Snug as….

Because The ‘Spill is listed on Hype Machine we get a lot of submissions, which are nearly all awful half baked demos and turgid electro, so it’s a rare treat when I click a link and get to hear something that’s not utter tripe.

So! Well done for not being shit, Mr Liam Finn! And well done for coining the phrase of 2014 “Snug As Fuck”! And well done on the fab video! And well done on your 60s inflected charming psyche pop!

It reminds me a bit of early 90s never-ran Comfort, who performed under the name Out Of My Hair, who released one album of brilliant music and big hair before vanishing into the ether – am I the only one that remembers him?

5 thoughts on “Snug as….

  1. Of course I now think Shoey may have posted some Liam Finn before and I just assumed it was the singer from Crowded House….oh deary me….

  2. Sounds a bit like (up until the last minute or so) a chilled-out version of Supertramp’s Dreamer to my jaded ears. But rather good nonetheless. Excellent basslines.

    Blimpy: as nominal Oberführer of this space, does it seem worth reminding folks that they can tuck away most of their posts beyond the Continue Reading tag? The Spill can take quite some time to scroll down these days….. (must be a real pain on one of those new-fangled little tablet thingies).

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