Friday Night Connection


Of course last week’s connection was Magic Tricks.

Before I tell you what the songs were here’s a little bit of magic I picked up this week.

As this is a music blog, the three songs that were magically connected were:

1. Cheap TRICK – Surrender

2. Genesis – Ripples (from the album A TRICK of the Tail)

3. Styx – The Grand Illusion

My fourth would probably have been Steppenwolf and Magic Carpet Ride

Perhaps the first two weeks have been on the easy side but nonetheless well done to AliMunday who correctly guessed even though only two songs played at first.

This weeks three songs might have a more challenging connection.

Whether you guess or simply enjoy the music selection please could you simply nominate a fourth suitable song and not post your answer just in case there are other people playing (some hope!) so they can work it out for themselves. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Connection

  1. Spurred by success … well, I was half right … how about this?

    I think your quiz is a good idea but you might get more takers on a different night – people tend to congregate on the mother ship at the weekend. We used to have an end of the week quiz which was popular – I presume that was on a Sunday but can’t remember!! Anyway, I enjoyed the tracks.

  2. Hi Ali, thanks for the tip about encouraging more people to join in; perhaps I could rename it the Sunday Night Connection or something.

    Pleased you enjoyed the tracks though!

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