Friday Night Connection


Assassins; yes that was the answer to the first Friday Night Connection.

The songs were:

1. Those awesome Aussie rockers AC/DC with Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

2. Journey – Dead or Alive

3. Marillion with the truly awesome Assassing

My probable fourth choice would have been


Thank you to those that had a go last week.

In the week Pete Seeger died (RIP) here’s a tribute from The Boss

Without further preamble to this week’s Friday Night Connection:

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Connection

  1. Not sure Frank Chickens would work too well with that lot.

    Couldn’t get past TV’s fake Yank accent myself, but can’t deny his influence on most things metal, back in the day

  2. Hi LIAB – I must have missed this last week. Is the answer “trick”? I know the 1st track is Cheap Trick, and the 2nd is “Ripples” from Trick of the Tail (love it) – but can’t get the 3rd track to play. Seem to be having playlist trouble; it happens with earworms too.

    • Hi there Ali, that’s a pretty good answer given you couldn’t listen to the last track. Not sure why it’s not playing as they seemed alright in the draft version and play OK for me.

      Answers and full list of songs and my suggested fourth next week, sorry but you’ll have to wait till then but please feel free to suggest a fourth along the lines you suggested 😉

  3. Somewhat later than planned, I’ve managed to get Track 3 to play but I don’t know what it is. Not going to cheat and Google it, so here’s my contribution to the general trickery:

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