One of the many great quotes in This Is Spinal Tap is where their manager is asked if the fact they are playing smaller venues is because their popularity is waning. “Oh, no” replies the manager “I just think that their appeal is becoming more selective”

Good news then for punk veterans The Lurkers who played last night  to a very select crowd of, at a rough guess, about 25 people, including members of two support bands. I should point out a couple of things. Firstly this follows 999 and Discharge also pulling surprisingly small crowds at the same venue in the last few months, so maybe it’s something to do with the venue or even Leicester itself. Secondly, if Arthur and the boys were pissed off then it didn’t  stop them playing a great set (with encore!), having a banter with the “crowd” and at least looking as if they were enjoying it.

But my question is , Spillers , what’s the smallest gig audience you’ve ever been part of?

I’ve been to a few. The singer of one band once told me that they wouldn’t play this way again unless it was in my living room. But I’ll throw down the gauntlet here. I once saw a German punk band “headlining” at a venue that had a bad habit of letting gigs just meander on until the small hours. By the time the came on only myself and 3 mates were still in the room. At least we stayed, but that was mainly because it would be too awkward for any of us to walk out. Can anyone go lower than 4?

4 thoughts on “SELECTIVE APPEAL

  1. Did go to a Hunters & Collectors gig where it seemed we were outnumbered by the band. But there were a lot of them, so can’t beat your record.

  2. Well it wasn’t strictly a “gig, more a rehearsal ( I hope !) but the early incarnation of NWOBHM band Angelwitch once played to me and my mate Dave in a pub down the Old Kent Road ( gor blimey !). It would have been about 1977 or 78.
    They did have the courtesy to ask if we had any requests but we just said something like “No , were going soon”.
    I think we left before they finished, it was a really bad pub.

  3. Funny you should ask this, two days ago I told my wife the story of when i heard Sonny Stitt live at a club in Long Beach California. The point of the story was the embarrassment of being one of only three who turned out at a shitty little club next to the Queen Mary; Sonny Stitt rates in the top five of all-time greatest jazz saxophonists! I guess I made up for it by having 180 of his songs in my iTunes.

  4. No I don’t think I can “beat” four, though back in our student days, the six-piece Somebodys Brother, their driver (me), and whoever else could fit in the van, would quite often double the number of heads in a pub when they played. I had my suspicions that just booking the band gave the bar takings a good enough boost to satisfy the landlords concerned, without them lifting a finger to promote the gig and actually get any audience punters in.

    Central Station, Leeds? I’m looking at you!!

    Not such a sunny day for our nice new tables and chairs to arrive

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