New Snarky Puppy album

Described as “led Zep meets P-Funk” in a recent review, here’s the flagship video release from Snarky Puppy’s new, live recorded album We like it here. An astonishing level of coherence, fantastic control of dynamics, compositional complexity and damn funkiness characterise this band’s performances, which just get better and better.
They are on tour in Europe again this year, unmissable for anyone with the slightest interest in the funkier side of the musical spectrum.

9 thoughts on “New Snarky Puppy album

  1. Got introduced to this band via the festive 1’s, 2’s and 3’s if I recall correctly they had two songs put forward. Definitely catalogue them as “interesting” 🙂 very listenable.

    • Just the one song I think on the festive Spill, I posted it. I also did a post on them recently when they won the R&B Grammy, that might be the second one you’re thinking of. Very infectious seen live, they also cover a range of styles besides Fusion Jazz and Funk, from Afrobeat through Cuban, Samba, Bossa Nova, Nuyorican soul etc.

    • They’re playing at Band On The Wall if your interested. The 13th May slot sold out so they’re doing 14th as well. I can’t go, or neither can I go to see Will Holland aka Quantic on the 9th. Boo hoo. Don’t know if that’ll be your thing but this certainly is mine:

    • Enjoy! July for us, here in Stuttgart. Depending on the venue size I recommend taking earplugs btw, we saw them in a very small club last year and the sound mix was a tad on the loud side, though very clear.

  2. Wonderful ! We’re seeing them in May….rollin’ rollin’ rollin,’ keep them puppies rollin’, pawhide.

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