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I’ve read a comment saying that South Korea is the “Ireland” of Asia. I kind of get what they mean.
It’s a country that just gets on with it, really, not grandstanding on the international stage, just
working hard, doing what they do and, crucially for us here, enjoying a bit of party time ( as they do
in North Korea too, of course, but in quite a different way).
Korean ladies are famed for the beauty but that’s not all, some of them are making fantastic music and I’d
like to share a few of my recent discoveries with you.
They are all contemporary and, to me, fascinating. Some really top tunes, so here goes.
( Titles are, mostly, courtesy of Google translate so may be a little “off”).

First up is Jang Pil Soon with “I want to talk to you”.
Jang Pil Soon is a veteran of Korean “folk” music, having been recording since 1989. This is a track from
her fabulous album “Soony Seven” which came out last year. “Folk” but with a decidedly modern twist.

Next up is Fromm with “sailing boat”, perhaps more “American” in style, a nice light “rock” feel to her stuff
and , I think, a very appealing voice.

and now here’s Taru, once vocalist with the band The Melody, going solo in 2006. Her song is “Mosquito”. I love
how this sounds like a crackly old record at the start.

Hanhuijeong next with “Fishtank”, influenced, I think, by more “trip-hop” and other “out there” styles.I had to order this
album direct from Korea but it was well worth it, a mysterious and attractive sound.

Lastly, but not leastly, the lady whose album draws me back most, Yaya with “Nightmare”. This album, available on i-Tunes,
is just so mysterious. A real “chuck everything into the pot and see what happens” kind of a thing. Rock guitars, hip-hop beats, breathy vocals, samples etc etc. Add rather odd lyrics and song subjects ( “I am a snake”) and it’s really an
interesting album. I love it and hope you do too.

There you go, just a quick dip into the musical waters of a country that, I think, is producing some of the most
interesting noises around. Well worth a ( digital) visit.

13 thoughts on “Seoul Music

  1. In Japan Korean men are universally thought of as being attractive,maybe like Italian men in the west. But i really enjoy the variety in Korean music just now.

    You have captured a great selection and I really love your choices ! ! ! !

  2. MR P ! ! !

    You are a handsome knight in armour on a white horse at all times in my memory and imagination ! ! !

    You will always be my hero ! ! !

    Do you know this track ? ? ?

    I can imagine you in the video with the girls driving them crazy ! ! !

      • Sunny Hill are super cute ! ! ! But it is strange because in Korea the videos are really modest because 60% of the population is Christian and so they have the usual hangups about sexuallity which we do not have in Japan – so, when a K-pop group release a track there is usually a korean (boring) version and a Japanese version, maybe we could do a post about it ? ? ?

        Sunny Hill – Not so cute maybe ? ? ? But maybe better ? ? ?

  3. Hi Pairubu. That was an enjoyable playlist dominated, for me at least, by a refreshing and varied set of voices. On a first time listening basis, I absolutely loved the androgynous texture of Jang Pil Soon’s vocal folds. Thank you ! lr

  4. Jang Pil Soon was my favourite. I was really enjoying Taru untill the guitar solo, sorry. Hanhuijeong were also really enjoyable, very good. Not sure about Yaya but I do like the sense of adventure.

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