingly jazzy for me. This is quite fun.

    Gigi D’Agostino: What a bizarre piece of music. I quite like the lady bits. (Now there’s a sentence I didn’t expect to see myself type, hur hur, etc…) Less sure about the rest.

    The Heptones: Well, it’s brilliant, isn’t it? Love. Very reminiscent in bits of Glen Campbell’s Try A Little Kindness. Someone should sue (if they haven’t already).

  4. Thank you all for entertaining and educating me while I was washing up and making a bit of a mess of some simple household DIY. The Heptones was the only one I already knew and love; Eric, Palle, Pauline are all my kind of experimental / fun / jazzy listening; Gigi the most earwormy.

  5. Jon & Vangelis .. Even as a grown man I would describe Anderson as a hero and I got so, so close to shaking his hand and telling him – but it was not to be
    Back 2002 /3 ish I arrived at work only to be told to go home, pack socks & a toothbrush & fly to Geneva. Someone who was supposed to go couldn’t make it but would email some details to the hotel
    Having got to sunny Swiss I found the job was to walk into an office, tell them they were shutting in six months and ask if they had any useful manuals so someone else could learn to do whatever it was they did
    It’s not my kind of job at all – I was and am just a computer programmer
    It was a short meeting .. Which in many ways didn’t go too well .. But it gave me an afternoon to sightsee ( young Chinese diplomats were trying to learn how to ride bicycles and were hilariously hopeless ) and then scout out a restaurant my expenses could cope with for a meal that night -over looking the lake – and then just as I was about to set out for the evening it poured down .. I was able to run two doors from the hotel and get a takeaway pizza (all tables booked) and eat in my hotel room
    But flicking through TV channels all in French or German – I suddenly saw Cluade Nobbs ( famous from Smoke in the Water as ‘funky claude’ ) introducing Yes live at an outdoor gig – at the other side of the self same lake – it was chucking it down there too .. So I saw a full Yes concert – better than the crowd – hiding under umberellas
    Next day at Schipol airport I was in some huge transit hanger, with one gate for each UK airport. My queue was just boarding when into the hanger walked two of Yes, so I dashed across and shook the hand of Alan White ( of plastic ono & instant karma ) and turned to quickly shake Jon’s hand – with my queue down to the last straggler – it would have to be a quick hello
    But he wasn’t there
    His wife was
    She was mystified .. The entire hanger was open and visible and he was no-where .. She said sorry, but he does this all the bloody time
    I ran to my plane just making it
    He was in a state of indi-bleedin’-visibility

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