Sunday Sequence


Last week’s connection was pyromania, or starting fires.

The songs were:

Frightened Rabbit – The Woodpile (my continued thanks to Blimpy for posting this song on The Spill last year, it has become a firm favourite)

Biffy Clyro – Who’s Got A Match

Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ For You

Many thanks to HoshinoSakura and bethnoir for suggesting songs totally connected to the them. 20 Spill points a piece.

My fourth would be none other than The Prodigy – Firestarter (what else!)

Really pleased to see some very interesting posts recently. Loved GoneForeign’s photo’s and grab 12 albums. There’s such an eclectic mix of musical choices here and we seem to get on so well.

I recall when I was at school that the divisions within music were very clear cut. If you liked a particular genre say rock in my case you couldn’t admit to liking something from the charts for fear of ridicule; similarly you couldn’t listen to punk (Stiff Little Fingers for me) if you were in to ‘Heavy Metal’ as the label given to all rock music where I was. So when I got Hanx for my birthday it was a secret indulgence only to be played when my’rock’ music mates weren’t around.

Oh how naive I was then not to embrace all the genres and give it a listen and if I like it what the heck if it doesn’t fit with my normal selections. I suppose that’s what maturity brings; an appreciation for other people’s tastes.

Saneshane seems to have hit a goldmine with 13 artists beginning with the letter …  By the way thanks for putting me on to Blues Pills – brilliant.

Really good to see amylee posting but where’s Angry Irish Punk, I’m sure he’d have a few interesting suggestions, no doubt Paramore would have figured highly this week! 😉

To the music then and a relatively straight-forward connection this week, but I’m intrigued to see your suggestions for a fourth song that links with these:

14 thoughts on “Sunday Sequence

      • This was the music that accompanied my student years, a lot of great bands came out of Dunedin though you wouldn’t necessarily know any of them besides perhaps The Chills. For me it’s pure nostalgia. My ears are probably still ringing from Verlaines gigs 25 years later.

  1. Ah, so that’s what Rush sound like, I did wonder. I think I get the theme, a cool one too, and will suggest Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit coz I love it and hopefully it fits, although if it’s chronological I’ve messed up. Remember what the doorknob said!

    • Listened to a lot of Rush in my teenage years and will happily provide you with a “newbies” intro if you like what you heard! Alternatively look out for Llamalpaca’s suggestions as he regularly nominates them on The Mothership.

      Think you’re on the right track with that suggestion from Jefferson Airplane, I’d write more but as the rabbit said, looking at his watch, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date”.

      • very kind offer of more Rush, I’ve just discovered that Mick Mercer is doing a radio show and have loads of new goth to listen to, so another time maybe?

  2. I saw Rush back in the ’70s sometime; I enjoyed it but was bemused by hoards of young girls waving scarves, I’d never seen anything like that before!! I recognise track 2 but can’t think what it is, and track 3 is obvious. But as to the connection … have a couple of ideas but here’s a guess:

    • Hi Ali, I’m jealous now that you’ve told me you got to see them, but perplexed that there were lots of girls waving scarves, wonder if they had mistakenly thought it was a Bay City Rollers gig 🙂

      Did Neal Peart do an awesomely long drum solo?

      You’ll have to wait till Sunday to see whether you ‘read’ the right theme into the songs.

      • It was so long ago that the girls could have been BCRoller fans I’m afraid. I can’t remember a drum solo but I (ahem) may have nipped out to the bar at that point!! I remember that I enjoyed the gig.

      • Saw Rush four or five times, I think, but all in a short time, between the Hemispheres (L’pool Empire, May ’79, £2.00) and either the Subdivisions or Grace Under Pressure tours (at that bloody awful cowshed known as Stafford Bingley Hall). Always enjoyed them, and yes, Neil Peart’s soloes were long, but to the teenage me, they were so amazing they always seemed to flash past in the blink of an eye. Don’t remember many scarf-wielding girls though .. . . .

  3. OK, I know all three, and the [simple version of the] connection. Do I say, or is that giving it away?
    My first thought on a fourth is a bit of a cheat, as song and book were written by the same person:

    • Spot on DsD and thanks for not spilling the answer.

      Good choice for the fourth, though the group is new to me but definitely like their sound.

      Introductions to new music are always gratefully received.

      I’ll try for a harder connection on Sunday.

      • Richmond Fontaine new to you?


        * DsD licks his lips *

        Chinny & TFD will tell you I’m not the fastest off the mark with compilations for newbies, but I get there in the end. Email me ….

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