New kids on the block…

I have to admit I don’t really keep up with mainstream pop, but I am very taken with the new twist on chamber pop from Clean Bandit, and find myself surprised to be posting about a group at No.1 in the singles chart (though I’m posting another song of theirs). And their videos are wonderful things in their own right. The Grauniad today mentions two other new-to-me artists, George Ezra, and Angel Olsen, that equally impressed. I love discovering new stuff. Hope you like too.


So have a listen to these three…

Clean Bandit – Dust Clears

George Ezra – Did you hear the rain

Angel Olsen – Hi-five

7 thoughts on “New kids on the block…

  1. I’ve heard “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit, although it washed over me a bit. I prefer the track you’ve chosen; the video actually made me wish I could skate (a first!)

    George Ezra I like very much; Angel Olsen is intriguing, reminds me of something, though I’m not sure what. Twin peaks springs to mind.

    Thanks ghe!

  2. Clean Bandit was interesting – I didn’t completely like it, but it was different, and I think I want to listen to more. Not so taken by George Ezra.

    Angel Olsen (not related to the twins, as far as I know) is excellent – wonderful voice. I hadn’t heard this one – it’s much poppier than her first album, which I’m sure you’d like. I think this my favourite:

  3. On Hi-Five, have there ever been four words more freighted with meaning, than her line “Are you lonely too?”. There’s the confession (she’s lonely); the inquisitive (insightful?) and very personal question to the listener (RU lonely); and perhaps the faint hint of a proposition (we wouldn’t be lonely if we were together). Swoon.

  4. I got the Angel Olsen record this week, and I do very much like it. High Five especially needs repeat plays cos it doesn’t really have a chorus.

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