Punky’s Miscellany #17: Back again…

Soooo… I’ve been absent a lot lately. In my defence, I’ve been busy. “Doing what?” I hear you ask.



I graduated my MA, and I’m busy looking for a PhD and preparing a paper for the Irish History Students’ Association’s annual conference. I’m volunteering as a tutor in an after-school club in the city centre. I’m debating my ass off: I broke (closest equivalent: making it out of the group stages in the Champions League) for the first time in my career at Trinity in late January, and made it to the semi-finals. Next Friday, I’m off to Galway (with the same partner) for the Irish National Law Debates, hoping to improve on that performance and be awesome on certain people’s home turf.

Having spent last semester as a newsreader on ULFM, I’m presenting my own show from 10-12 on Wednesday mornings (broadcasts online at http://www.ulfm.ie and uploaded to the site’s ‘Listen Back’ page about a day later). It’s called The Noise, and it’s an alternative music and culture show. If you’re interested, there’s a Twitter account ( @TheNoiseULFM ) and a Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/TheNoiseULFM ).


As a result, I’ve also rejoined the Tweetmachine myself. I’m @DeclanMMills, if anyone’s interested.


That’s about it, really…

14 thoughts on “Punky’s Miscellany #17: Back again…

  1. Welcome back AIP; you’ve been busy, trust the love life is going OK.

    Lot’s been happening here and on the “mothership”; they’ve had some pro-guru’s for a while but they didn’t seem able to hack the pace so we’re back to volunteers.

    I’ve been trying to get some interest in an EOTW quiz, but it doesn’t seem to be catching many posters attention, AliMunday thinks it’s the timing, but I suspect it might be because I “flounced” off! Hey, who knows?

    Am pleased to see you posting again and congrats on the MA and best wishes for the future debates.

    • I missed the flouncing… 😛

      I was gonna play RR this week but I didn’t have anything for the topic. Hopefully next week!

      Love life’s not bad, although recently found out that my ex – just elected vice-president of her society – cheated on me with the guy who was elected president. Which is why my recent arse-kicking form on the circuit is extra-sweet, and why I have extra motivation to be unstoppable at the next competition 😛

      I might guru at some point, sure we’ll see how it goes!

    • Definitely nothing to do with flouncing as far as I’m concerned (you flounced? when? why?). but I’ve simply been too busy to engage with anything very much (hence my failure to notice your flounce, I guess). I thought it was a great idea, I just never seem to have any time…

  2. Oh, ok son, l liked your FB page before i saw this. This show is awesome for you, and congrats on the debate too. I see Leavey and i gave you the same revenge advice (i gave it to you awhile ago i think.) I’m kinda scarce these days, i’m gone from the mothership too, but not as a flounce from RR, but a simple loss of interest that i’m afeared isn’t going to come back. (The flounce is for the rest of the Graun overall, what between CiF turning into Seventeen magazine, grade school Dave Spart CiF America politics that just aren’t going to fly in this big diverse country in a midterm election year where we have big problems, no easy solutions, and both parties are to blame, and the steady serving of gratituously anti-American article shoehorns. The straw that probably caused the flounce for me was probably trying desperately to blame the US for the guns to protect against the rapes in India. They actually ended up changing the headline on that one, but it was too little, too late.)

    • I haven’t read the Graun online in AGES. I read the physical edition every Saturday, and that’s about the height of it. Everytime I went on CiF I ended up getting attacked by angry Israelis anyway, so meh. The topics haven’t been great on RR lately, tbh. It’s a shame.
      As for revenge: neither she nor yer man can speak, because they’re part of the host institution. However, they’ll both be judging and are members of the incoming committee. I have no idea where/when I’ll end up doing a PhD at this stage, so Galway could easily be my last major debating competition ever. I hope not, but the possibility is there. So I plan on doing excellently anyway. Doing excellently on certain people’s home turf is just a bonus, especially as one of her friends is pursuing me 😛

      • I do try 😛

        I can go one of two ways: either back towards what I did for my undergrad dissertation and do the Crusades and Jewish/Muslim/Christian interactions in the Middle Ages (I’d like to, but I’d have to leave UL) or stay here and do Elizabethan England, which is what I did my MA on. Basically, I just have to go wherever will give me money, because I’m broke.

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