What’s The Relationship?


Or the new Friday Night Connection but on a Sunday, perhaps Sunday’s Subject, The Sunday Sequence?

Hey, doesn’t matter about the title the whole point of these posts was to have some fun seeing how Spillers think when presented with three tracks where they are told they are connected in some way; be it through the song title, the album, members or some obscure fact that I happened to have connected with.

The second part to the posts was to share some decent music that I would loosely ‘pigeonhole’ as rock.

Thirdly I hoped to emulate tincanman’s A to Z series last year and discover some “new to me” music and see how my fellow Spiller’s brains were wired. Loving saneshane’s concept this week, which really has engaged with everyone – great fun.

To the music, last week’s theme / connection was of course Valentine’s Day – you were on to something DarceysDad and the first song was ….

Track 1:- Fleetwood Mac – Need Your Love Tonight

Track 2:- Queen (sorry Chris) – Somebody To Love

Track 3:- A double hitter; Heart – Alone

A fourth would be so easy perhaps a second Queen track (sorry again Chris) Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy, several Whitesnake songs but then again how about something from Tom Petty and his backing group?

Well you’ve got to play to your audience so how about Grateful Dead – They Love Each Other (’73)

Here’s this weekend’s connection:

7 thoughts on “What’s The Relationship?

  1. Hi liab!
    The trouble with ‘playing to your audience’ is that they can subvert your agenda for their own purposes….
    Here’s how TLEO sounded in 1977: slower, sweeter, and a little more pneumatic.

    As to this week’s game… Track 1 doesn’t play for me but I kinda recognise the other two. They’re not Queen but still have production values I find a little too polished (you see, liab, I’m unreasonably picky). I don’t know the connection either.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for popping by; can’t please everybody all the time but happy to have an alternative version of the Dead.

      Can’t understand why track 1 isn’t playing for you it seems OK to me but then Ali had problems with a track on one of the other connections.

      • It’s a problem I’ve encountered quite often with this player format and Firefox. I’ve just tried it using IE though and it plays OK! I like it more than 2 & 3….but I still don’t see the connection.

  2. This is fun ! ! !

    I know all the tracks but will not say them except if my answer to the connection is wrong . . .

    This is my answer:

    • Hi Hoshino Sakura, thanks for popping by and listening to the tracks. I like your response in fact if we were playing the game “cold” or “hot” I’d say you were scorching 🙂

      Think you are due to a Guru on the Mothership shortly so best wishes for that and look forward to hearing your playlist.

  3. Oaky, I don’t think I understand what to do in this game, but I’ll have a go. That is an impressive accent on the first song, I don’t know any of them, but they’re all lively (*I realise I sound about 95 years old, feel it too, some days)

    I shall add Burn by Deep Purple, a bit obvious perhaps? Or I could well just be wrong

    • Hi bethnoir, thanks for popping back and giving it a go. That first one was a real find for me and I was introduced to the group by Blimpy here on The Spill with that particular track.

      The theory behind the game is that the three tracks have a link, possibly tenuous and all I want is to hear ‘your’ suggested fourth that would also link in to the connection.

      Judging by your choice I think you get this and are spot on.

      Artists and songs will be disclosed next week.


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