Fall – Open The Boxoctosis #2
Cranebuilders – Fallen Arches
Au Revoir Simone – Trace A Line
Shriekback – All Lined Up
Meat Beat Manifesto – Circles
Zammuto – The Shape of Things To Come

Pinkunoizu – Myriad Pyramid
Alias – Full Circle Blues
Boards Of Canada – Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Luke Vibert – Square Footage
Mental Cube – Q
Orbital – Planet Of The Shapes

31 thoughts on “Shapes

      • I gave up purging and ended up getting another new bigger back up – deleted a load of rubbish and moved across a large chunk of tracks – found a load of stuff that’s been hidden for about 3 years since I swapped computers.
        But also lost quite a few things I can’t find.
        My limited edition 2 bears album with all the remixes added – can’t find it in my real collection either. Spooky.
        Weird, because I have to go and work in Great Yarmouth once a month (once a month is enough) and there’s a closed down hotel called the 2 bears; I have a drive pass while playing Heart of the Congos (perfect inheritance track) it’s the law – and makes me very happy… but why it’s just on a car mix, and not still on the computer, is a mystery.

      • I’m still purging. No equipment funds right now & the library was getting too big. Made it through C so far (3 months later). Will send whatever Bears I have.

  1. Not really had the time to listen and have not really wanted to listen to music … but, did anybody nom Liars “Octagon” last week? If not why: apathy, oversight, waiting for Mnemonic to nom it or just didn’t like it? I know that only the title was really on topic but that doesn’t normally matter…

    Will get round to listening later. Oh. I’ll be guruing in about a month. Nom all the electronica you want.

    • so i’m not the only one who can’t listen to music these days. I have lost interest in RR, nothing i can do about that.

      • Hi RTJ, I’ve got my own reasons for not wanting to listen to music this week but I’m not fussed about RR either. Horses and buses were great topics to delve into my collection for but otherwise it’s not really been exciting, apart from predicting the lists. (I was disappointed with myself when I only got 40% of Martha’s last list right.) I guess mine will be equally predictable, I think that’s part of the problem.

      • oh, not being able to listen to music and losing interest in RR are unconnected for me. I haven’t been able to listen to music for other reasons. RR i just seem to have lost the interest in nomming and justifying and it’s too hard to keep up with the thread. It’s the Guardian overall that i’m flat out disgusted and done with, what a shitrag that’s become. Maybe it’s still good for UK politics. Enough of that, Fintan and i are dump and rant buddies so he got the full on rant.

      • Shame – miss you being around.

        Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Warren & Derek are leaving The Allmans soon. Not sure what this means for the band Wanee after this year, although there are rumours that local boy Tom Petty might take over if/when the Allmans retire.

      • The Guardian has become pretty dreadful for some things. They let some badly informed, lame journo with a book to promote rehash Nordic stereotypes from twenty years ago in a supposedly hmourous style. It was above the line trolling of the worst kind. They have too much of that sort of clickbait stuff. I bet it created a Nordic audience for them though. Can’t be long before they try to do a Nordic edition. Spreading themselves thin they are…

      • Fuel –

        I saw that article. It seems at least that the Scandinavians handed him his ass on that one.
        Possibly now you have an inkling as to what it’s like to be an American on there. It’s back to the US papers for me, i don’t even need to comment on those, most people usually beat me to it because they actually know what they’re talking about, and the research is a fucking lot better too. It’s not so easy to be an adult on CiF these days either, and to be able to sort out your own body hair and boob deodorant and magazines and relationships and sex life and stuff like that without getting permission from a consortium of 20-something dipshit latte feminists. And be uninterested in twitter and pickup apps and stuff like that.

        Shoey –

        Hot weather is sounding really, really good right now.

      • Me too, it’s been cold, damp & wet almost all year so far. Don’t think I’m going this year – my friend, who gets the tickets, plans to take his wifie. I’m on standby if she doesn’t want to go.

  2. NIce Fall start very nice nuggety-Hives.

    I just picked up a copy of Night Light, the remix album of Still Light, Still Night, which has the Montag remix of ARS’s Trace A Line. IN other words, I like it. I also just got the Colourbox 4CD comp, which is my way of saying I like chunky, funky bass music from the 1980s and that Shriekback and MBM are great.

    The Zammuto song has that slow incremental build I find hard to resist. Very good. Will try to remember that name.

    Pinkunoizu have something Pixiesish going on in this tune. Like it. Extended but restrained feedback wigout. Brill.

    Full Circle Blues. Not really going anywhere is it? Which is why it’s perfect for the theme. Nice choice.

    BoC. I would’ve listed this one but tfd B-listed Hedron by badbadnotgood, which would’ve been a similar choice.

    LV really knows how to build a tune, make it fun, make you dance and keep the whole thing interesting – even if you just want to sit down listen to it. Has he been llisted under his own name or any of his aliases?

    The Q tune made me think of Cube, the film by … checks … Vincenzo Natali. Might rewatch that tonight.

    Orbital. Now this is multi-dimensional. It sculpts the shapes – hedonic hedronic.

    • I’ve owned most of the Colourbox stuff on Vinyl and tape then CD and downloaded various tracks (when e-music still had 4AD bands) – I haven’t managed to justify buying the 4CD comp is it worth having everything neatly packaged up?

