Give Us A Break!

It’s great that the level of activity here has increased recently but I think it’s highlighted the need for a little bit of posting discipline (Postman Pat in leathers?! – Ed).

Can we restrict the amount of a post that appears on this Spill Home page, to make it easier and faster to scroll up and down? The Guardian blogs, for example, keep everything but the title, one picture/video/playlist and a couple of paragraphs of text hidden after a ‘continue reading…’ link. Can we follow suit, please?

To make this happen, all that is required is that, when creating a new post, you use the ‘Insert More Tag’ button after a bit of blurb and an image/video/playlist. The button is circled below (although the top and bottom lines are thicker and blacker nowadays):


On a PC, Alt+Shift+T has the same effect.

When the post appears, a Continue Reading tag is inserted and everything after that point moves to a second page.

Obviously, many people already do this. I think it would be a good idea for all of us to do it. I don’t actually have any more to say. But I thought a post about Continue Reading tags ought to actually have one……

10 thoughts on “Give Us A Break!

  1. Can I point out that if you are posting from your dashboard, you need to click on the option “VISUAL” on the right of the Add New Post box where you are typing. If you have selected the TEXT option, you won’t see the option at all.

  2. Shane; I suspect that you’re beginning to inderstand what I mentioned yesterday, I WAS in text mode and your rules didn’t apply. See also what Carole just said.
    And this is not what we were discussing. More later.

  3. Chris: I’ve read your email.
    Let me just say that what you’re talking about now is not related to where this conversation started yesterday. If I can quote directly from Shane, here’s what started this whole episode.
    ” but because it is image heavy it is causing the spill to load slowly.”
    He’s talking about my post. I hadn’t seen any evidence of the Spill loading any faster or slower that it ever had but I was curious so I tried without success to follow his directions, for what reason I wasn’t sure and since then the rules seem to switch between text and visual.
    But as I thought about this process I wondered how my images could be having this effect since I’d been very deliberate and careful in sizing them and re-formatting them in Photoshop to be small and unintrusive; they averaged less than 200kb each. I’d spent a fair bit of time writing the piece and describing each LP, so I was careful when composing the placement of each image. I say all this because I wanted to create a post that would be eye catching and interesting to anyone opening the Spill homepage on Monday, and I think I succeeded. I included the images because I believe that LP collectors are just as interested in album covers as they are in the music.
    You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I posted a photographic piece and there I indicated that I was planning to do more of the same in the future, I actually have a couple on my desktop right now.
    So it came as a shock to hear that my carefully composed photos were being blamed for what one person perceived as a problem, the Spill pages loading slowly. This in turn led me to question other graphic images and to wonder why they hadn’t been mentioned re. this problem if indeed image size was a contributing factor, and then of course the computer doesn’t make any distinction between images and sounds, they’re all just ones and zeros so how come playlists were not mentioned since a single tune is several hundred times larger than any one of my images?
    Now you’ve successfully switched the dialogue from the Spill loading slowly to the ease of scrolling up or down the homepage, not sure why since this blog was established for computer users not cell phone users, if you want to read this blog on a cell phone there’s probably a price to be paid. I just tested your theory, I placed the cursor at the top of my recent post and with two flicks of my index finger on the mouse I was able to scan to below Earworms in less than a couple of seconds, were I to use the vertical blue scroll bar I can go top to bottom faster than I can read it.
    So I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at or who’s complaining, and as far as hiding my photos in the closet, I’d prefer not to given the amount of time and trouble I spend in presenting them, I’d like them to be the first thing a visitor sees when opening the Spill.
    I’m sure that everyone is getting as bored with this as I am, and I certainly am, so I’ll shut up now.

    • My first first comment was:
      “would you be able to edit this post for us – you don’t have to take anything out – but because it is image heavy it is causing the spill to load slowly”

      image heavy = lots of them – not to do with size of file just lots of them – it’s heavy in images man, it means the whole post is to open when you come to the spill… slows it down…. probably buy a millisecond – but that wasn’t the point… you have to share space.

      What you are forgetting is; when regulars have read your post they might NOT want to read ALL of it again EACH TIME they open the spill blog – new things are put up.. it’s a shared platform.

      So, the ‘first thing a visitor sees when opening the Spill’ is something regulars have seen 20 times already … sometimes in ONE DAY.
      Do you get that?

      They are beautiful posts – they are wonderfully constructed.
      You are clever enough to paint the closet door SO nicely that everyone wants to open it (by clicking ‘continue reading’) when they visit.

      NONE of what I said was having a go at you – I passed on a message that Chris had written in a post you might not have seen – you mis-interpreted it… (my crap writing I’m afraid).

      I tried to help out: I failed.
      I ain’t no technical writer.

      Peace and hugs.

  4. One day I may write something long enough for a break. Until that day comes, I’ll save these handy & clear instructions. Cheers, Chris.

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