4 thoughts on “Here’s a quickie for all you Stoners.

  1. to counter the specialism of A-levels we had to do a thing called ‘the general paper’ which had no subject and was whatever a teacher with a free period felt like doing .. one older than god relic brought in 78 of someone reciting shakespear’s sonnets which we had to discuss
    after much moaning, he agreed to let us bring a record in to the next double period and discuss that
    Someone brought in Stairway to Heaven .. but try as we might for over an hour we still couldn’t get a meaning for the first two lines .. he was an english teacher and was very stumped

  2. I was in the Light Music club in High School and we often took our favorite CDs in to play and share and the teacher who was our sponsor often lent us Beatles and Stones records.

    I love the story she told . . .but who is it speaking ? ? ?

  3. They did a mighty version of this, at the end of a truly stomping set, in Abu Dhabi last weekend. 40 years after I saw them last, they blew my socks off again. Great concert.


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