      • The fold out sleeve with all the covers is very beautiful, apart from the Jimmy Hill pic (Huh!Huh!). There’s not really a lot of info otherwise. But I haven’t got round to listening to all the music yet but I will as I only had a couple of tracks in CD/digital format, which is why it’s worth it for me. I can send what you want your way. I think I’m saying no unless you’re completist.

      • Fold-out sleeve!? Square bloody postcards more like! Yeah! Just listened to CD1 and really enjoyed it’s mid-1980-something sound, especially Punch, Nice to have the whole album and EP. CD2 is just a great collection of singles, is there a greater mystery than BILYS, World Cup Theme and Doggie not being massive hits? Probably. Anyway, CD3 is a great collection of 12″ versions. CD4 has plenty of stuff and versions that are unfamiliar to me but that’s the stuff that could usually be left unheard.

    • Zammuto is one of The Books & it seems Mental Cube is really early FSOL/AA.

      Glad to have you back in listening mode.

      Planning to enjoy RR while I still can, but with too few hosts & an impending “upgrade”, think it’s days maybe coming to an end.

      • Was a difficult week but back listening again. Couldn’t deal with lyrics. I cleaned up the laptop and saw that Age of Chance had been synced to my library. Hadn’t noticed that at all. Cheers.

        @ RTJ The Guardian’s been really bad recently hasn’t it. From my time in the US I remember great, really well-written newspapers in Philly, NYC, Washington DC and LA. News for the local community and major national issues. You don’t need The G doing US news or clickbait articles. I know the newspaper is evolving but it has lost a lot of identity as it’s gone more into the online world. A shame.

      • Fuel –

        I think the Graun is gone for good. CiF has been hijacked by 20somethings and wannabees and has become Seventeen magazine, and the UK’s 2-D politics just don’t work pasted onto my 3-D country. Our papers aren’t great anymore, the Phila Enquirer has become – have a look and weep. Same with the SF Chronicle which is SFgate now. The NYT is still capable of some genuine journalism, and at least it’s a paper for grownups with a grown up view of US politics, but i still have to sift out the bias sometimes. I’m also sticking to NPR and the Wall St Journal, and i still look in a lot at the LA Times. Which is basically a shitrag now too, but as a big blue state they have some similar problems to the northeast, so it’s worth a look to compare. About a year age they did a really world class, stellar series on global population. Must have cost them a pile and i imagine there isn’t the budget for that sort of journalism anymore. Which is a crying shame.

        I suppose that it does piss me off a bit (although it’s really none of my beezwax if people are willing to volunteer) that RR writers are expected to write for free, with all the labor that entails and all the comments it gets, when they pay for the kindergarden gutter trash on CiF. (Hopefully the guy that wrote the Nordic article didn’t get paid at least as he was pimping out his book.)

      • Fintan suggested taking RR into our own hands elsewhere – i think we mooted that a long time ago but figured it wouldn’t work.

        I’m done with the Graun and music listening seems to be on hold for me, but the music will come back when the time is right, i’ll still be around these parts. Just not on RR.

      • Hi, RTJ. Sorry I missed this post. I was dreading that you’d say my favourite US papers had also pissed their heritage up the wall as well. The G did a fourth post on the Nordic book with yet another shockingly blasé error that actually prompted me to reply and attack the paper and writer.

        I’m slowly turning away from The G for my news and reading the blogs that some CiFfers link to. I also go to The Quietus, etc for my music these days. NPR is always good for news and music.

        Hey! GHS always had three great songs but now the others don’t sound like a contractual obligation and they also found an outtake that is raunch. God knows why they left it off. I always thought GSH and IORnR would’ve made a great single LP if combined. I’ll borrow them; I fancy doing another Stones post.

  3. Actually Hot Doggie was only on Eyesore and wasn’t a single at all. Great to have on something other than tape. Positively booms away here. Just skipping through CD4 and the song Justice is really great, like a pre-Wagon Christ (LV) track, but a couple of others…, the version of The Wanderer would’ve benefitted from the tape being wiped clean.

    • Hot Doggie – I love so much and did transfer from eyesore.. but then realised that I loved it so much that it has a jump in the vinyl (that’s buggered up any ‘cash value’ my ‘deluxe limited edition’ copy of that had)… not that I care.

      When I hand down these luxury vinyl items to my boys they are going to be disappointed… but I guess it’s family trait – I have a copy of sticky fingers with the proper zip in it from my dad – hasn’t got the correct record inside as the metal destroyed the original, so is worthless… but it’s always fun to have a working zip on a cover.

      • Ha!HA! I have several records like that. I sold my copy of Sticky Fingers cos the sound was gone but regret it now as I had that Warhol sleeve and the insert. I also had Beggars on white and Bleed on red. But coloured vinyl copies were usually bad pressings and the remasters are pretty good, so I sold them too. Will send you a bright bouncy, non-clicking Hot Doggie tomorrow. Still pissed up right now. BTW Pilks started his professional career at County (United youth teamer). Great to see him doing well at Norwich.

        For RTJ. I heard a copy of Goats Head Soup the other day and it was like listening to another fucking album. I actually liked more than one song on it.

      • Goat’s Head Soup wasn’t bad at all – but i believe i might not even have had it. I get the songs confused with It’s Only Rock and Roll a lot. I’m pretty sure Angie was on it, and Winter and Fingerprint File at least? Those are 3 gooduns right there.

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