Friday Night Connection


The answer to last week’s connection was Michael Moorcock’s Elric of Melnibone.

I had the above image as a poster on my bedroom wall throughout my teenage years.

The songs were:

Queen – We Are The CHAMPIONS – Elric was The Eternal Champion

Procul Harem – Whiter Shade of Pale – what could be a whiter shade of pale, well an Albino; the description of Elric was: his skin was the colour of a bleached skull, his flesh; and the long hair which flows below his shoulders is milk-white. From the tapering, beautiful head stare two slanting eyes, crimson and moody.

Deep Purple – Stormbringer – which was his sword.

Thank you Ali for posting a fourth, though I’d appreciate your reasoning as I can’t figure out the connection 😦

In the week that saw AIP’s return to The Spill and to me over thinking why people aren’t playing this EOTW quiz I’ll give it one more go at this time on a Friday and then perhaps try it on a Sunday.

This weeks is a lot more obvious:

17 thoughts on “Friday Night Connection

  1. Hi LIAB,

    I have to admit I’m one of those who hasn’t actively engaged with this thread, but I should have done, and for that I apologise.

    This IS a good idea for a new “regular” column, and one that obviously chimes with me (as someone who remembers listening to TV On The Radio way back in the late 70s).

    So why haven’t I appeared? A couple of reasons, I think:
    Firstly, in my case at the moment, Friday night is not a good launch point. Given I’m working two jobs, then if I have been busy Mon-Fri, I’m trying to spend that evening with wife & kids (as it’s not an ‘early-to-bed’ school night).
    On the other hand, if I’ve not been busy through the week &/or the kids are in bed early, then RR is normally still fresh enough to be a bigger pull on my blogging time than the ‘Spill. From that POV then, a Sunday Night Connection may work better.

    My second concern is a broader, more personal but less tangible one. I hate to say it, but my enthusiasm generally is waning. Normally I wouldn’t mention that, but looking at general comment and new post levels over the last few months, it would appear I may not be on my own.
    Having stuck my head above that particular parapet for now, I’ll say no more here. Let’s all have a think, and maybe open up a general discussion forum later.

    Cheers and apologies both, LIAB.
    I’ll try to get to this week’s connection when I get PC time this evening (I wouldn’t have got last week’s in a million years – not my literary style). But now, back to work (one of the FA Cup games today – got me thermals on under me suit).


    • Hi DsD, thanks for the reply and the feedback, which appears to say Friday night is not a good night for a post on The Spill. I understand the desire (need) to kick back and relax with the family and / or a wine, beer or margarita in the case of TFD.

      Agree with your sentiments about posts on The Spill and that was one of the reasons I started this, though I had planned to begin on 1st Jan but felt there had been overkill during the Christmas period with the awards and the Festive 3, 2, and 1’s so delayed it a few weeks but thought it might catch on given what I knew about people’s ages that there could have been an affinity with TV. I was hoping that it might pick up from Tinny’s A-Z posts especially following DaddyPig’s link on The Mothership.

      Anyway enough melodramatic self pitying I’ll happily move it to Sunday and see how it goes.

      All the best for the footie, stay warm and dry.

  2. Hi LIAB

    My reasoning was that all the bands rely heavily on keyboards – I wouldn’t have got the Moorcock connection in a million years!

    I think DsD is right about general loss of enthusiasm for The ‘Spill, which is a shame IMHO. Not sure how to re-kindle it; if there’s a discussion forum I’ll join in. Will also have a look at your Friday Night connection later.

    • Ahh! All is clear now. Thanks again for posting a fourth, this week’ sis more obvious, ridiculously so!

      If is a shame about number of posts generally especially given the 30 odd contributors to the Festive 3, 2, 1’s and the number of posters to Tinny’s A-Z, not sure why it seems to have tailed off. 😦

      I do appreciate that not everyone will make a comment to a post here, I don’t so I wouldn’t expect anyone else to but I thought this might catch the imagination.

      I’ll try it on a Sunday and see if it receives more interest.

  3. Hi liab

    I dip a toe in most Spillposts but, unfortunately, Queen is guaranteed to make me head for the hills pretty darned quick…..

    In general terms, Friday is probably the night when you’re least likely to find folk putting in time and effort (what with RR and the end-of-the-week recovery position that a lot of people adopt (comatose and wrapped around a glass of booze)). The Spill is generally a known quantity these days: most regulars know what to expect from, say, pairubu, shane, shoey, me. I’m sure there’s plenty of listening going on but maybe the urge to comment isn’t there: what still needs saying? The site stats indicate that the number of views has actually been fairly constant for the last year (although, oddly, significantly below the end of 2012).

    As ever, new blood helps maintain interest. So, keep it up, liab!

    • Cheers Chris, perhaps I can put a Dead track in the next connection.

      Taken on board the comments about Friday being chilled family time and will post the next one on a Sunday.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, always appreciated.

  4. Connection is surely Valentine-related, but how I exactly connect the three, I’m not sure.

    Know the second & third songs and artists. Don’t know the first, but have a feeling I should and will be embarrassed when it is revealed.

  5. What the hell, I’ll endorse the comments re. the dullness of the Spill. I recall quite a few months back posting a piece here that was a call to arms for all Spillers, basically I said that the Spill was becoming very boring and we should recognise that and put our collective heads together. I suggested that we could expand beyond just music and have specific headings for topics like film, TV, books, events, even cookery and gardening but those were all shot down. My suggestion was met with a chorus of “We don’t think it’s boring, we like it the way it is”. My response to that was to withdraw to the sidelines and sit quietly and watch and listen. Whereas I was originally a very regular poster on diverse topics I now post very infrequently.
    The current Spill is nothing close to the interesting place it was when we started and as it evolved over the first few years, just consider the list of names of those who fell by the wayside, there’s dozens who’ve quit for whatever reasons and most of them made regular and interesting contributions.
    Does any of that warrant any further discussion?

    ps: I have a post on a non-musical topic ready for Mon/Tues, we’ll see what responses that gets.

    • Hi there goneforeign, I still feel like a newbie here but agree with your sentiments; I have prepared a Save Our Spill post on the back of DsD’s comments but will hold fire pending your upcoming post.

  6. I’m very late to this, having been away without the computer for a while. I haven’t played because I didn’t get the connections and Fridays are vey busy for me. I am a simple soul! I will try to engage more with the ‘Spill and RR, just seem to have drifted off a bit, apologies.

    • Hi bethnoir, no need to apologise, certainly not to me. I have taken on board the consensus that Friday’s is not a good day to post a new Spill item so this week’s answer will appear on Sunday.

      If you have time give this week’s connection a go or not but hope you enjoy the music if you have time to listen.

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