Village People


Some of you may know that I help put on gigs in our village’s community centre, so I thought I would share some of the homegrown talents of Newport-on-Tay. 

First of all is Sonny Carntyne who are an echo-rock 4/5 piece who make great songs in the vein of The National or Interpol with a deep musical intensity & evocative lyrics.

Their “Retreat” EP is up on band camp for a pay-what-you-like arrangement here

Then there is St Kilda Mailboat, who have been wowing crowds with post apocalyptic skiffle songs about David Niven, Heebie-geebies, cats called Michael Stipe, and a tune called Mini Wham Bar Rampage where they pelt the unsuspecting audience with mini Wham Bars.

And thirdly we have Seven Sons who play americana tinged folk with lovely harmonies & are very engaging live to boot!

So, open up your village hall, be merry & please share in the comments what’s going on in your neck o’ the woods!

8 thoughts on “Village People

    • Thanks for listening!

      Nothing happens round here, so you have to make your own fun. Dundee is a ten quid taxi ride from here and there’s a decent grassroots DIY music scene there but for the most part touring bands don’t bother with more than Edinburgh/Glasgow sometimes Aberdeen.

  1. My favourite gig ever took place in a community centre – (The) Make-Up played at a tiny community centre in Brighton. They sold beer in cans from a hatch in the back and Mr. Svenonious pulled out all the stops and seemed to spend the entire gig standing on the hands and shoulders of the front row. A great night!

    • This community centre was a one screen cinema til the late 60s, the last film shown was El Cid, and the tattered posters for it hung around fading for years. Because it’s a like a cinema we put the bands on the floor and I do huge video projections over their heads to where the screen would have been in the olden days.

  2. Newport on Tay Community Centre seems like a totally groovy place to be on a Saturday night. Eight quid to see and hear stuff of this quality is a snip. I’d happily buy albums by any of these three. Wonderful.


  3. Just last week I was trying, and failing, to recall the name of an artist that I had “friended” on Myspace. Thanks to your post here I remembered Gummi Bako, went to his website and found he had an E.P available.
    As of today it’s in my grubby mits, coming complete with a personalised postcard and a note from Gummi thanking me for my order.
    That’s what I call service.

    Thanks for the “prod” and I hope the gig goes well.

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