Earworms 24 February 2014

Some thought-provoking music for you this week, and a welcome return from beltway who has taken time out from caring for a new arrival to send some earworms for our delectation. Many congratulations to the beltways! Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to send more worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Mirabai Ceiba – Guru Ram Das – DebbyM: My little sis sent me this mantra for compassion and healing at one of the more stressful times in my life. I don’t often pay too much attention to her yoga obsession, but when I gave this a listen I was astonished to find it soothing rather than irritating. Wanna give it a try?

Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats – AliM: Debby’s track is pretty hard to follow but this sprang to mind – “Ten days of perfect tunes” – cover of original by The Knife.

Dobet Gnahore – Abiani (Ivory Coast) – goneforeign: In sub-Saharan Africa, music is an essential social activity for all members of the community. Women have always played an essential role in the preservation of African culture. From lullabies sung to sleepy children to chants of celebration, women are important bearers of tradition.

Moon Taxi – Morocco – glassarfemptee: The incessant foul weather means I was grabbed by the first line of this song from Moon Taxi – “So sick and tired of the pouring rain,  I took a train to Morocco just to kill the pain”.

John K. Samson – Cruise Night – Fuel: John K Samson is the main man in The Weakerthans. Cruise Night is a bonafide earworm for me. Indie pop with a singalong chorus.

The Pale Fountains – Thank You – beltway: Another one from my extensive collection of early ’80’s Scouse New Wave bands, but aurally and spiritually this one steps straight from the glory days of ’60’s pop with it’s big sentimental melody, lush strings, choral backing and sympathetic brass and woodwind. Such a sweet and lovely song, anachronistic maybe, but an unjustly neglected classic.

9 thoughts on “Earworms 24 February 2014

  1. Enjoyed last weeks earworms a lot. I almost sent in Love Can’t Turn Around but only had a remixed version from the Hacienda compliation in digital format. The Cuban Brothers version of Ace of Spades is great because it still has that macho strut and he sings it like he means it. I’m actually studidly proud that I listed the Cuban Brothers for RRSA POTUS.

    Anyway, this week I heard the Moon Taxi tune and thought fine pop tune and, without having made a mental note of the other tunes on the list, thought “The Pale Fountains would be good here”. NIce sequencing.

  2. AliMunday, you are a braver woman than I, starting a playlist with Guru Ram Das! I thought it worked very well though. There was one song on there didn’t quite grab me, but it was a very relaxed mix to listen to and I enjoyed it. Thank you!

  3. Lovely warm selection this week. The first soothed me too, Jose Gonzalez’s song sounded very similar to begin with to a Scott Matthews tune I like, which made it disappointing for me, I’m afraid, Dobet Gnahore evoked a warm place. The last 3 didn’t appeal as much, but still always interesting to hear new things 🙂

  4. Lovely selection, conveniently lasting exactly the length of time it takes me to drive to work.

    Guru Ram Das was just lovely, a nice calming thing to start the day with, am a sucker for anything with a cello, and it was used beautifully here. Jose Gonzales was a great choice to follow with, sweet and mellow – reminds me a lot of Joshua Radin who is worth checking out if you don’t know him.

    Dobet was great except it seemed to fade out far too soon, I was only just getting into the groove when it ended – suppose it’s always good to leave them wanting more. Moon Taxi and John Sampson both good solid pop tunes, and I think my Pale Fountains track wraps it up nicely – excellent curating there.

  5. Guru Ram Das the standout track for me, closely followed by the lovely Jose Gonzalez, and the great pop from John K Sansom, and Pale Fountains (the ‘thank you’ lines inevitably conjuring up the Kinks’ ‘Days’). But the whole set was a treat, and all new (to me) which is an added bonus. Thanks crew!

  6. A really great selection of songs and a really magical opening track ! ! !

    Thank you Ali for doing earworms – I always look forward to it and listen even if I do not always have time to comment.

  7. Thanks to all for earworms and comments … I love Guru Ram Das tho’ it’s the sort of thing that would normally have me reaching for the nearest metallica CD … I must be mellowing in my dotage

  8. Yes, Guru Ram Das sounded good for me too. I can see it being a good thing to revisit at a time of stress, or just when feeling enervated and febrile about nothing in particular. Jose Gonzalez was good to follow on… and I haven’t made it any further than that as yet.

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